Success at Gitex

In a quick posting, the Gitex trade show was very enlightening and we made numerous valuable contacts throughout the Middle East and South Asia. I look forward to going next year!

picture-020.jpg picture-021.jpg

Images of our location sign and the staff hard at work setting up our booth

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Images of the halls at Gitex


Image of the celebration during the exhibitors’ party.

Microsoft giving HD DVD a push

I’ve been trying to keep up with the HD DVD and Blu-ray battle, mainly because I think the competition is good and I want to see how far they are willing to go. Today I read that Microsoft was going to back the HD DVD format even more by adding its trademarked HDi™ logo to the brand. The HDi logo means that Microsoft’s Interactive TV feature will be supported by the players and movie releases.


Microsoft has cut a deal with Toshiba, Paramount, and Universal to include the HDi logo on the HD DVD players and discs. So now when you’re watching the new Warner Bros. HD DVD release, “Blood Diamond” you might be able to go online and do things like download new trailers, buy ring tones or merchandise, and share your favorite scenes with other HDi HD DVD users.


Jodi Sally, the vice president of marketing for Toshiba America Consumer Products, has said “With Microsoft’s HDi technology, Toshiba is able to offer consumers a consistent movie-watching experience in a way that simply isn’t possible with today’s DVDs or available with any other format right now. Advanced navigation using Microsoft’s HDi technology has been offered on all of Toshiba’s HD DVD players — from the models introduced last spring to our third generation of models that are shipping today.”


“For studios to truly enhance and change the way people watch movies, HD DVD provides the features and the flexibility we need to offer a personalized experience,” said Ken Graffeo, executive vice president of Universal Studios Home Entertainment and co-president of the North American HD DVD Promotional Group. He also added that “web-enabled network features made possible through HDi are particularly compelling because they bridge the gap between physical media and the Web-based world of the MySpace generation.”


But we can’t forget about blu-ray. I’m sure their engineering team is working on a strategic plan to deal with the HDi feature.  Honestly, that’s what makes this so interesting. It’s safe to say that soon, watching movies at home will not be the same.

Adventure in Dubai

Recently members of the Vinpower Digital staff (both USA and Taiwan staff) visited Dubai in the United Arab Eremites to exhibit at the Gitex electronics convention which took place from September 8th ~ 12th, 2007. When you travel that far, even though they were there for work, you have to take some time out for pleasure. Dubai is a wondrous place where the leaders of the city have invested a lot of money to attract foreign tourist from all over the world. From picturesque sand dunes to an indoor ski village to the worlds most famous 7 star hotel and so much more, Dubai has a lot for both the adventure seeker and the pampered traveler. The following images show some of the touristy activities that our co-workers enjoyed during their stay.

picture-037.jpg picture-046.jpg picture-040.jpg picture-043.jpg picture-055.jpg

The above images show the desert excursion the staff went on where they experienced many wonderful experiences and some not so fun moments when the tire blew on one of the cars in their group.

picture-175.jpg picture-162.jpg picture-066.jpg picture-213.jpg picture-200.jpg

The above photo’s show the 7 star Burj Al Arab as well as the downtown skyline where they are building the world’s largest structure and the improbable Ski Dubai where they have an indoor ski resort.

The Middle East, the Next Frontier in Duplication

Adoption of optical disc duplication is well established throughout the world, whether it’s in the 1st world developed nations or the 3rd world developing nations.  From North American to South America, Europe to Africa, and Asia through Australia Vinpower Digital has equipment being sold or purchased on every inhabited continent.  However, there is one territory where the market exists, but has not exploded to its true potential, and that’s the Middle East.  With wealthy and powerful countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Eremites, and so many others, the Middle East is a fertile market for the right product.

With existing conflicts raging in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran may have frightened many to enter what appears to be a very volatile region.  However, there are so many countries within the Middle East that are very safe and free of international conflict that are unfortunately grouped in as combative nations.   These nations have existing channels of commerce that are clamoring for new electronic equipment such as duplicators as long as you have the right window into the channel.

Recognizing the opportunity in the region, Vinpower Digital is participating in the Gitex International electronics trade show taking place September 8 – 12 in Dubai, U.A.E.  Displaying our line of standalone duplication controllers, manual towers, autoloaders, as well as media and printers, we hope to tap into this bustling market ready for high quality affordable equipment.  Our booth is located in Hall 3 # C3-45, so if you’re in the area, please come visit with us.

Who Can We Trust?

It seems like there’s a news story everyday about items manufactured in China being recalled due to some form of defect in craftsmanship or the hazardous nature of the materials used. This has many people fearful as to the safety of products made in Asia, especially in China. I have to say, even though this has shown that there are some safety standards that should be strengthened in China, the companies outside of China ordering these goods have a responsibility to mandate the quality of craftsmanship and materials used in these items.

At Vinpower Digital, all of our products are designed and programmed at our American headquarters located in Southern California. We outsource the fabrication of our hardware to companies in Taiwan, (which has higher governmental standards on production than mainland China), but we also demand that our products meet the strict international standards of the American and European governments for safety. Our office in Taiwan inspects all items built to make sure that our products adhere to the RoHS, FCC, CE protocols as well as our own very high standards.

At Vinpower Digital, we believe it’s wiser to spend a little more money in advance so that we don’t have to pay a much higher cost later. Our reputation for quality and performance in the field of CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD optical disc duplication products is the basis of our success and it’s taken us far in a short period of time. Our pledge to our current and future customers is that we will always put our product above profits!

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