Vinpower will showcase our latest advancement in duplication, with our latest Blu-ray Copy Protection, unveiled at CES


Vinpower will present for the 1st time to those that visit our booth at CES, our latest advancement in the duplication field, Blu-ray Copy Protection. Vinpower has received many requests for an affordable method to implement a copy protection on Blu-ray media, and we have focused to make this feature a possibility to our customers. If you’d like to know more about it or see the application for yourself, visit Vinpower’s booth (South Hall 1 Booth # 20651) during CES, the week of January 6 – 9th, 2015 for a live presentation.

Vinpower’s Liquid Defense Plus Glossy Water & Scratch Resistant Media is available in Blu-ray 25GB & 50GB


When you’re producing digital material onto discs, whether as a service or for yourself, having a nice printed image will always make the presentation a 100 times better. For those that use an inkjet printer, the benefits are that it’s less expensive, quick, and easy to use. However, the drawbacks are that the printed image is generally flat and not resistant to moisture or scratches, which could ruin your work of art.

The solution is using a special glossy water and scratch resistant disc, like the Liquid Defense Plus, from Vinpower Digital. If you’re using CD or DVD’s, then you have a small handful of choices, but when you want a disc with more capacity, like Blu-ray, then the Liquid Defense Plus is the only solution. So don’t limit your opportunities by producing only DVD content when you could be getting a higher premium for Blu-ray.

The competition for CD and DVD production is so tight, that the ROI is a lot less, whereas Blu-ray is the next frontier and there’s a lot more margin and opportunity. So if you really want to make an impression, start with the inkjet printable media that will not let you down, Liquid Defense Plus from Vinpower Digital, available in CD, DVD, and Blu-ray!

Contact your Vinpower representative for more details about the Liquid Defense Plus line of Glossy, Water & Scratch Resistant Media.

The Blu-ray Disc Association announces its approval for a 200GB double-sided disc specification, clearing the way for production


The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) approved specifications for a 200GB double-sided disc. A disc of this size has two primary applications:

1. Greater storage capacity as a physical storage medium
2. Larger capacity for the upcoming 4K Ultra High Definition video content

One of the deficits for current Blu-ray discs are the limitations in capacity for data back-ups. The upcoming 200GB Blu-ray media overcomes that obstacle and is targeted at the archival and back-up market. With so much digital content being created and stored in the “cloud”, companies and governments need a method to securely store this content on a physical media as a back-up. Optical discs are the most reliable medium for back-up as the discs do not have physical contact with the read/write head or continuously spin, preventing the potential erosion that can happen to tape or HDD’s. This makes the 200GB Blu-ray disc a reliable back-up and archival solution for all important or critical data stored on a hard drive or in the cloud.

With the recent BDA approval for the licensing of an optical disc technology that can handle high-resolution 4K video, the next step is finding a media that can hold the massive data and files created when producing 4K content.

The discs themselves will allow the user to burn content on both sides of the disc, approx. 100GB per side, doubling the current BDXL disc capacity. Now that the BDA has approved the specifications, it clears the way for media manufacturers to begin production and bring to market these very large capacity recordable discs. Look for this new media to be hitting the market in the near future.

For more details about Blu-ray media or duplication equipment, contact your Vinpower representative today.

Data Archiving is the Next Frontier for Optical Media


Pioneer and Memory-Tech are co-working to create a new high capacity 512GB optical disc specifically designed for data archiving. As companies like Facebook have recently publicized, keeping critical data archived on a physical media is crucial for long term storage and data recovery. There are plenty of companies working on larger capacity optical media, even as large as 1TB, but this is the first publicized report of an extremely high capacity optical disc developed specifically with long term archival as the focus. Whether it’s for highly sensitive government or corporate material or your child’s 1st birthday photos, proper archival optical discs are still the safest and most reliable method for archiving.

Even though the 512GB archival discs are not yet available, Vinpower does offer a 25GB archival optical disc solution. Contact Vinpower Digital today for all of your digital media and duplication needs.

Vinpower’s controllers and assembled duplicators can support the current 15x Blu-ray Burner drives.


With Pioneer introducing its latest Blu-ray burner model, BDR-208DBK, with 15x BD-R burning speed, it was critical that Vinpower be able to support this drive without any limitations. So Vinpower tested the drive with its controller to make sure that we can utilize the drive to its max capabilities. Addition to burning single layer BD-R at up to 15x speed, it can also write up to 14x speed for BD-R Dual Layer (DL) discs.

Vinpower is committed to staying at the forefront of technology in regards to digital duplication and support the 15x BD-R duplication speed is just another example of this commitment. Contact a Vinpower representative or visit our website for more details.

Vinpower’s TITAN Supreme Blu-ray Autoloader can provide the quality, output and reliability of a full-scale Blu-ray replication line without the massive costs.


As the demand for high definition programing increases, more production houses are turning to Blu-ray for HD video content. While Blu-ray volume is increasing, the number of facilities able to provide Blu-ray reproduction is not growing at a relative rate due to the staggering costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a new line.

Vinpower’s TITAN Supreme has been well tested in the duplication production houses and has a tremendous reputation for quick, easy and reliable automated duplication. Considering a BD replication line can produce a max of 300,000 BD discs per month, it is not hard to equip a duplication house with a number of TITAN Supremes that can match that same volume and at a cost of pennies on the dollar in comparison. For example, if an 8 drive Blu-ray TITAN Supreme can produce 1 round of duplicated discs (8 per round) every 20 minutes, then a single system can produce nearly 600 BD discs per day and over 17k per month. So one can see how easily it would be to run a reasonable number of Supremes concurrently to produce the same volume of BD discs, if not more, than through replication, which could cost millions to purchase and maintain.

The choice is clear, you can pay millions and bring in new Blu-ray replication equipment or pay a few thousands and have a ready to go, out of the box, production facility on hand almost instantly.

Unleash the possibilities of your project using a Vinpower 1 to 1 Blu-ray duplicator with a USB 3.0 external connection


As personal computers, especially laptop computers and tablets, become smaller and thinner, optical drives are being squeezed out. Yet, the necessity to read or copy content onto an optical disc remains a pressing need. Additionally, more valuable personal content, such as music, pictures, video, files, etc. are being stored on personal computers eating away at the hard drive space, even in the age of the TB HDD.

So how does someone burn files from their computer onto discs or make a quick individual back up if they do not have an optical writer drive? The answer is using the surprisingly low priced Vinpower Digital 1 to 1 Blu-ray duplicator with a USB 3.0 connection (backwards compatible to USB 2.0).

This 1 to 1 Blu-ray duplicator can easily connect to any computer device with a USB connection and create an exact copy of the data onto a recordable CD, DVD, or even Blu-ray. This is a much better back-up solution then simply leaving that content on the computer or pushing it to the cloud where you have to have Internet access to view it.

In addition, you’ll have the added advantage of being about to make individual copies of key content for easier and more secure storage. Inquire about the 1 to 1 Vinpower SharkBlu duplicator today.

Blu-ray writer drives perform better duplication of CD and DVD

Not only are Blu-ray drives necessary for copying BD-R media, but they are also the preferred choice for duplicating recordable CD and DVD media as well.

The general notion is one should use the tool specified for a given task. Take for instance; you would not use a hammer for a job requiring a screwdriver. However, there are occasions where a hybrid tool is better and more efficient to perform multiple tasks, such as a Swiss Army Knife, then multiple individual tools. The Blu-ray writer drive is much like a Swiss Army Knife where it has two separate OPU’s and can perform multiple tasks from a single device. One of the OPU’s is a blue laser for reading/writing Blu-ray media and the other is the standard red laser for reading/writing CD and DVD media.

Now many will ask, what makes the red laser in the Blu-ray drive better than the ones used in the regular DVD writer drives? The simple answer is, because they use better more, expensive parts, in the Blu-ray drives in comparison to the CD/DVD writer drives. Manufacturers of DVD drives are constantly looking for ways to cost down in order to allow consumers to purchase these drives and sub-$20 each. When you continue to cost down, there’s only so much that increased volume can offset, so the manufacturers also need to make or purchase lower cost components that have a much higher failure rate due to this.

Although Blu-ray writer drive prices have dropped significantly, making them a reasonable replacement for a DVD writer drive, they are still priced at a point where the manufacturers can use better and more reliable components within the drives. In fact, the red laser OPU used within the Blu-ray drives is often better than the ones used in most standard DVD drives.

So if you’re looking for a duplicator, either a new one or a replacement for an older system, you would be wise to explore purchasing a Blu-ray duplicator, even if you’re not yet copying Blu-ray discs. It will be money well spent!

Have you heard about the new GOLD LTH Blu-ray recordable media?

There is a good chance that you have not heard about the latest Gold LTH BD-R discs, but you will very soon. Currently, many of you may think there is only one option in Blu-ray, but I want to let you know there is an alternative.

As with most new technology, the Gold LTH BD-R was first introduced and became popular in Japan. Now the secret is out and the Gold LTH BD-R will soon be available globally through Vinpower Digital and its partners. This new Blu-ray option performs virtually identically to the standard BD-R media, but has a number of advantages including price.

If you want to know more about Gold LTH BD-R, and to make sure you are receiving true authentic Blu-ray recordable media, contact Vinpower for more information.


Sony to continue using optical discs for PLayStation

From a report in the Wall Street Journal:
Sony won’t use download-only model for the next PlayStation
“An optical disc drive will be included in the next-generation PlayStation console being introduced next year, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing people familiar with the matter. Sony reportedly looked at making the next console a download-only machine but decided that Internet connections around the world are still too inconsistent to justify a move away from consoles that accept game discs.”

As we have continued to mention, the global and even national internet infrastructure is not ready to accommodate the interest of those looking to convert fully to an online model. Optical Discs will still have a significant future facilitating the dissemination of digital content, albeit video, games, data, etc.