The iXflash allows you to record, edit, and post to social media in one action without worrying about running out of memory on your iPhone or iPad!

ixflash live record plus

When filming on your iPhone and iPad, don’t be limited by your dwindling memory. Vinpower’s iXflash, utilizing the Piodata iXflash App, will allow you to use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to take video without worrying about running out of memory on your phone. The reason why is that the iXflash doesn’t use your iPhone or iPad to store any of the content, not even as a buffer, so as long as you have space on your iXflash, then you have plenty of time to record in hi-def, anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to pay for expensive cloud storage or frantically try to delete older pictures and videos or other apps to make space. Just plug in the iXflash, open the App and use the camera feature to film and never miss a moment.

On top of that, the iXflash allows you to pause the live recording, so that you can change positions, move locations, or whatever the reason, without needing to stop and start filming. It’s like a mini editing feature bundled into one incredible App for your iPhone or iPad. Film your child’s play or sporting event without missing the key moments or needing to constantly start and stop over and over again. Go on a vacation and never worry about whether you have wi-fi in order to back-up your content to the cloud or use a social media app to film your adventure.

With the iXflash, you can film, edit, and post to social media all in one take, without worrying about not having enough memory or knowing how to use complicated editing software. The iXflash is the perfect companion to anyone that likes to take video with their iPhone or iPad.

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The All in ONE Drive for your iPhone

iXflash All in One

With the iXflash drive and App, you can perform a wide array of features through your iPhone or iPad that make’s life easier and better!

Here are just a few of the improved features that are available using the iXflash APP and Drive:


If you’d like more details about the iXflash features and benefits, please contact a Vinpower representative today. Also, pay attention to future email blasts as I will continue to give more in-depth details about all the incredible benefits the iXflash can offer you. The iXflash is the perfect solution to balance work and play.

Vinpower Digital would like to thank everyone that visited our booth at the 2019 Computex trade show in Taiwan.

Computex 2019 booth

Vinpower Digital once again exhibited at the popular 2019 Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan and we are thoroughly appreciative of everyone that visited our booth. Vinpower exhibited numerous new and upcoming product lines and received a very positive reception from all those that visited with us. Items of particular interests were the new line of:

• Our line of Optiarc SSD drives;
• Our line of 100% certified USB flash drives;
• Advanced Optical Disc Drives from the Optiarc, Plexdisc, and Piodata;
• Our increasingly popular OPTODISC line of recordable CD, DVD, & Blu-ray media;
• The iXflash series, our latest offering in our Apple iPhone/iPad extended memory;
• USB Duplicators (offering the ability to create and duplicate write protection and offer an external log file(s) of the system’s operation through a PC);
• and many other offerings.

For those who unfortunately could not visit us at Computex, you are always welcome to contact us directly at one of our branch offices in the USA, Taiwan, China, or Europe. We thank all of our loyal and happy customers, partners, and friends and look forward to continued advancements and success throughout this year and beyond!
For more details about Vinpower and our expansive product line, please visit our website at, or contact a representative near you.

Vinpower is pulling out all the stops at Computex with a bigger and more interactive booth

Computex 2019 booth

The 2019 Computex tradeshow starts next week, from Tuesday, May 28th through Saturday, June 1st, 2019. Vinpower has long been an exhibitor at Computex, each year enhancing what we’ve done the year before. This year, we are pulling out all the stops with a much bigger open floor plan booth that better showcases our popular traditional product lines, while it is also more interactive, so that visitors can better see and understand the scope and functionality of our more recent and upcoming product offerings.

If you already plan to visit Computex next week, you’re in for a treat when you stop be Vinpower’s booth, located at the TWTC Nangang, J0118. For those that will not be able to attend the Computex tradeshow, stay tuned to our weekly email blasts as we provide more details to follow.

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Higher tariff’s for Made in China USB flash will certainly increase costs, but Vinpower’s Made in Taiwan flash media is not affected

Taiwan no tariff

The trade war with China is certainly taking its toll on many industries, including the USB flash market. Even though the general cost of flash is decreasing, the price you pay for Chinese manufactured flash will increase due to the tariff’s implemented by US customs. That means that those buying the Chinese USB flash media will ultimately be forced to pay a higher price for that product.

If you work with Vinpower to source your USB flash media, you won’t have any issues with higher pricing due to tariffs because all of our flash media is manufactured in Taiwan. That has two benefits, firstly Taiwan is a Trade Agreements Act (TAA) approved country, and secondly, it’s not impacted by added tariffs. This means that Vinpower’s USB flash will not only have a lower overall cost, but they can also be sold under GSA contracts.

For more details about Vinpower’s USB flash offerings or any of the products we offer, please visit our website,, or contact a Vinpower representative near you.

Where does your USB flash media come from and can you trust it?

good vs bad flash

The USB flash market is a very tricky market to navigate. The main reason is it’s not as closely regulated as other forms of media. In fact, outside of the form factor of the USB connection, there is a lot of leeway in production quality for manufacturers that it creates a huge gap between good and bad quality USB drives. This gap is made even wider by the fact that flash has transitioned to 3D NAND Flash, creating greater capacity memory in even smaller devices.

Because of shortages and rapid fluctuations in costs, many suppliers are resorting to providing recycled elements or merely passing off defective flash in order to fill orders and offer cheaper pricing. In the end, there’s no way to tell if a USB flash drive is made from recycled parts or is defective just by looking at it. Even when you plug the drive into a computer, the limited details available may not reflect the problems that can/will occur when you attempt to use it. Because of this lack of knowledge, many customers are duped by low price knockoffs. Customers will take a chance on these defective drives where they end up realizing they have a high defect rate when trying to copy onto these drives. Worse yet, they’ll find that partial or the entire content disappears without warning and you are left with a useless drive that lost what could have been very important content.
So how can you tell which USB flash is safe and which is potentially defective? The only way to do that is by working with the various flash controller developers and using very specialized software tools developed to inspect and diagnose every single flash drive. This is what Vinpower provides when you purchase your USB flash drives from us. Not only do we work with a large array of USB flash controller and memory manufacturers and suppliers to get the special software tools needed to inspect them, but we also build the hardware that allows us to use that testing software on tens, hundreds, even thousands of drives at a time. Vinpower can do in-depth testing that no other supplier even thinks about offering so that we can provide 100% guaranteed perfect USB Flash drives with every single order.

For more details about Vinpower’s USB flash offerings or any of the products we offer, please visit our website,, or contact a Vinpower representative near you.

Make an appointment to meet with Vinpower at the 2019 Computex In Taipei Taiwan

Computex 2019 meeting

The Computex trade show is quickly approaching and is just 1 month away. Taking place in Taipei, Taiwan from Tuesday, May 28 through Saturday, June 1, 2019, this is the perfect time to contact Vinpower and secure a meeting during the event. The start of Computex is exciting and symbolizes a fresh start with new opportunities, especially for the electronics Industry highlighting their latest advances and models typically from Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers at Computex.

Vinpower will be exhibiting at Computex in the TWTC Nangang, J0118. We will be exhibiting some exciting new product lines that we have recently finalized. However, in order to be among the first to witness these incredible new products, you’ll have to visit us at Computex and see them for yourself. Vinpower is very excited about these new offerings and think they will be very popular. Therefore, if you plan to attend the show, please contact us to make an appointment to visit our booth. If you cannot make it, stay tuned for future announcements from Vinpower!

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The iXflash App offers free benefits for everyday use, even without the iXflash drive

ixflash app benefits

Our phones, which is almost a misnomer these days as we tend to use our cell phones more as micro Laptops and less for talking to other people. As the smartphones become more and more powerful with greater operational capabilities, they have become an indispensable part of our lives for business and entertainment. For example, virtually everyone that owns a smartphone, utilizes the ability to send and receive emails and instant/direct messages (IM / DM). Often these messages contain attachments, including compressed files, such as the most common compressed file extensions being .ZIP, .SITX, .7Z, .RAR, and .GZ.

If you’re an iPhone / iPad user, you know that those devices cannot natively open these types of compressed files without using a 3rd party App, which all have a cost associated with them. The unintended added bonus for the iXflash App is that it also offers a method to open and save / view files that are contained in a compressed file. Not only is the iXflash App completely free, but it can provide a very useful tool to open files that are currently unavailable through the iPhone and iPad’s native OS.

On top of that, the iXflash App can hold and open/playback many formats of content, such as music and movie formats, like mp3, mp4, High Efficiency Video Coding H.265, flac, and many more. If you just want a temporary storage to place music and movies that’s easier to install and remove from your iPhone and iPad than iTunes, the free iXflash is your ticket.

Everyone with an iPhone or iPad that uses a Lightning connection is welcome to download the FREE iXflash App and use these benefits for yourself and if you choose to purchase the actual iXflash drive, you can also take advantage of the many other wonderful benefits it offers, such as:

• Quick complete back-up of your entire photo album with just one touch.
• Live Recoding Plus – Able to take photos and videos directly to the iXflash without using devices memory
• Easily transfer files between PC/Mac computers and your iPhone, iPad, iPod.
• Set the drive to read only / write protect
• Enjoy music and movies without an internet connection
• Intuitive file management
• Plus, many other convenient features that make the iXflash drive even more than just an extended flash storage for your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

For more details about this topic or any product that Vinpower offers, please visit our website, or contact a Vinpower representative today.

The shutter of UltraViolet’s Cloud Movie Locker, shows the need to maintain a physical backup for your important digital content and movies

Ultraviolet out of business

It was recently announced at the end of January that the once popular UltraViolet cloud movie locker will be shutting down for good in July. What does that mean for the more than 30 million users expecting content they paid for to be available to them on demand through this service, who collectively stored more than 300 million movies and TV shows in their cloud libraries? It puts them in a bind, even they are allowing customers to link their collection to another Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) service, it requires them to investigate which other cloud service they want to port their content over too and whether all their content will be available through the service they choose. Even though there are a number of other DECE providers, they all don’t have the access to the same licensed content. Therein lies a major problem, such as what if the alternative DECE service doesn’t have access to the same copyrights that UltraViolet does? That means a movie title you own through UltraViolet may not be offered on the service you switched to. What does that mean, do you lose that title? Even after you switch your library to another carrier, what if that company goes out of business too? Since everything is held in the cloud and you have no physical copies of your content, ultimately, there’s a risk you could lose your entire library of movies.

That’s why it’s important to always maintain a physical copy of any digital content you own. Optical discs stored properly, have an extremely long shelf life and are not susceptible to the potential pitfalls that cloud based digital content is, such as data corruption or deletion. In fact, to prove the vulnerability of relying solely on Cloud storage, just recently, the once popular MySpace social media site confirmed that they irretrievably lost all data content from years 2003 through 2012. This data loss wasn’t because of the company being hacked or a virus, but simply due to an accidental deletion during a data migration from one set of servers to another. That would never happen with optical discs. If you want to make sure your movie collection or any digital content will always be available to you, keep a backup on optical discs!

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Vinpower is offering a free promotion to trade in your existing NON-Vinpower controllers for a NEW replacement controller!

Controller free exchange

If you are a reseller or even an end user and you have any new or used, working or non-functional SATA duplicator controller(s) in your possession, Vinpower is willing to offer a special trade-in offer* to trade it in for a fully functioning Vinpower controller! That means, if you have an old SATA version ACARD, Wytron, or any non-Vinpower manufactured controller in your possession, working or not, and trade it in to Vinpower, we’ll give you the choice to take 30% off a new replacement controller or we’ll give you a free Vinpower controller for every 3 non-Vinpower controllers you trade in. You heard that correctly, if you have any non-Vinpower manufactured (meaning Vinpower branded or Vinpower OEM versions) controllers, Vinpower will offer you either 30% discount towards 1 new Vinpower controller or a completely free replacement for every 3 trade-ins. I wanted to reemphasize the promotion so you understand we are serious and you can receive more than 1 free controller.

The promotion in a nutshell:

• Contact Vinpower to set up an RMA for any existing SATA controller you have in stock or built into a duplicator.

• These controllers do not need to be operational, but they must be natural SATA connection version (NO IDE models).

• The controller must not be manufactured by Vinpower, including OEM controllers Vinpower supplies as an OEM brand.

• There is a limit of 15 trade-in controllers per address, every 3 will be eligible for a free replacement controller.

• Quantities less than 3 qualify for a 30% discount on each controller, towards a replacement Vinpower controller.

• All Vinpower replacement controllers will come with Vinpower’s proprietary CopyLock copy protection feature FREE!

• Valid through June 30th, 2019 from Vinpower direct locations only, contact us at [email protected] for more details on where.

Don’t let this promotion pass you by, it’s your opportunity to upgrade 1 or up to 15 lesser controllers for the latest and greatest controllers on the market!

For more details about this opportunity or any product that Vinpower offers, please visit our website, or contact a Vinpower representative today.