For Earth Day, lets think about the planet and store more content on optical discs instead of on the Cloud.


This Friday, April 22, 2022, is Earth Day and it was created to educate everyone about what we can do to protect and preserve our planet and our homes. Some of you may think I’m crazy by suggesting that optical discs are better for the environment than the Cloud. Aren’t optical discs made out of plastic and the Cloud is an invisible storage in the sky? Well, even though it’s true that optical discs are made from a small amount of plastic, it’s not true that cloud storage and large data centers are harmless to the planet. In fact, just the opposite. Data Centers, which is what runs the Cloud and businesses all over the world are one of the largest consumers of energy, which is a major culprit in emitting greenhouse gases and other factors leading to irreversible climate change. Currently, Data Centers account for 3% of the total energy used around the world just to maintain servers that hold both hot and cold data.

Cold data means data that is not actively reviewed and therefore not needed to be available as quickly as Hot data, which is content that is frequently viewed and relied upon. An example of Cold data could be all the photos of past meals you’ve taken or similar content that are rarely viewed if ever. Because of the proliferation of digital content produced daily, the amount of Cold data is growing exponentially greater than Hot or Warm data. Why are we using servers that require immense amounts of energy to maintain cold data that’s rarely viewed?

That’s where Optical Discs come into play. But not just any optical discs, because there are some low grade discs that degrade easily and could cause data loss in as little as a few years. If you use high quality optical discs like the OPTODISC line, then you have typically 50+ years archival life with the reliability to ensure your content will be safe and available when you need it.

While we’re waiting for discs to be used for Cold Data on the global stage, we can start making a difference immediately by offloading Cold Data from your internal work servers now. Adding an archival Jukebox or just offloading old digital content onto strong quality OPTODISC discs would still make a big difference if enough SMB’s and SME’s used optical discs to offload Cold Data. They say change starts with the person in the mirror, lets all take a look ourselves and see what we can do to help the Earth today and everyday going forward.

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Vinpower Manufacturers our Products in Multiple Locations to Ensure the Customers can Use it

No - All Eggs in Same Basket

As you read the news, you may see how large portions of China are shut down due to another COVID-19 outbreak. That means factories in those towns are not able to operate and produce products because the workers are forced to quarantine at home and the factories must remain closed for weeks. This greatly hampers production and can delay orders for months if not longer. Add to that, the heavy tariffs on many Chinese manufactured goods and restrictions from many government and highly sensitive industries from accepting goods made in non-TAA compliant countries. These factors have lead a number of leading companies to seek production plants in less volatile countries to ensure a more reliable and compliant supply chain.

Vinpower is one of those companies that have multiple locations in which our most popular product lines are manufactured to ensure reliable availability and that they are compliant for any customer’s needs. Vinpower designs and build these products in the USA, Taiwan, and China so that we can balance strong quality, reliability, availability, and cost effective products for a wider customer base. When you work with a company that is limited in the locations they can build and ship from, you risk not just long delays and security risks, but also limitations in support and warranty. Vinpower can service and support our products from multiple locations across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

When you want the best and the assurance that your products will be available and backed by strong support, Vinpower Digital is your best solution.

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The iXflash expands your musical choices, when some artists choose not to stream…


Music is a big part of many people’s lives. Music is the soundtrack to our lives and certain songs and albums bring you back to special events in our lives or helps you through difficult times like heartbreak and the passing of a loved one. So it makes sense that streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. are so popular. The idea that you can listen to an endless stream of music for free or for a set monthly fee, what a concept. But there’s one problem, what if the artist or album you want to listen to isn’t available on that streaming service or any streaming service for that matter?

Many popular musicians, like Adele, Garth Brooks, Prince, Taylor Swift, and many others either at one time or are currently not available on all or some of the main streaming services. That’s not to mention some of the more niche genre specific artists that may not have as big a following, but have millions of fans nonetheless who also actively choose not to have their music played on streaming services for one reason or another. The only option is to purchase their music, either as a digital download or a physical copy on CD, vinyl, or even tape. What do you do now, you still want to be mobile with your music, so where can you store these songs and not fill up the memory on your phone or tablet?

The answer is the iXflash! The iXflash can be your traveling media library where you can store tons of music that you can plug into your iPhone or iPad and listen to anytime, with or without wi-fi access. You’ll never have to worry about what format your music is save in because the iXflash App plays virtually all music formats from MP3 to WAV to FLAC and much more. Plus, you can listen to complete albums or switch it up and create your own playlists. You can even store podcasts and other audio files that take up so much space on your iPhone or iPad. With the iXflash, you never have to worry whether you have enough space or memory, because you can plug it in and instantly add up to 512GB* of added storage. Don’t be held back by the limitations of the memory on your device, expand your horizons and experience the difference the iXflash can offer you.

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