The iXflash protects your most precious memories through its quick and easy to use backup feature.

iXflash photo backup

We all know someone that has thousands of pictures and videos stored on their phone, it may even be you. In most cases, those pictures and videos are not backed up. They are taking a great risk that they never lose or break their phones causing them to lose all those precious memories forever. Some add insurance by paying a monthly fee to store their personal image files on a cloud service. That works if you don’t mind throwing money out the window every month or don’t mind risking your privacy if that cloud service should be hacked where your images and videos could be compromised. Plus, you can’t access the cloud if you don’t have cell or wifi service, meaning those images won’t be backed up or you can’t recall images already stored on the cloud.

I could go over scary scenarios all day on what could potentially happen to all the pictures and videos stored on your mobile phone, but instead I’d rather tell you how easy it is to back up and safely store those files for FREE on your own computer, portable hard drive, or burn them on to optical discs. The answer is the iXflash drive! Using the simple 1 touch back-up solution through the iXflash App on either an iPhone / iPad or an Android mobile phone or tablet, you can back up all of your pictures and videos onto 1 convenient flash drive. Then you can take those files and store them on any device that can read a USB drive.

Here are the main benefits of backing up your pictures and videos with the iXflash over other methods or options:

1. Convenience: It´s quick and easy – in just a few minutes, you can back-up thousands of pictures and videos just through 1 icon in the App

2. Multiple Devices: You can back-up from multiple devices, including Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets with the same flash drive

3. Personal Folders: You can create separate folders to store all the images and videos, especially if they are from different devices or people, in order to keep your files clean and concise

4. Maintains Original files: The iXflash App maintains all the original time stamps, locations, image names, photo types (i.e. Live Photo), and much more, so you can easily find or restore those photos onto your phone or tablet without losing anything

5. Favorites: You can make certain images or videos favorites so that you can quickly find them anytime

6. Not Dependent on Internet: You don’t need internet access in order to back-up or search for your files

7. Prevents Redundancy: It won´t backup images that are already stored on the drive, so you don’t waste time and space backing up files you already have.

8. Plus so much more ways to make your life easier and safer

Check it out for yourself, we guarantee you’ll find it incredibly easy to use and more helpful then you could have imagined.

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During turbulent times like these, the IT world is focused on security and archival storage/backup, Vinpower has a solution.

Back-up solutions from Vinpower

The importance of backing up your data onto a 2nd and even a 3rd source is so important, there’s a day every year dedicated to it. March 31st is known as world backup day, just to bring awareness and encourage everyone to backup their digital content. Vinpower has been an advocate of multiple backups from our inception, not just because it’s part of our business structure, but because we’ve been a victim of data loss and if we hadn’t had adequate backups, we would have been in deep…let’s say we would have had big problems.

At Vinpower, we offer multiple backup solutions, from optical discs, SSD, flash (USB & SD), including our incredible iXflash iOS mobile flash storage, to name a few. But we’ve always touted optical discs as the best and most cost effective method of archival/backup. Optical Disc backups can be easily created, stored, retrieved, takes up minimal space with no power consumption, and the content cannot be altered or deleted, making them the ideal storage medium. Plus, when you compare the cost of optical discs to other digital storage mediums on a cost per KB basis, they are the most cost effective storage platform on the market today.

Now that everyone is forced to remain home, with lots of idle time, this is the perfect opportunity to backup your digital content you’ve been putting off for so long and Vinpower can make it easy and cost effective to do so.

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Optiarc offers line of robust SSD, preventing data loss and failures due to latent flash issues

Optiarc SSD protect data loss

Optiarc offers line of robust SSD, preventing data loss and failures due to latent flash issues

Data retention has become an integral concern in the flash storage industry. As the capacity continues to increase with advanced 3D NAND flash memory technology, currently utilizing 96-layer memory cells, SSD manufacturers are able to increase flash memory storage while decreasing the devices physical footprint. The problem is that 3D NAND cells are built vertically in strings, meaning a defect in a single cell will most likely negatively affect the performance of the entire cell string. This minor contamination could lead to massive failure potentially causing total data loss.

It is with that security and vulnerability in mind that Optiarc focuses on maintaining data integrity to prevent potential catastrophic data loss across its series of SSD. Optiarc is able to ensure this high bar of excellence across their full SSD product line by utilizing the following implementations:

* Source the best parts and components available, using higher material purity and prequalified 3D NAND chips.

* Fine tune the SSD firmware to better control the data flow and prevent errors or overloading at the cellular level. This regulates the flow of content and directs it to the appropriate cell(s), to prevent cells from potentially being over worked and also creates faster retention. Additionally, the firmware can detect if a cell has the potential to fail and balances the loading in that cell to prevent the possibility of failure and potential data loss.

* Implement intensive testing procedures that go far beyond the standardized mainstream testing process. Use state of the art hardware to test each element of every single SSD we produce to check the drive’s potential to fail, robustness of its memory and cellular structure, read / write speed optimization, and much more to protect against contamination and ensure long term reliability and stability.

Because of these 3 key factors; high caliber components, enhanced firmware, and intense testing, Optiarc is able to virtually eliminate the risk of data loss and corrupted data integrity across its entire line of SSD models.

While many SSD’s on the market tout their massive memory capacity, low costs, or lightning fast operating speed, it is all inconsequential if your SSD crashes. Optiarc is dedicated to offering affordable, high capacity, fast SSD’s, with a focus on preserving data and preventing corruption and data loss due to faulty components or memory. The risk of using a low grade SSD or any SSD that doesn’t perform adequate qualification procedures could have catastrophic affects, resulting in potential total data loss of the entire SSD. When it comes to the content on a person’s SSD, we believe it’s more important to protect the data stored on the drive, than taking the risk to save a few dollars.

View the press release here:

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During these unprecedented times of Social Distancing, the iXflash allows you to work virtually anywhere

iXflash helps work from home

As most of the world is focusing on staying safe and adjusting to isolating themselves and their families, businesses are trying to find ways for their employees to work remotely in order to help stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an unprecedented time, we are all looking for ways to remain vigilant, yet safe. However, for many professionals, especially from small businesses, closing up operations for weeks or months could mean there will be no business to return to. That’s why Vinpower is focused on helping those businesses and professionals by providing tools that will allow their workers to continue to function and remain productive, even when working remotely outside the office.

One such tool is the iXflash, combination Lightning mobile iPhone / iPad and USB flash drive. Amongst the many features offered by the iXflash, it can also become a portable external hard drive that allows the transference and operation of files between computers and mobile devices, in particular iPhones and iPads. Apple products, like iPhones and iPads, have notoriously stringent security protocol and do not offer the ability to added external storage. For this reason, it makes these devices both safer from hacking and limited in the ability to fully operate in a working environment as a PC. With the iXflash and it’s App, users can transfer content and files back and forth between their work computers and their iPhone / iPad in order to work seamlessly across a multitude of file types. The iXflash allows users to open typical files like WORD, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. as well as opening or even creating compressed files, like .zip files, including with password protection. The iXflash and the iXflash App allow users to maintain their work environment remotely, even if they don’t have access to their work computer or server. The iXflash allows users to maintain work efficiency, even if they do not have internet access.

With storage capacities ranging from 32GB up to 512GB, you can see why we state the iXflash as a portable hard drive, like a mini SSD drive for your mobile device. The iXflash offers those forced to be isolated to expand their boundaries and work in areas outside the office or their home that are both safe and productive.

For more information about the iXflash or any of the products Vinpower offers to help individuals and businesses maintain productivity, visit,or speak with a Vinpower representative in your area.

In times of isolation, it’s easy to share content on optical discs to escape reality or bring everyone together.

Share discs during isolation

In difficult times, CD’s and DVD’s/Blu-ray help take the edge off and transport people to happier places and times. It brings people together, even when they can’t physically be together. They give you an escape, even when there’s nowhere to go. Optical discs are the best method to store your movies and music, be it CD’s, DVD’s, or Blu-ray. Optical discs are more reliable than flash, longer shelf life than a hard drive and easy for anyone to play, just insert the disc in a player and most often it starts automatically. No searching for files, accidentally deleting them, or negotiating whether you should delete other files to make room for whatever new item you want to store.

You may say, what about streaming? What if the streaming service you subscribe to doesn’t offer the program or artist you want to watch or listen to? With so many different streaming services being offered, it’s getting more and more expensive to subscribe to all of them. Instead, in addition to your streaming service(s), there are many companies offering Movies on Demand (MOD) that allow you to purchase movies and music, even obscure titles that aren’t readily available through streaming. There are a number of options to find great movies and music offerings, so why not take advantage of the time spent at home and escape through the magical world of entertainment.

Beyond traditional Hollywood movies or musicians, there are plenty of other content available and ready to be shared. Watch an old video from your past, how about having the family watch your old wedding video or a child’s music recital? If you can’t attend services for your faith, this is an opportunity to listen or watch the message from your house of faith through a CD or DVD of their service to calm you during stressful times. That way you can still attend service without the risk of being in close proximity to others. There are so many options where a good CD or DVD could be useful to takeaway the doldrums of weeks in isolation.

Vinpower offers a wide variety of duplicators and blank optical discs to businesses in the duplication market or religious establishments looking to share their content with those looking for entertainment or peace of mind.

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Vinpower Digital now offers its one of a kind TrueAudio CD audio copy and compare feature through its line of nearly unlimited Daisy Chain duplication hardware.

true audio copy and compare daisy chain

Vinpower expanded their offering of its revolutionary one of a kind series of TrueAudio CD audio Copy and Compare capable duplication, by infinity. Well, maybe not infinity, but certainly by exponential growth by implementing this feature into our line of connectable daisy chain duplicators. When using Vinpower’s Daisy Chain duplicator controller with specified TrueAudio capability and with Vinpower’s line of modified TrueAudio capable drives. Whether the systems are preassembled or bought as components, the user can connect many towers together to make a single super capacity CD audio duplication hub. In doing so, the user will be able to accurately do a copy + compare for CD-R with audio recordings that were not recognized until Vinpower introduced it.

The problem with CD duplication towers were there was no way to perform a proper compare after the content was duplicated onto recordable CD-R discs. That’s because CD-R’s had no Error-correcting code (ECC) built into the design and there was no way to perform an accurate parity check through the duplicators. Which meant there was no way to make an exact 100% recreation of CD audio content. That was true until now. Vinpower created their exclusive line of TrueAudio duplication equipment that can perform the 1st ever True Copy and Compare feature for audio CD-R’s. This option will allow operators performing audio CD duplication the assurance that the copied discs will be an exact reproduction of the master content.

As I mentioned many times in the past, CD duplication, particularly audio CD, is still extremely strong in many territories, showing there’s still a need for a better and more reliable CD duplicator. Just because the overall optical disc market has decreased, it doesn’t mean the market has disappeared. In fact, the businesses that have stayed the course, are finding it’s worthwhile to continue investing in CD duplication hardware as they are picking up more clients that no longer find replication a viable option.

Of course these daisy chain towers can copy DVD as well, but the true advantage is the CD audio Copy and Compare functionality. If you’re looking to improve your reliability and confidence with your CD audio duplication jobs, contact Vinpower to learn more about our TrueAudio Duplicators.

For more details about this product or any product in the Vinpower offering, please visit our website at, or contact a representative near you.

Store large capacity hi-fidelity audio files on the iXflash instead of taking up space on your iPhone

iXflash more storage - flac

Just like I discussed in the previous week’s email blast, high fidelity and lossless audio quality is becoming more popular with those that truly enjoy music or other forms of audio content. You don’t have to be an audiophile to truly appreciate the value of high quality audio. The problem is, the uncompressed lossless audio files are very large files and take up a lot of capacity on our players, which today are most typically your phone. Of course CD’s have near perfect sound quality, but it’s not always convenient to listed to CD’s. So what do you do when you want the digital quality of a CD but don’t want to lug around your entire CD collection and you don’t have the storage capacity on your phone for full sound of lossless audio files? The solution is easy, store those files on an iXflash drive!

With the iXflash drive, available in sizes from 32GB up to 512GB, you can store a huge array of music files, including lossless audio files, that can be played directly through your iPhone or iPad. Even lossless audio files like the hi-res flac files, which aren’t supported by iPhones but can still be played on an iPhone through the iXflash App, can be stored and played anytime you want. The iXflash gives you the freedom to play all your music while the iXflash is connected to your iPhone / iPad, or you can temporarily load select songs or a playlist onto your iPhone / iPad and when you’re done listening to them, remove them from the iPhone / iPad to free up more space. Yet, they remain on the iXflash for the next time you want to listen to those songs or programing.

We’ve all been there, no matter what capacity storage you buy with your iPhone, you seem to always battle running out of space. Between the hi-res pictures and videos, the never ending number of Apps and its stored data, and the confounding “other” content, there never seems to be enough storage when you need it. Since smart phones are less frequently used as a phone and more often used as out everyday camera, for social media, internet search engine, TV, and radio source, the items that often the odd man out are the music files. Don’t go back to the low-res compressed MP3 audio files that don’t provide the full musical fulfillment, get an iXflash and get the full concert experience whenever and wherever you are!

Optical Discs capture the true essence and quality of audio recordings compared to condensed streaming formats, like MP3

hi-res audio on CD

When the first CD’s were released for the masses in the early 1980’s, it was a revolution of sound. Never before could the full spectrum of sound be heard with such clarity and consistency. Audio CD’s were an immediate success and music customers were replacing their entire collections of records and tapes to enjoy the Lossless Audio quality only found on CD’s, nearly killing off the previous formats in the process.

Then, nearly 2 decades later, another digital revolution in music transpired, the ability to download music from the internet. Customers, often younger patrons with less disposable income that were upset at the perceived high cost of complete albums, which often only contained 1 or 2 songs they actually wanted, discovered they could “share” the music through file sharing sites like the defunct Napster. Eventually, many of these “free” file sharing sites were reigned in by the courts and the music industry fighting to maintain some semblance of control over the content they owned. This lead to the immergence of iTunes from Apple and the recognition people were willing to pay for streaming music if they had the power to purchase only the songs they wanted at a price they felt was reasonable. In order to make the music universally available, especially at a time when many were still using dialup internet service, the larger digital .WAV files had to be condensed to much smaller files, like an MP3, that could be downloaded faster for a majority of people. The sound quality was not as strong, but acceptable to most at the time.

Because .WAV files are often 90% larger than the traditional MP3 files, it limits the total number of songs one could fit on an “MP3” player. The rise of the MP3 lead to a whole generation of music lovers not experiencing the true sound of the music. Which is why, true audiophiles are resurrecting the older methods of recordings, like vinyl records, cassette tapes, and CD’s to hear the music in the original manner that the artists recorded and intended the music to be heard. As more and more people experience the true audio recordings in the original sound quality, they are coming around to demanding Lossless Audio formats like .WAC, flac, and others These larger capacity files are often not compatible with traditional “MP3” players or devices or take up too much capacity on user’s phones and tablets, so there’s a resurgence in owning and listening to music on CD’s.

If you care about the quality of sound and being able to truly enjoy the full resonance of the music you enjoy, try listening to the full spectrum of sound of lossless audio files as recorded onto a CD.

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Storage comes in many fashions and Vinpower offers many ways to backup, reproduce, and disseminate digital content.

all types of storage

When Vinpower exhibited at CES we focused on all of the ways we offer to backup, reproduce, and disseminate all types of digital content. Of course we are well known for our line of optical disc, flash (USB & SD), as well as hard drive (HDD & SSD) duplicators and media offerings. But we are also evolving and focusing on ways to support the growing mobile device market and offering backup solutions for cell phones and tablets. With our line of iXflash and the upcoming iXflash Cube series, we are revolutionizing the way people think about storing and backing up their mobile phones and tablets.

Check out this video on Vinpower’s YouTube page highlighting the many facets of storage solutions Vinpower offers:

Considering only 20% of people perform any type of backup for their digital content, a majority of the population does not have an protective measures in place should something happen to whatever they store their digital content on. It’s even more dangerous when it comes to mobile devices as they are so much easier to lose or get damaged. Data has shown that 70 million cell phones worldwide are lost every year. If we use the same researched calculation that only 20% of mobile phone users backed up their devices, that means potentially over 50 million people lost all the content stored on their lost or damaged device. Imagine, what would you do if you lost all your precious photos and videos? You don’t have to take that chance, when the iXflash and the upcoming iXflash Cube make it so incredibly easy to back up the content from your mobile device and transfer that content onto another mobile device or computer hard drive for safe keeping. Don’t lose a lifetime of memories when you can backup it up in no time!

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The reliability of the drive parts is the difference between a long life and frequently paying for replacement drives!

better drive parts

When most people think about the most critical part(s) of an Optical Disc Drive (ODD), they typically think of the laser diode that reads the discs. Of course, that is a critical element and without it the drive cannot function. However, there is another critical element that is often overlooked and not given much consideration, the disc tray mechanism. That includes not just the tray itself, but also the gears, pulleys, and sliding mechanisms that allow it to extend and recoil smoothly and consistently.

Often, because it’s not seen as critical as other components, because production drives are designed for single drive PC use, many manufactures don’t put much thought behind how to enhance it. The problem is that while a typical computer owner with an internal disc recorder drive may open and close the drive infrequently, a duplication equipment user will depend on those drives opening and closing potentially hundreds or even thousands of times a day.

That’s why Vinpower’s line of duplication focused ODD’s ensure the drive tray is suitable for the real-world duplication environment. Vinpower’s PLUS and ROBOT PLUS drives are enhanced to allow thousands of in and out operation without failure. We physically modify each drive to handle the rigors of the duplication environment, especially for robotic autoloader duplicators.

Autoloaders require extended trays with more give and flexibility while continuously offering consistent tray extension. Since Vinpower produces its own line of autoloaders, we are uniquely qualified to understand the complications and the abuse these drive trays endure day in and day out, so we are most qualified to design a drive tray mechanism to function under these specific conditions.

If you are a duplicator or manufacture duplication equipment, be it manual towers or robotic autoloaders, contact Vinpower through our website,, or through a member of our sales and support staff to get more details about which of our many ODD’s would be the right fit for you.