Vinpower carries multiple lines of exclusive highly rated professional grade optical disc drives for the duplication market!


During the pandemic and the mandated stay at home orders implemented around the globe, the duplication market had decreased due to lack of content and methods of distribution. As the spread of the virus decreased significantly in most countries and people began to carry on more normalized lives, the duplication market also saw a sizeable uptick in production and demand. With increased business, the need to maintain equipment and secure replacement drives also became a factor and Vinpower is proud to offer a line of exclusive professional grade optical disc drives that were developed specifically for the high volume duplication market.

Because fewer personal computers come standard with optical disc drives (ODD), there are fewer and fewer manufacturers producing them. The ODD manufacturers that remain are putting less resources into maintaining the drives and are actively trying to cost down on the components used to build those drives. These factors inevitably lead to lower quality drives with a shorter life span.

That’s why Vinpower has worked diligently over the years to provide our own lines of professional series Half Height Optical Disc Drives, featuring the highly rated Plextor, Optiarc, and Piodata series for CD/DVD drives as well as lines of Blu-ray drives from LG and Pioneer that were developed exclusively for Vinpower. Each of these drives were developed to have greater compatibility, reliability, and longevity, compared to the standard off the shelf ODD’s currently on the market. These drives are perfect for building your own duplicators, replacing drives on older systems, such as manual towers, autoloaders, and publishing systems, regardless of the manufacturer, and for use with computers and high scale servers.

Don’t settle for subpar drives that end up costing you far more money in the long run due to shorter lifespans, inconsistencies in the burn quality, and incompatibility with select hardware. Instead, you can easily and quickly order any one of Vinpower’s professional line of ODD’s to ensure the job will get done right the first time without downtime through our channel of global resellers or global online ecommerce, including Amazon. The drives are readily available through Amazon in the US, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, and other locations.

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As air travel numbers are steadily increasing back towards pre-pandemic numbers, the iXflash is the perfect travel companion.


Summer season is typically travel season as vacationers near and far pack up their gear and take to the skies. After the pandemic all but grounded most people for an entire year, as infection rates are rapidly decreasing, people are flocking to airports to fly the friendly skies again. The TSA Checkpoint for US traveler flight throughput shows American airports are seeing numbers quickly approaching the 2019 pre-pandemic volume*.

As we travel, we rely on our mobile phones as our multipurpose everything devices, camera, computer, music and movie player, and so much more. The problem is, the more we rely on our phones, the more precious the devices memory capacity is and how quickly we can fill up the storage on our mobile phones, regardless of the size. Sure you can store items on the cloud, but what if you don’t have internet access? The iXflash is the perfect solution!

Not only can the iXflash backup all your photos and videos, freeing up critical storage, but it can also be your portable media center, where you store your music and movie collection. That way, you don’t waste capacity on content you won’t use constantly and yet have it available whenever you want to listen to your favorite artists or watch your favorite movies. Have a big presentation that you want to use the downtime on the flight to work on? Use the ultra-compact iXflash as an external hard drive to store the files and even make changes through your iPhone/iPad or on your computer.

The iXflash has so many uses, you’ll wonder how you functioned without it. So if you’re planning to hit the road, make sure you pack all the essentials, including the iXflash!

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Using an iXflash to film video through your iPhone/iPad means you can directly upload the video to a video editing software without the extra steps


Video content is everywhere and we’re all creating it through our phones and tablets. Whether you’re creating video content for social media, online retail listings, entertainment, home videos, etc., if you’re creating the content to post, then frequently that content has to be transferred to a 3rd party video editing software to create the final cut. To do so, more often than not, means the user has to then find a way to download the raw video footage onto the device with the video editing software and that could be a full production in itself! Why go through the hassle when the iXflash makes it so easy?

For example, I often make videos of our products that we sell through various online retail sites, such as Amazon. In the past, I would use my iPhone to film the content, then I would need to either upload that video to the cloud and then download the file from the cloud to the computer I was using to edit with, or I would need to connect my iPhone to the computer, download the file through iTunes or another software and then upload that file again to the editing software. It’s time consuming and a hassle.

With the iXflash, I simply connect the iXflash to my iPhone, open the iXflash App and select the “CAMERA” function, and film whatever project I was working on as I ordinarily would with my iPhone camera function. When I’m done, all the content I filmed is stored directly on the iXflash drive, which I can then connect to any PC or Mac with the iXflash’s USB connection and open the video file(s) directly from whatever video editing software I want to use. There’s no waiting or concern about file compatibility. It streamlines the process and I go from shooting the video to editing right away.

If you use an iPhone or iPad to film content as a function of your job, the iXflash is the ideal time and money saver that you don’t want to be without!

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