Vinpower’s iXflash dual USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type C and A flash drive, is the first in the world to receive Apple’s MFi certification for an iOS device without a Lightning connection.

Worlds 1st iXflash A and C

The iXflash USB 3.2 Gen 1 dual Type C & A drive, with capacities from 32GB up to 2TB, recently, became the first in the world to receive an Apple MFi certification when not incorporating a Lightning connection. Until this point, only flash storage devices that contained a Lightning connection could receive the coveted MFi certification from Apple. Yet, with Apple switching to the Universal USB Type C connection, Vinpower felt it was important to develop a dual head USB Type C and Type A flash drive that can work with USB-C connected Apple devices as well as virtually all other mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

With Vinpower securing a MFi certification from Apple for its Piodata iXflash USB C and A drive, that allows it to have full access to creating an Apple App that can be utilized across all iPhones and iPads that have a USB C connection. Utilizing the App allows the iXflash to backup critical content, like photos and videos, contacts, and more. The iXflash App can open and modify files stored on the iXflash drive, through an iPhone or iPad, as well as take photos and videos with an iPhone or iPad that feed directly to the iXflash memory storage, without being limited to only the Apple Pro Res format.

Even though the latest Apple iPhone 15 series comes with a USB Type C connection, it’s extremely limited in the actions a standard USB Type C drive can access without the MFi certification. In fact, users can only access the Files App and allow direct recording to a USB C connected flash or SSD drive through the Pro Res video recording operation. Other than that, a non-MFi certified USB C drive cannot access the Photos App, or any other application that would be extremely useful and necessary for backups and sharing content.

With the iXflash USB C and A drive, it allows Vinpower to become the first truly universal flash drive that can fully integrate with the latest iPhone and iPad as well as work with virtually every computing platform on the market today and in the future. With the explosion of content being stored on all of our computing platforms, it’s critical to have a device that can fully interact with all of them to access that content anywhere, anytime, from any device.

For more details about these products or any product in the Vinpower offering, please visit our website, or contact a representative near you.

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