Multi-File CopyConnect

Since the introduction of the CopyConnect feature a few years ago, customers have been clamoring for an enhanced version of this feature. Vinpower Digital listens and last year, with the release of our new 3-series controllers, we introduced Multi-File CopyConnect.

With the standard CopyConnect feature, customers can drag and drop an ISO data file from the hard drive of a computer to the hard drive of the duplicator and begin making copies, all without having to make a master disc. This is an extremely useful feature but somewhat limiting, in that the only recognized file type is an ISO 9600+Joliet formatted file. Some customers have requested a version of the CopyConnect feature that is even easier to use. In response to these requests, Vinpower Digital has introduced an enhanced version of CopyConnect, called Multi-File CopyConnect. This allows a user to drag a file folder to the hard drive of the duplicator and use this to burn discs. With the advent of this enhanced feature, users do not need to know how to make an ISO file, sometimes a difficult concept for non-technical users.

The user drags over a file folder, loads the duplicator with discs of the appropriate size, and begins making copies. If a user copies a file folder with more than 700 MB of data and attempts to burn this data to CD, they will be informed that there is a size mismatch. This is true because they need to copy this much data to a DVD. So with Multi-File CopyConnect enabled on a 3-series controller, the only thing a user needs concern themselves with is whether or not they have inserted blank media of the appropriate size in the duplicator to make copies.

New Version of ImgBurn Supports Vinpower RipBox

Have you ever thought it would be very cool to burn multiple copies of a data disc or Audio CD from your computer without having to feed blank discs into your burner? Well very soon, you will have this ability. Vinpower Digital is developing a new line of duplicators, based on the popular Cube series, called RipBox. These duplicators will connect to your computer and allow you to create, burn, and/or rip a stack of discs, with robotic automation.


An important step in the process of creating these new duplicators was to ensure that software was available to take full advantage of their capabilities. The development team working on ImgBurn, a powerful, lightweight freeware CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning application, has a history of working with other companies to add tools to its software. These tools enhance the functionality of ImgBurn so it can be utilized with the hardware of the other company, in this case Vinpower Digital. ImgBurn version was released this week. This new version includes new settings that support the RipBox series of autoloaders. This new line of duplicators is slated for release some time in 2011. I saw a pre-production version of the RipBox in action and I want one!

Real Life Applications of Duplication Portrayed in the Movies

With nothing to do during the Easter holiday, I decided to watch the highly acclaimed movie, The Blind Side. It was nominated for Best Picture at the 2010Academy Awards and has earned numerous awards and nominations for Best Actress.

image001.jpg image002.jpg

The movie is about the strategy of American football and the importance of the position, left tackle, played by Michael Oher. In the movie, SJ, son of the main character Mrs. Tuohy, is just a small boy, but he knows the importance of recording Oher’s games and practices.

image003.jpg image004.jpg

It was SJ’s video “Michael Oher, The Terminator” that got him recruited by major college football programs where he went on to become a successful NFL prospect.

image005.jpg image006.jpg

The movie shows the power of video and how even innocent recordings can have powerful and lasting opportunities later. Also, If you also believe in your work of art, and want to protect it against unauthorized reproductions, use Vinpower Digital’s copy-protected duplication software to protect your intellectual rights.


Will the SD Card Replace the Optical Disc?

As Flash memory gets cheaper and the capacity increases, the small rewritable format is gaining momentum in the data storage realm. In fact the low cost netbooks do not offer optical disc drives, yet do offer USB & SD card slots. Now, one of the leading video rental companies, Blockbuster, has announced that they will offer new SD card video rental kiosks.



These kiosks will allow those interested in renting movies the opportunity to load a movie onto a SD card and watch it on any medium (TV, computer, cell phone, etc) that accepts an SD card or a SD card adapter. This will greatly enhance the movie viewing options and locations.

Cube….which cube?

The word “Cube” is a well known term in people’s everyday life.

When you type the word “Cube” in a Google search, you’ll see 86,800,000 results. When you search for “Cubic” in Google, you’ll see 33,300,000 results.

For entertainment you may recall the small “Rubik’s Cube” or some call it the “Magic cube”. It is said this small cubic toy is the world’s best-selling toy, with over 300,000,000 Rubik’s Cubes or comparable imitations sold worldwide. It was recently made popular again when Will Smith showed his magical Rubik’s Cube skills in the blockbuster 2006 movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”.

Rubik’s Cube (aka Magic Cube)

From the Olympic Games, we witnessed the mighty new generation building; Beijing National Aquatics Center, better known as the “The water Cube” or “[H2O]3”. The Water Cube held several swimming events as well as the amazing feats of swimmer Michael Phelps who set a new Olympic record with 8 Gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games.

The water cube night view

Michael Phelps

For everyday transportation needs, auto maker Nissan announced their new Electric powered vehicle, “Denki Cube”, during the NY International auto shows in March 2008.
The body incorporates Japanese words such as “Denki Jidosha” (meaning electric vehicle). This new electric car prototype is a Green earth concept meant to design a non polluting green vehicle.

Denki Cube

The term “CUBE” is takes on so many meanings and is reflective in our life style, fashion, entertainment and compact useful gadgets.

That’s why Vinpower Digital’s “The Cube” is designed for all duplicator users, but especially for those people with a “CUBE” sense of style and lifestyle. The Cube is a compact BD/DVD/CD automatic duplicator that is easy to set up and use with an attractive and useful cubic design.

The Cube fits in any office or cubicle and works unattended to make up to 25 copies per run. Plus at an incredibly low price point, The Cube fits nearly any budget. With 25 disc capacity and 1 or 2 recording drive(s), The Cubeâ„¢ gives you the ability to work on other matters with the confidence that your project will be duplicated quickly and reliably without breaking the bank.

Vinpower digital the Cube

The Cube may be small. But believe in me, it’s very mighty!

LightScribe; a new method of Labeling CDs and DVDs

For most people, there are 3 ways to create a label on a CD or DVD;

1) Use a marker and write directly on the disc. This method is typically unattractive and the marker can leak through the plastic and degrade the data on the disc over time.
2) Print or write on a paper sticker label that’s adhered to the disc. Although this could offer a more attractive image – if the label is not properly applied, it could affect the balance of the disc while spinning in the player and affect the playback capability. Plus the adhesive from the label can degrade the data over time.
3) Use a CD/DVD inkjet or thermal printer to label directly on the disc. This is a more affective and safer method of printing on the disc, but it can be more costly for the printers, ink or ribbon, and higher price for the printable discs.

What you may not be aware of is that there is another labeling option through the recorder drive itself using laser labeling technology such as LightScribe Technology. LightScribe is a new form of Labeling CDs and DVDs, by scribing a label directly onto the label side of the disc using the same laser beam in the drive that is used to burn in the data on the data side of the disc. The LightScribe technology uses a special Laser Beam to etch the label on the surface of the disc. To use this technology we need an Optical Disc Drive with the LightScribe Technology and LightScribe capable CDs or DVDs.

Because there is no ink, it is easy to create professional looking discs with LightScribe technology from photos, text and artwork through your duplicator without the need of an added printer. One of the main benefits of this type of disc labeling is the lack of imbalance problems found during disc spinning that other paper-based labeling solutions have been known to cause. The process also does not emit any dangerous chemicals or dramatically reduce the lifespan of the CD or DVD drive under normal usage. The label is created on the disc by initiating a chemical change in the disc coating. A study of potential health and safety problems from using LightScribe turned up no cause for concern whereas ink and thermal ribbon could release chemicals into the air that we can breathe or ingest unknowingly. So if you’re looking for a more effective, lower cost, and safer method of labeling CDs and DVDs, then using a standalone duplicator with LightScribe technology is the answer!

DVD Kiosks the future of DVD rentals and another notch of support for duplication products

With discussions being tossed about as to the future of optical media as a viable medium, an announcement was released recently that I feel is a strong advocate for the longevity of the optical disc and duplication products. Walgreens issued a statement that they will soon adopt a line of DVD kiosks that will duplicate movies on demand for the consumer. The DVD Copy Control Association, made up of a group of movie studios and hardware manufacturers that govern the copy protection systems for DVD’s known as Content Scramble System (CSS), helped spur this project on by broadening their standards for licensing their software.

In doing so, the CSS software no longer is relegated solely to the replication market and can be used under controlled circumstances in the duplication market. Thus retail stores and online retailers can now store thousands of movie titles on hard drives which can be burned onto a physical disc at the customer’s request. This not only frees up the retailer from keeping inventory of the titles on physical disc, but also encourages retailers to offer a broader selection of titles. Walgreens may be the flag ship superstore to adopt this technology, but it’s certain to catch on with heavyweights in the retail and video rental market such as Wal-Mart and Blockbuster as an example.

These kiosks not only enhance the DVD market but also further qualify duplication equipment as a valid consumer electronic product for the future. For years replication was able to keep duplication as a second class citizen in the world of reproduction for data on discs by trumpeting their stronger playback compatibility. When that no longer became a factor as DVD recordable discs (DVD-R or DVD+R) now boast playback compatibility nearly equal to replicated discs, replication held on to the fact they had the ability to insert the CSS copy protection onto discs scarring content producers into foregoing duplication for higher run replication projects. Now that duplication will be able to offer CSS or alternative forms of copy protection, the duplicator is becoming more and more a viable solution for content providers of any size.

Considering a duplicator is drastically less expensive than the equipment needed for replication, not to mention dramatically smaller, duplication equipment is gaining ground in all avenues of life where companies or individuals need to store content on discs. In addition the duplicator has a much smaller learning curve and widely available to the masses. Duplicators of today will allow the retailers of tomorrow to become more fiscally responsible and innovative in offering a wider selection of content for product stored on optical discs!

New Hitachi Blu-ray Camcorder to be Released Soon

Hitachi, a firm supporter of the Blu-ray format, recently announced that they plan to release a Blu-ray camcorder with a built-in Blu-ray burner within 1 to 2 years.  This new camcorder would use an 8cm Blu-ray disc, (not currently on the market), which they intend to be able to record up to 1 hour of Hi-Def video.  A standard single layer DVD holds 4.7GB of data.  Since the current single layer Blu-ray disc holds over 5 times more data at 25GB, it’s imagined that the 8cm Blu-ray disc will be comparable in its added data storage capability over the 8cm DVD which can hold 1.4GB.  If the price can be competitive, look for this camcorder to be a big hit with video enthusiast.

Optical Quantum with Vinpower Digital introduces a new line of Water-Resistant inkjet printable CD & DVD media: Optical Quantum Best Print Water-Resistant Media using Liquid-Defense.

Los Angeles, CA November, 2006 – Optical Quantum in collaboration with Vinpower Digital has developed a line of Water-resistant inkjet printable CD and DVD media. Branded as Optical Quantum Best Print Water-Resistant Media using Liquid-DefenseTM (‘OQBP’), it’s certain to revolutionize the printable media market. The OQBP water-resistant media is a new innovation using nanoparticle technology. It secures the printed matter to the disc preventing moisture from separating the ink which causes smearing and bleeding.

Previously, traditional inkjet printing was considered inferior to the more expensive thermal printing because the inkjet printed image could smear or bleed if it were to come into contact with moisture. OQBP water-resistant media changes all that. The media has a hub printable surface offering vibrant photo quality up to 4800dpi. The discs dry almost instantly and are highly resistant to smearing and color bleed when exposed to water and humidity. In addition to the brilliant water-resistant printing surface, the OQBP media is developed with the highest standards for optimal duplication reliability and playback capability.

OQBP water-resistant media is available with a white or silver printable surface offering superior color and quality. Yet it is priced at a fraction of the price for alternative water resistant media. This allows the everyday user the ability to afford and utilize inkjet printing without the fear of the image smearing or bleeding on the disc due to inadvertent exposure to water.


About Optical Quantum


Optical Quantum provides the highest quality blank media at the best value for the consumer. To meet the growing demands of the rapidly expanding blank media market, Optical Quantum provides a variety of CD’s & DVD’s to choose from. Working with Vinpower Digital, Optical Quantum was able to develop an exclusive line of water-resistant media at an affordable price for the common user. Vinpower Digital is an innovative manufacturer of standalone CD/DVD duplication equipment. At Optical Quantum, we believe in offering top quality blank media that best meets the customer’s needs at a price everyone can afford.


For further information about Optical Quantum’s line of blank media including the new water-resistant media using Liquid-DefenseTM, please visit For more information about Vinpower Digital and their line of duplication equipment, please visit