Vinpower’s VDX-1 mini-autoloader, is the small, inexpensive, powerful autoloader that is a game changer…


Much like the tiny ant that can lift 5,000 times it’s body weight, the VDX-1 autoloader can do the job of multi-drive manual tower duplicators or even much bigger and more expensive autoloader duplicators. Weighing less than 12 lbs (just over 5kg), and slightly bigger than a standard shoebox, the VDX-1 can fit virtually anywhere. Plus, it’s completely standalone, so it’s easy to take on the go and as long as there’s an electrical outlet, the VDX-1 is ready to work. Just like the mighty worker ant, the VDX-1 gets the job done.

The VDX-1 comes with 1 drive and 50 disc capacity, but can work 24/7 like a champ. The VDX-1 is perfect to replace multi-drive manual tower duplicators by freeing up the operator to handle other tasks. Plus, it’s cheaper than many of the manual tower models as well, so it saves time and money. For more details on the VDX-1, click on the following link:

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Vinpower released their new automatic 1 to 1 AutoDupe Duplicator


In these times, many customers prefer simplicity over multi-functional. For instance, there are a number of customers that simply want to be able to make a backup or minimal copies of their original CD or DVD content, and don’t want to go through the multiple steps to make those copies. They merely want to insert the discs and the duplicator takes over and knows what to do. For that reason, Vinpower developed the 1 to 1 Autodupe system that has no buttons or menus to choose from.

The AutoDupe model is a standalone SATA DVD/CD duplicator that doesn’t require the user to push any buttons to start the copy process. The user simply inserts the master disc they want to copy from into the top tray and the blank disc into the bottom tray. Once the disc trays close the AutoDupe system will start the duplication process automatically. It’s extremely easy to use and once the disc is successfully copied, the finished disc tray will eject and the user can remove it and insert a new disc to keep copying. The AutoDupe model is not only easy to use, but has a very low cost, offering truly reliable duplication an affordable price, with an easy to use interface.

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Don’t limit yourself, the iXflash extends the memory on an iPhone / iPad for longer videos and more pictures.


Most of us have experienced the dreaded storage full warning, letting us know we don’t have enough memory on our iPhone or iPad to take any more photos or videos. No matter what size device you get, there’s no way to add any additional storage. So you either give up on taking the photo or video, or you frantically try to delete and unload stored pictures, videos, and Apps to free up space. With the iXflash, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

With the iXflash, you can take pictures & videos that are stored directly on the iXflash drive without using any of the iPhone or iPad’s internal memory. So you can film as much as you want without fear of running out of storage. Plus, you can perform simple editing as the video can be paused and restarted to create 1 continuous video instead of multiple shorter videos. No longer are you restricted in what you can film due to lack of storage capacity on your iPhone or iPad, the iXflash gives you more flexibility and capability to capture those memories you would have otherwise missed.

The iXflash comes in multiple capacity sizes, from 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and even 512GB, to match the needs of all users, from the occasional picture taker, to the professional influencer on the go. You can find the iXflash in a variety of online retailers around the world, including the below Amazon links in the USA:

iXflash 32GB:
iXflash 64GB:
iXflash 128GB:
iXflash 256GB:
iXflash 512GB:

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