Using an iXflash to film video through your iPhone/iPad means you can directly upload the video to a video editing software without the extra steps


Video content is everywhere and we’re all creating it through our phones and tablets. Whether you’re creating video content for social media, online retail listings, entertainment, home videos, etc., if you’re creating the content to post, then frequently that content has to be transferred to a 3rd party video editing software to create the final cut. To do so, more often than not, means the user has to then find a way to download the raw video footage onto the device with the video editing software and that could be a full production in itself! Why go through the hassle when the iXflash makes it so easy?

For example, I often make videos of our products that we sell through various online retail sites, such as Amazon. In the past, I would use my iPhone to film the content, then I would need to either upload that video to the cloud and then download the file from the cloud to the computer I was using to edit with, or I would need to connect my iPhone to the computer, download the file through iTunes or another software and then upload that file again to the editing software. It’s time consuming and a hassle.

With the iXflash, I simply connect the iXflash to my iPhone, open the iXflash App and select the “CAMERA” function, and film whatever project I was working on as I ordinarily would with my iPhone camera function. When I’m done, all the content I filmed is stored directly on the iXflash drive, which I can then connect to any PC or Mac with the iXflash’s USB connection and open the video file(s) directly from whatever video editing software I want to use. There’s no waiting or concern about file compatibility. It streamlines the process and I go from shooting the video to editing right away.

If you use an iPhone or iPad to film content as a function of your job, the iXflash is the ideal time and money saver that you don’t want to be without!

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Vinpower’s VDX-1 mini-autoloader, is the small, inexpensive, powerful autoloader that is a game changer…


Much like the tiny ant that can lift 5,000 times it’s body weight, the VDX-1 autoloader can do the job of multi-drive manual tower duplicators or even much bigger and more expensive autoloader duplicators. Weighing less than 12 lbs (just over 5kg), and slightly bigger than a standard shoebox, the VDX-1 can fit virtually anywhere. Plus, it’s completely standalone, so it’s easy to take on the go and as long as there’s an electrical outlet, the VDX-1 is ready to work. Just like the mighty worker ant, the VDX-1 gets the job done.

The VDX-1 comes with 1 drive and 50 disc capacity, but can work 24/7 like a champ. The VDX-1 is perfect to replace multi-drive manual tower duplicators by freeing up the operator to handle other tasks. Plus, it’s cheaper than many of the manual tower models as well, so it saves time and money. For more details on the VDX-1, click on the following link:

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Vinpower released their new automatic 1 to 1 AutoDupe Duplicator


In these times, many customers prefer simplicity over multi-functional. For instance, there are a number of customers that simply want to be able to make a backup or minimal copies of their original CD or DVD content, and don’t want to go through the multiple steps to make those copies. They merely want to insert the discs and the duplicator takes over and knows what to do. For that reason, Vinpower developed the 1 to 1 Autodupe system that has no buttons or menus to choose from.

The AutoDupe model is a standalone SATA DVD/CD duplicator that doesn’t require the user to push any buttons to start the copy process. The user simply inserts the master disc they want to copy from into the top tray and the blank disc into the bottom tray. Once the disc trays close the AutoDupe system will start the duplication process automatically. It’s extremely easy to use and once the disc is successfully copied, the finished disc tray will eject and the user can remove it and insert a new disc to keep copying. The AutoDupe model is not only easy to use, but has a very low cost, offering truly reliable duplication an affordable price, with an easy to use interface.

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Don’t limit yourself, the iXflash extends the memory on an iPhone / iPad for longer videos and more pictures.


Most of us have experienced the dreaded storage full warning, letting us know we don’t have enough memory on our iPhone or iPad to take any more photos or videos. No matter what size device you get, there’s no way to add any additional storage. So you either give up on taking the photo or video, or you frantically try to delete and unload stored pictures, videos, and Apps to free up space. With the iXflash, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

With the iXflash, you can take pictures & videos that are stored directly on the iXflash drive without using any of the iPhone or iPad’s internal memory. So you can film as much as you want without fear of running out of storage. Plus, you can perform simple editing as the video can be paused and restarted to create 1 continuous video instead of multiple shorter videos. No longer are you restricted in what you can film due to lack of storage capacity on your iPhone or iPad, the iXflash gives you more flexibility and capability to capture those memories you would have otherwise missed.

The iXflash comes in multiple capacity sizes, from 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and even 512GB, to match the needs of all users, from the occasional picture taker, to the professional influencer on the go. You can find the iXflash in a variety of online retailers around the world, including the below Amazon links in the USA:

iXflash 32GB:
iXflash 64GB:
iXflash 128GB:
iXflash 256GB:
iXflash 512GB:

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When your Internet Service Provider sets data limits on your internet usage, using Optical Discs to archive large files gives you flexibility and saves money!


Recently, we had a customer leave a 5 star comment about our Plexdisc Blu-ray media. This is not uncommon as our Plexdisc BD-R has an overwhelming number of positive ratings across many online retailers. What was unique to this particular reviewer was the reason they gave for the 5 star rating. Rather than paraphrase, I’ll share the exact quote:

“Not a bad value for a combined total of around 600GB worth of data to offload baggage that might be taking too much hard drive space, but you’re reluctant to delete since American ISP’s subjugate you with their data caps if you choose to redownload things instead of keeping archivals or backups.”

When I looked into this further, I realized many internet service providers (ISP’s) have implemented data caps in how much data each household could use each month. With more people working from home after the pandemic, this has created a problem for those that are on more restrictive plans as they have to manage between the amount of data used for work and pleasure or even what items are worth keeping to enjoy later what can be jettisoned to make more space and use less bandwidth. The same notion applies to space on each individuals hard drive(s) as well. The more we work from home, the more content we are holding on to in our hard drives.

That’s why Vinpower’s line of OPTODISC Blu-ray media, such as Plexdisc, Optical Quantum, and others make a great archival backup solution that allow users to save capacity on their hard drives and data usage when they don’t have to continuously download files from the cloud. Not only are optical discs much more cost effective, there are no reoccurring costs like the cloud or paying for overages.

Next time you’re debating whether you need to increase your ISP data plan or increase your hard drive, save some money and frustration by offloading that digital content onto Vinpower’s OPTODISC Blu-ray media.

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The iXflash expands your musical choices, when some artists choose not to stream…


Music is a big part of many people’s lives. Music is the soundtrack to our lives and certain songs and albums bring you back to special events in our lives or helps you through difficult times like heartbreak and the passing of a loved one. So it makes sense that streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. are so popular. The idea that you can listen to an endless stream of music for free or for a set monthly fee, what a concept. But there’s one problem, what if the artist or album you want to listen to isn’t available on that streaming service or any streaming service for that matter?

Many popular musicians, like Adele, Garth Brooks, Prince, Taylor Swift, and many others either at one time or are currently not available on all or some of the main streaming services. That’s not to mention some of the more niche genre specific artists that may not have as big a following, but have millions of fans nonetheless who also actively choose not to have their music played on streaming services for one reason or another. The only option is to purchase their music, either as a digital download or a physical copy on CD, vinyl, or even tape. What do you do now, you still want to be mobile with your music, so where can you store these songs and not fill up the memory on your phone or tablet?

The answer is the iXflash! The iXflash can be your traveling media library where you can store tons of music that you can plug into your iPhone or iPad and listen to anytime, with or without wi-fi access. You’ll never have to worry about what format your music is save in because the iXflash App plays virtually all music formats from MP3 to WAV to FLAC and much more. Plus, you can listen to complete albums or switch it up and create your own playlists. You can even store podcasts and other audio files that take up so much space on your iPhone or iPad. With the iXflash, you never have to worry whether you have enough space or memory, because you can plug it in and instantly add up to 512GB* of added storage. Don’t be held back by the limitations of the memory on your device, expand your horizons and experience the difference the iXflash can offer you.

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Vinpower Digital announces the reemergence of Moser Baer with new recordable CD and DVD offerings


Vinpower Digital announced the release of the new exclusive line of Moser Baer optical disc media this week. The initial offerings will focus on the Safari and Zebra lines of recordable CD’s and DVD’s in select global markets across North and South America, parts of Asia, and Europe. Last year, Vinpower acquired and took over full production of the most common slate of Moser Baer media commodities, primarily optical discs and flash media, including USB and SSD storage products. In order to accommodate the full complement of digital storage users, Moser Baer’s digital storage product lines include both high end professional grade media along with more price sensitive consumer grade items.

The initial rollout for the Safari and Zebra media will start in North America, Western Europe, U.A.E, India, Japan, Taiwan, and China. To learn more about the Moser Baer line of products, visit or contact a Vinpower representative to get more insight about the media’s benefits and specifications.

For more insight, feel free to review the press release sent out on May 11, 2021:

Plexdisc line of Digital Audio CD-R now available for greater music recording


There are still a large number of people that enjoy creating their own music compilations or creating backups to their music library onto CD’s. For those people, the Plexdisc line of Digital Audio CD-R disc provides the best quality and compatibility for audio/music content recorded on optical discs. As mentioned in previous email blasts, Digital Audio CD-R’s have a unique quality that make them more reliable and offers greater compatibility, especially with standalone recorders, than standard recordable CD’s. Because of this, Vinpower recognized the lack of recordable Digital Audio CD’s in the market and believed it was important to the market to ensure there are high quality reliable recordable Digital Audio CD’s available for those that recognize the importance and value.

The line of Plexdisc Digital Audio CD-R’s are available through a variety of resellers, including through Amazon from the below links:

Shiny Silver Top:

Logo Top:

White Inkjet Printable:

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Feedback on the Pioneer BDR-212V drive has been unanimous, Best drives for DVD burning on the market!


Since we released the exclusive Pioneer BDR-212V drive in 2020, the feedback has been extremely positive. We’ve received so many appreciative reviews and compliments on how great the 212V is at burning DVD’s! They were impressed with the burn quality and lifespan of the 212V drive, making it their preferred choice to burn, not just Blu-ray media, but especially for DVD media. The concept may seem out of whack, given that it’s a Blu-ray drive, that is backwards compatible to burn DVD’s and CD’s. So why would someone pay more to burn DVD’s?

The reason being, is that the 212V drive is a much more robust drive that offers 2 to 3 times longer lifespan than comparable CD/DVD drives. Additionally, it has an enhanced firmware focused on providing greater support for DVD burning. In our research, those performing constant DVD burning/duplication had higher failure rates with standard CD/DVD drives after only a few months of operation in comparison to very little to no bad burns during the same period with the Pioneer 212V drive. Plus, we received complaints from customers about the heavy burn-in marks on the recording side of the disc from those using the CD/DVD drives, saying they looked unprofessional. The BDR-212V virtually eliminates both concerns through a multiprong advancement in both hardware and firmware through a collaboration with Pioneer. The 212V drive can be rebooted when seeing higher failure rates to return to peak performance and it virtually eliminates the uneven symmetrical burn-in marks on the disc’s recording side of single layer recordable DVD’s (often referred to as Donut Rings).

If you are tired of wasting money by constantly replacing your drives, tossing out failed DVD’s, or just not happy with the overall performance, we are supremely confident you will be thrilled with the Pioneer BDR-212V drive, offered exclusively through Vinpower or a Vinpower selling partner.

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Digital Audio CD-R are better for recording Music/Audio compared to standard CD-R


What is Digital Audio CD-R and why should I care? For most people, at this stage in the recordable CD evolution, there’s only one type of CD-R and you can record anything on to it. For the most part, that’s correct, you can use a computer drive to record data, music, video, etc. onto any standard CD-R media. There may be varying degrees of quality between brands, but a CD is a CD.

That’s not actually the case. Although all recordable CD’s can record and play/view any digital content, Digital Audio CD-R’s are specifically made for music/audio content. It doesn’t mean that’s all you can record onto them, but Digital Audio (“DA”) CD-R, also known as Music CD-R, are specially tuned for recording and playback of audio content. In fact, for many standalone CD recorders, they can only use Digital Audio CD-R or the systems will not recognize the media and either won’t record or will fail the disc during the duplication procedure. If you use a standalone recorder for better audio recording resolution, then Digital Audio CD-R’s are often your only option.

Maybe recording CD’s is not a factor because your computer drive can record audio content as well as data. However, there are still a number of players, like car CD players, or any number of CD only players that are very particular about the media they support or have a harder time recognizing standard CD-R, whereas Digital Audio CD-R has better playback compatibility with those players.

If you’re an audiophile or just don’t want to take any chances with recording or playback issues, then I would recommend using Digital Audio CD-R’s or all of your music/audio recordings.

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