iXflash with write protection saves your content from accidental loss and viruses.

iXflash write protect

Picture this, you backup all your pictures from your iPhone / iPad onto your iXflash. In an effort to free up space on your iPhone / iPad, you delete those images off those devices after saving them to the iXflash. Afterwards, you let someone borrow the iXflash to copy some of your images that you wanted to share. Unfortunately, they accidentally deleted all the files from the iXflash during the process, losing irreplaceable images that you hadn’t had a chance to back up onto another source yet. That could be crushing! Or worse yet, they plug the iXflash into their computer, which unbeknownst to everyone is infected with a virus or malware. They accidentally upload that virus or malware onto the iXflash, which in-turn infects your computer when you plus the iXflash into it. Next thing you know, your computer is infected just because you wanted to share some files with a friend. There’s an easy way to prevent both of these worst case scenarios from happening.

The iXflash offers a feature that converts it to a Read Only, Write Protected drive. By turning on the read only / write protection feature on the iXflash app, with just 1 click, you can easily prevent images from being deleted, altered, moved, or infected, accidentally or on purpose. Since nothing can access the drive, you can prevent the drive inadvertently becoming infected with viruses or malware, protecting both your priceless content on the iXflash as well as keeping your computer virus clean! Don’t take chances, use the iXflash and the iXflash App to keep your content and your hardware safe!

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Due to major disruption in Japan, the 2019 Q3 & Q4 flash pricing could be very volatile

power outage

A 13 minute power outage in the Yokkaichi province in Japan on June 15, 2019, derailed two key flash memory manufactures. Due to an unforeseen blackout, Toshiba, which is the # 2 global supplier of Nand flash memory at approx. 20%, and Western Digital, which fluctuates between the 3rd and 4th largest supplier at approx. 15%, now find themselves struggling to compensate for what could be significant loses in wafers that were in production during the time of the blackout. Add that to a growing trade war between Japan and South Korea, the two leading countries as it relates to flash memory and semi-conductor production, in which each is withholding critical components to the other for the production of flash memory, and it all spells a prolonged and volatile market for flash memory in the near future.

One of the reasons for flash pricing to be so volatile, even before it’s reflected in street pricing of the flash media is that the time frame to produce the wafer dye that is used to create the flash memory is a long process that can take months to fully produce. So when production is underway and then a seismic event like a total prolonged power loss happens, it could effectively wipe out months of progress and force the factories to start over. That means a huge amount of flash memory that was intended for the market is ruined and that there will be a gap in time between when that production can be replaced. Because that flash was intended to be used in the future, and no one knows what the true demand will be at that time, there’s no way of telling what the full affect will be right away. For that reason, it sends the market into a panic and those that have flash inventory are steadily increasing the pricing or withholding inventory so that it can be used in the future when there may be a shortage.

Add on top of that, growing tension between the two nations that each rely on the other for certain elements in the production of flash memory, then you have a very unstable situation. As South Korea and Japan begin adding restrictions and penalties against the other, it greatly affects the business communities on both countries, especially as it relates to semiconductors and related products.
With the current instability, the market can expect to see shortages and increased prices when it comes to consumer related flash products, like USB, SD, and SSD, especially. I don’t know how long this could last or what the full affects will be, but for certain, the relative stability and decreasing pricing on flash look to be taking a dramatic reversal.

The iXflash protects your most precious memories through its simple and quick back-up feature.

iXflash backup

We all know someone that has thousands of pictures and videos stored on their phone, it may even be you. In most cases, the pictures and videos are not protected and they take a great risk that they never lose or break their phones and lose those precious memories forever. Some add insurance by paying a monthly fee to store their personal image files on a cloud service. That works if you don’t mind throwing money out the window every month or don’t mind risking your privacy if that cloud service should be hacked and your images and videos could be compromised.

I could go over scary scenarios all day on what could potentially happen to all the pictures and videos stored on your mobile phone, but instead I’d rather tell you how easy it is to back up and safely store those files for FREE on your own computer, portable hard drive, or burn them on to optical discs. The answer is the iXflash drive! Using the simple 1 touch back-up solution through the iXflash App on either an iPhone / iPad or an Android mobile phone or tablet, you can back up all of your pictures and videos onto 1 convenient flash drive. Then you can take those files and store them on any device that can read a USB drive.

Here are the main benefits of backing up your pictures and videos with the iXflash over other methods or options:

1. Convenience: It’s quick and easy – in just a few minutes, you can back-up thousands of pictures and videos just through 1 icon in the App

2. Multiple Devices: You can back-up from multiple devices, including Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets with the same flash drive

3. Personal Folders: You can create separate folders to store all the images and videos, especially if they are from different devices or people, in order to keep your files clean and concise

4. Maintains Original files: The iXflash App maintains all the original time stamps, locations, image names, photo types (i.e. Live Photo), and much more, so you can easily find or restore those photos onto your phone or tablet without losing anything

5. Favorites: You can make certain images or videos favorites so that you can quickly find them anytime

6. Not Dependent on Internet: You don’t need internet access in order to back-up or search for your files

7. Prevents Redundancy: It won’t backup images that are already stored on the drive, so you don’t waste time and space backing up files you already have.

8. Plus so much more ways to make your life easier and safer

Check it out for yourself, we guarantee you’ll find it incredibly easy to use and more helpful then you could have imagined.
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Vinpower’s SharkCopier line of duplicators can withstand high heat and still produce perfect duplication without failures for optical discs and flash media

Shark good in heat

This past June was declared the hottest June on record, especially in places like Europe where temperatures were unusually high. This is a problem as many areas where duplication is prevalent around the world do not have air conditioning for their facilities, either because it’s typically not needed or the cost is too high. Whatever the reason, the temperatures are rising and one of the biggest dangers for any electronic device is heat. As these devices are functioning, they are creating a large amount of heat, that heat needs to be removed from the device so that it doesn’t overheat and fail. This is mostly done using fans to blow the outside cooler air onto the internal component to cool it down. When the outer temperatures become too hot to cool the device down, then you have no recourse to keep the device operating and you must shut it down or risk failure. This is especially true of duplicators that use steel cases that traps hot air inside and creates a vacuum of hot air circulating around drives that are also getting hotter and hotter.

That’s where the SharkCopier becomes the perfect solution. The SharkCopier cases are made of aluminum instead of steal, which diffuses heat by pulling the hot air away from the drives and allowing cooler air to circulate and cool the drives down. In addition, with the cases side air vents, the hot air can escape without having to be pulled through the drives, like in the standard cases. By removing the heat quicker and more effectively, the Vinpower “Shark” cases allow for better air flow, cooler temperatures, and more efficient work flow, creating a better environment for the drives to work in producing better final results.

According to statistics, temperatures will continue to rise and the hot season will last longer, so if you depend on duplication for your livelihood, it would be wise to look into the one duplicators that won’t let you down when the heat is turned up. All of the “Shark” series of duplicators, from the SharkCopier, USBShark, SD/MicroSDShark, HDD/SSDShark, and any others that may come along in the future, will always be your coolest option.

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The iXflash allows you to record, edit, and post to social media in one action without worrying about running out of memory on your iPhone or iPad!

ixflash live record plus

When filming on your iPhone and iPad, don’t be limited by your dwindling memory. Vinpower’s iXflash, utilizing the Piodata iXflash App, will allow you to use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to take video without worrying about running out of memory on your phone. The reason why is that the iXflash doesn’t use your iPhone or iPad to store any of the content, not even as a buffer, so as long as you have space on your iXflash, then you have plenty of time to record in hi-def, anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to pay for expensive cloud storage or frantically try to delete older pictures and videos or other apps to make space. Just plug in the iXflash, open the App and use the camera feature to film and never miss a moment.

On top of that, the iXflash allows you to pause the live recording, so that you can change positions, move locations, or whatever the reason, without needing to stop and start filming. It’s like a mini editing feature bundled into one incredible App for your iPhone or iPad. Film your child’s play or sporting event without missing the key moments or needing to constantly start and stop over and over again. Go on a vacation and never worry about whether you have wi-fi in order to back-up your content to the cloud or use a social media app to film your adventure.

With the iXflash, you can film, edit, and post to social media all in one take, without worrying about not having enough memory or knowing how to use complicated editing software. The iXflash is the perfect companion to anyone that likes to take video with their iPhone or iPad.

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The All in ONE Drive for your iPhone

iXflash All in One

With the iXflash drive and App, you can perform a wide array of features through your iPhone or iPad that make’s life easier and better!

Here are just a few of the improved features that are available using the iXflash APP and Drive:


If you’d like more details about the iXflash features and benefits, please contact a Vinpower representative today. Also, pay attention to future email blasts as I will continue to give more in-depth details about all the incredible benefits the iXflash can offer you. The iXflash is the perfect solution to balance work and play.

Vinpower Digital would like to thank everyone that visited our booth at the 2019 Computex trade show in Taiwan.

Computex 2019 booth

Vinpower Digital once again exhibited at the popular 2019 Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan and we are thoroughly appreciative of everyone that visited our booth. Vinpower exhibited numerous new and upcoming product lines and received a very positive reception from all those that visited with us. Items of particular interests were the new line of:

• Our line of Optiarc SSD drives;
• Our line of 100% certified USB flash drives;
• Advanced Optical Disc Drives from the Optiarc, Plexdisc, and Piodata;
• Our increasingly popular OPTODISC line of recordable CD, DVD, & Blu-ray media;
• The iXflash series, our latest offering in our Apple iPhone/iPad extended memory;
• USB Duplicators (offering the ability to create and duplicate write protection and offer an external log file(s) of the system’s operation through a PC);
• and many other offerings.

For those who unfortunately could not visit us at Computex, you are always welcome to contact us directly at one of our branch offices in the USA, Taiwan, China, or Europe. We thank all of our loyal and happy customers, partners, and friends and look forward to continued advancements and success throughout this year and beyond!
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Vinpower is pulling out all the stops at Computex with a bigger and more interactive booth

Computex 2019 booth

The 2019 Computex tradeshow starts next week, from Tuesday, May 28th through Saturday, June 1st, 2019. Vinpower has long been an exhibitor at Computex, each year enhancing what we’ve done the year before. This year, we are pulling out all the stops with a much bigger open floor plan booth that better showcases our popular traditional product lines, while it is also more interactive, so that visitors can better see and understand the scope and functionality of our more recent and upcoming product offerings.

If you already plan to visit Computex next week, you’re in for a treat when you stop be Vinpower’s booth, located at the TWTC Nangang, J0118. For those that will not be able to attend the Computex tradeshow, stay tuned to our weekly email blasts as we provide more details to follow.

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Higher tariff’s for Made in China USB flash will certainly increase costs, but Vinpower’s Made in Taiwan flash media is not affected

Taiwan no tariff

The trade war with China is certainly taking its toll on many industries, including the USB flash market. Even though the general cost of flash is decreasing, the price you pay for Chinese manufactured flash will increase due to the tariff’s implemented by US customs. That means that those buying the Chinese USB flash media will ultimately be forced to pay a higher price for that product.

If you work with Vinpower to source your USB flash media, you won’t have any issues with higher pricing due to tariffs because all of our flash media is manufactured in Taiwan. That has two benefits, firstly Taiwan is a Trade Agreements Act (TAA) approved country, and secondly, it’s not impacted by added tariffs. This means that Vinpower’s USB flash will not only have a lower overall cost, but they can also be sold under GSA contracts.

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Where does your USB flash media come from and can you trust it?

good vs bad flash

The USB flash market is a very tricky market to navigate. The main reason is it’s not as closely regulated as other forms of media. In fact, outside of the form factor of the USB connection, there is a lot of leeway in production quality for manufacturers that it creates a huge gap between good and bad quality USB drives. This gap is made even wider by the fact that flash has transitioned to 3D NAND Flash, creating greater capacity memory in even smaller devices.

Because of shortages and rapid fluctuations in costs, many suppliers are resorting to providing recycled elements or merely passing off defective flash in order to fill orders and offer cheaper pricing. In the end, there’s no way to tell if a USB flash drive is made from recycled parts or is defective just by looking at it. Even when you plug the drive into a computer, the limited details available may not reflect the problems that can/will occur when you attempt to use it. Because of this lack of knowledge, many customers are duped by low price knockoffs. Customers will take a chance on these defective drives where they end up realizing they have a high defect rate when trying to copy onto these drives. Worse yet, they’ll find that partial or the entire content disappears without warning and you are left with a useless drive that lost what could have been very important content.
So how can you tell which USB flash is safe and which is potentially defective? The only way to do that is by working with the various flash controller developers and using very specialized software tools developed to inspect and diagnose every single flash drive. This is what Vinpower provides when you purchase your USB flash drives from us. Not only do we work with a large array of USB flash controller and memory manufacturers and suppliers to get the special software tools needed to inspect them, but we also build the hardware that allows us to use that testing software on tens, hundreds, even thousands of drives at a time. Vinpower can do in-depth testing that no other supplier even thinks about offering so that we can provide 100% guaranteed perfect USB Flash drives with every single order.

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