The iXflash Cube gives you peace of mind and this video explains how…


Check out the below YouTube video about the iXflash Cube and you’ll see just how easy and beneficial it is for anyone with an iPhone and/or iPad. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has got to be worth at least 10 times that. In that case, what more could I add? Check out the video and we’re sure you’ll agree, the iXflash is the Perfect Solution to Give you Peace of Mind!

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The iXflash Cube provides peace of mind every time you charge your iPhone or iPad!


The reality is, smart phones and tablets are our default cameras. We always have them with us and we use it to take pictures of everything from life affirming events to the meal we’re about to eat. Now consider that more than 80% of those people never backup that content and those images reside on their smart device indefinitely. The problem is, 70 million smartphones are lost each year, with only 7 percent recovered. That means roughly 80% of those 70 million people will lose all those images forever with no recourse.

The key is that even though those millions of people realize they should have backed up their content, for one reason or another they didn’t. Maybe they didn’t know how? Possibly, they thought the only option was paying for a cloud service and didn’t have the means or just didn’t want to add another monthly expense? Another reason could be they purchased a device, like our iXflash drive, that they could use to backup, but because they have to remember to manually connect the device and perform the backup, they just never got around to it?

All of these reasons are valid, but now they are obsolete! Vinpower has released the iXflash Cube, which connects to the charging cable for an iPhone and/or iPad and will perform a full backup automatically, every time the iPhone / iPad is plugged in to charge. Everyone needs to charge their iPhone / iPad, and it’s generally done at least once per day. The iXflash Cube takes all the hassle out of performing a backup, because it takes place automatically while the device is charging without any added operation or action taking by the device owner. It’s seamless and the backed up content could be easily transferred to a computer or restored onto another mobile device.

No one wants to think about losing their mobile device, but the iXflash Cube lessens the impact of that loss by knowing your important pictures and videos are safe and easily retrievable.

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Next Week Vinpower will unveil a new product that’s been in development for a while and finally ready!


For every relationship, a little intrigue and suspense helps spice things up. So we wanted to give our friends a little advance notice that we aren’t waiting until CES to unveil our latest project, but will make the announcement to all of our followers first. This is a project we’ve been planning to introduce for a while, but had a delay due to the global pandemic. We have finally finished production and we’re just about ready to show it off. I can tell you that the new item will remain in our wheelhouse of storage related products, the rest you’ll have to wait and see next week.

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The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) sent out an announcement that all attendees to CES 2022 have to show proof of vaccination for in person entry.


Vinpower will resume exhibiting at the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas in January of 2022. After a year layoff and virtual exhibition, CES will resume in person exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center. However, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), that puts on and runs the CES tradeshow has recently put out a press release stating, “(CTA) will require in-person attendees to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.” “CTA is also assessing the acceptance of proof of a positive antibody test as an alternative requirement …”

These are the policies as laid out in the recent CTA press release: we will require all in-person attendees to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Vinpower is merely conveying the statement as released by the CTA as we want the show to be as safe as possible while being able to still carry on a more traditional in person CES. If you plan to attend CES, we hope that you can visit our booth to discuss our current and upcoming products. In addition, if you want to make sure you won’t have any surprises prior to showtime, make sure you communicate with the powers that be at CES in order to meet the requirements as I’m sure there will be fluctuations as information is updated and modified based on the spread of COVID throughout the globe.

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Samsung shutting down their cloud service, once again showing how important it is to have a physical backup of your digital content


I feel like a broken record, but the message is not any less important. The cloud is a useful and easy method to store your digital content, but it shouldn’t be your only method! Samsung announced last year that they are shutting down their cloud storage service and deleting any content that is not removed by November 30, 2021. That means if you inadvertently forgot to transfer the content you had stored on the Samsung cloud and didn’t have another backup solution, you could permanently lose all the content stored on their cloud.

That’s the beauty of keeping backup on optical discs or your own personal HDD or SSD as well as the cloud. Redundancy is not a bad thing when it comes to backups. Vinpower offers a variety of backup solutions, from 128GB BDXL Blu-ray discs to large capacity SSD drives that have all been tested and qualified for long term storage. This is not the first time we’ve seen a large corporation pull the plug or change the use policy on their cloud services and it won’t be the last.

We keep everything in digital format now, so if you care about it enough to store it in the cloud, you should do yourself a favor and save it on a physical media that you have access to as well.

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