BDXL Video Recorders/Players are Now on the Market


Now your set top video recorder can record 3-D content onto BDXL Blu-ray discs. The new BDXL media can hold up to 100GB or even 128GB on a single disc, making them ideal for recording the massively large capacity 3-D content. The BDXL video recorder is the next step in the evolution of HD home theater technology.

Personal 3-D Capable Video Camcorders are Available in Japan


Shown in the above photo, JVC has produced a personal hand held video camera capable of filming in 3-D. So whether you are a burgeoning James Cameron looking to make the next Avatar phenomenon or you simply want to produce your home movies in HD 3-D, the capabilities are within our reach.

In Japan, Nature Continues to Blossom While Citizens Are Hesitant

Recently our CEO, Calvin Chang, traveled to Tokyo, Japan for business. Even though Tokyo was technically not significantly affected by the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the northern region, life is obviously altered there as well. The entire country appeared to be in a state of morning and events that used to attract a large number of citizens are now sparsely attended if at all. Case in point is the annual cherry blossom event. From previous excursions during this time in Tokyo, Mr. Chang witnessed heavy crowds of people, predominantly Japanese along with tourists, shoulder to shoulder strolling along the beautiful display of blooming cherry blossoms. On this recent trip, there were only a small handful of people, and even those that were there did not seem to display the same enthusiasm. Even though the blossoms are as magnificent and bountiful as in the past, the desire to celebrate amid the current devastation and challenges is greatly diminished. The below pictures show the beauty of the cherry blossoms as well as the scarcity of people enjoying them.

japan-cherry-blossom-photo-1-800x600.JPG japan-cherry-blossom-photo-800x600.JPG japan-cherry-blossom-photo-3-800x600.JPG