Vinpower had an incredible showing at the 2024 Computex, especially for our iXCharger, PSSD, and iXflash series.

2024 Computex

For those of you that visited Vinpower’s booth during Computex, we thank you and look forward to following up on our discussions. The revolutionary iXCharger of course garnered the most attention, but close behind were the improved line of iXflash mobile flash storage products and our upcoming PSSD line. Not surprisingly, the upcoming iXCharger, which is the first of its kind 65W up to 2TB charging storage cube, created the greatest buzz, along with upcoming 110W and 140W versions. The iXCharger will allow users to replace their charging cubes for their mobile phones, tablets, and most laptops as well as provide up to 2TB of storage that will work with all 3 platforms, reducing the need for separate charging cubes and storage devices items into a single product. Plus, being able to maintain your digital content from all 3 types of portable devices on a single storage device means that you never have to wonder where you saved that file, picture, movie, etc., as you can load them all to one device with separate folders maintaining the integrity of each set of files.

For the first time ever, Vinpower showed off the next major installment to our arsenal of digital storage related products with the Portable SSD (PSSD). This newest edition was developed between a collaboration with JMicron and Vinpower to create the first of its kind Enhanced 10Gbps Portable SSD (PSSD), using the collaboratively developed iVP817 IC Chip, that’s compatible with Apple iOS devices supporting the iPhone iAP2. The PSSD offers super-fast Read/Write (R/W) data transfer speeds and is the first of its kind to provide Secure, High Powered, High-Speed backup and storage across all computing platforms, which includes the Apple iOS platform, as well as Android, PC, MacBook, Chromebook and more.

Additionally, our original iXflash and the latest iXflash Cube also registered a number of positive inquiries, especially since we’ve added Android capabilities. The iXflash is the traveling hard drive with both a USB (Type A or C) and Lightning connection for your mobile phone or tablet. It can back up all your photos and videos, record video with an iPhone or iPad without using any of your iOS device’s memory, transfer files between your all your mobile devices and computers. You can even watch, listen, or work on files stored on the iXflash through your mobile devices, including some files that are not natively supported by Apple for iOS devices. Plus the iXflash Cube, is a portable storage device that connects to your iOS devices charging cube and cable to allow the user to charger their iOS device and automatically backup all photos, videos, and contacts at the same time. That way, you always have a backup that you can easily transfer to a computer with a USB connection for safe keeping or easy viewing.

For more details about any products in the Vinpower offering, please visit our websites and, or contact a representative near you.

The iXCharger will have a soft launch for select customers in July 2024, make sure you’re on the list

iXCharger coming soon

I said this a year ago, but unfortunately, it was wishful thinking. We had the best of intentions, but when you develop a revolutionary device that has never existed before, there are unexpected setbacks. However, this time, we have the product on hand in Taiwan and they will be shipping soon, so I can say with great confidence that we will begin shipping authentic iXChargers very soon!

Similar to when you’re expecting a new addition to your family, there’s lots of excitement and anticipation for the initial launch of a new product. The iXCharger, a 65W, up to 2TB of memory, charging storage cube has been incubating for quite some time and it’s nearly ready to burst onto the scene. The first pilot production run is anticipated for July 2024 and there is already a waiting list of early adopter influencers and industry tastemakers that have been patiently waiting for many months to get the 1st iXChargers off the production line.

Much like when the first cellphone added a camera feature. That enhancement eventually became not just the standard for the industry, but a significant selling feature for all cellphones to follow. The iXCharger has the potential to revolutionize the power and storage industry in the same way. If you haven’t already put your name on the list, best to contact us now to be added.

For more details about any products in the Vinpower offering, please visit our websites and, or contact a representative near you.