The Adobe Lightroom app permanently deleted some iOS users’ photos, using the iXflash to back-up your photos allows you to restore what was lost.


This is a topic I speak about quite a bit, how critical it is to backup all your files, especially your photos and videos. Here’s another example of how not backing up your photos on your iPhone or iPad can be devastating.

Recently, the Adobe Lightroom App sent out an update to its App on all iOS devices, as all Apps do. The problem is this App hid a killer bug that permanently deleted some iOS users’ photos and presets. Without warning and no way to retrieve the lost content, these iOS users were left with nothing but apologies from Adobe and Apple. However, if those users had the Piodata iXflash drive, they could have quickly and easily run routine backups of their iPhone or iPad, saving all of their previous photos and videos. Then the iXflash could have just as easily restored those photos and videos back onto their iPhone or iPad, saving the day and making this ordeal nothing more than a simple nuisance, rather than a life altering problem.

The iXflash can backup and restore all of your photos and videos stored on an Apple iOS mobile device to give you peace of mind. Plus, with such a low price point for the full range of iXflash drives, including, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, makes it affordable for anyone and priceless to everyone!
Here’s a link to an article discussing the Adobe Lightroom deleting iPhone photos for more details:

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Dust those CD’s off and give them new life!


If you’re like me, you have boxes of music CD’s that you may not have listened to in quite some time. I had boxes of CD’s that have been stored in my garage since I moved into my current house, 11 years ago. In a world full of music streaming services, it’s easy to just forget about dragging out your CD’s to listen to the same way we did in the past. At the same time, I have some really great music in those boxes that I’d love to listen to, but I don’t have the time or the opportunity to dig through the boxes to find that song or album. What can I do, I love music and feel like those CD’s are a soundtrack to my life, you can’t just toss it out like garbage.

That’s why I took all those CD’s and ripped them to a large capacity USB flash drive, so I can have the digital files available anytime anywhere I go. Using our Ripbox and Cronus, I was able to set up the discs on the unit and walk away. Once I came back, all my discs were stored onto my hard drive with all the meta data (disc information, like album title, artist, song title, and much more).

Now all the music from my CD’s are stored in 1 convenient place, so I can look up songs by artist, genre, album, etc. and make my own playlists on the spot, easily and in virtually no time at all. So if I want to make the ultimate 80’s playlist, or my own Billy Joel greatest hits compilation, or even the perfect workout song list based on beats per minute (BPM), I can do it all from one place. The best part, I can change the playlists anytime I want and all the music will always be available to me when I want it.
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Vinpower’s line of Pro Duplicator Optical Disc Drives (ODD) are readily available Globally!


Now that fewer personal computers come standard with optical disc drives (ODD), there are fewer and fewer manufacturers producing them. The ODD manufacturers that remain are putting less resources into maintaining the drives and are actively trying to cost down on the components used to build those drives. These factors inevitably lead to lower quality drives with a shorter life span. That’s why Vinpower has worked diligently over the years to provide our own lines of professional series Half Height Optical Disc Drives, featuring the Plextor, Optiarc, and Piodata series. Each of these drives were developed to have greater compatibility, reliability, and longevity, compared to the standard off the shelf ODD’s currently on the market. These drives are perfect for building your own duplicators, replacing drives on older systems, such as manual towers, autoloaders, and publishing systems, regardless of the manufacturer, and for use with computers and high scale servers.

Now that you know these drives exist and would be the perfect solution for your needs, the next question is inevitably where can I find them to purchase? Fortunately, these drives are readily available in most countries around the world. They are available in North and South America, throughout Europe and Asia, including Australia. The drives are also readily available through Amazon in the US, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the UK, which in addition to Vinpower’s distributors & resellers can service customers in nearly every country.

Don’t settle for subpar drives that may look cheaper, but end up costing you far more money in the long run due to shorter lifespan and inconsistencies in the burn quality, which create numerous bad burns. Instead, you can easily and quickly order any one of Vinpower’s professional line of ODD to ensure the job will get done right the first time without downtime for a defective or overheated drive.
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Running an iTune backup for your iPhone / iPad can fail due to limited space on your C drive, the iXflash can eliminate that problem


Many people make the smart decision and backup their iPhone or iPad through their iTunes App on their computer. This makes it easy to restore your iPhone or iPad’s content should you loose or replace it with another iPhone or iPad. The iTunes App uses the computer’s C drive, which is often reserved for your computer’s operating system and executable files for App’s and Software. The problem is, the C drive is typically a truncated portion of your hard drive, limiting the amount of space available for files to be stored there. Since iPhone and iPad storage capacity increases, it’s not uncommon for the content on the iPhone / iPad that you want to backup is greater than the capacity on the C drive, failing the backup process.

With iPhone and iPad memory increasing seemingly every year, it’s going to be harder and harder to efficiently backup your devices content onto your computer, due to not enough space. If the C drive doesn’t have enough memory, you’re stuck, making the content and especially your photos and videos, in danger of being lost should anything happen to them.

Once the backup fails due to insufficient space, there’s only 3 solutions:

1. Spend your hard earned money on an iCloud account to store all your content to the cloud. Not only will Apple happily take your money to use their cloud service, but you can only access it when you have internet access, preferably wi-fi.

2. Go through the technical and difficult process of trying to move all your iTunes files to another location on your partitioned HDD.

3. Purchase a low cost iXflash device to offload all your most important photos and videos to it, minimizing the amount of space needed on the C: Drive.

If you want to save your important content on your iPhone or iPad, and even more importantly, save money and hassle, purchase an iXflash drive today.

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