Vinpower’s Aero series honored as Best Duplicator in Videomaker’s Best Picks 2012.


Vinpower takes pride in ensuring our duplication hardware meets the highest standards in performance and reliability. We were equally pleased to learn that those qualities were recognized by an industry trade publication as well respected as Videomaker magazine.

Videomaker magazine selected Vinpower’s Aero autoloader as the “Best Duplicator” in their annual “Best Picks 2012.”

Check out the full list of best picks for yourself by clicking on the following link:

You can also read Videomaker’s review of the Aero by clicking on the below link:

Only the Optiarc 5280S-CB PLUS drive can overburn DVD+R DL up to 8.7GB, here’s a video that shows it


The below video link shows how the Sony Optiarc 5280S-CB-PLUS can effectively overburn many commonly available 8.5GB DVD+R DL media up to 8.7GB. The fact that the 5280S-CB-PLUS drive is the only model on the market that can offer this overburn feature showcases just 1 of the many benefits over alternative CD/DVD writer drives. Perhaps you don’t require this feature every day, but when you do, isn’t it better to know that it’s available rather than having no option at all. For those that frequently have projects that expand beyond the 8.5GB threshold, there is no other option on the market upon which you can rely.

For more details on the Sony Optiarc 5280S-CB-PLUS drive and for locations where you can purchase it from, visit our website; Optiarc 5280S-CB-PLUS or contact a Vinpower rep today.

Having a global presence, Vinpower often discovers that certain products have more appeal than others in specific regions.


It’s no secret that the optical disc duplication market has shown significant signs of shifting. The once dominant DVD format has lost some ground to other digital formats, such as USB or streaming. However, optical disc duplication remains the predominant method of storing and sharing content.

Therefore, instead of spending this time telling you what Vinpower is promoting, I would like to make this a more interactive discussion and get your feedback as to what you want to see in the market. In some areas, flash duplicators are soaring, while in others, they are very sluggish. In some markets, Blu-ray has not taken its place on the mantle as the new primary recording format; in others, it has already leapfrogged DVD. What do you see in the market these days? What product(s) are popular and which have taken a dive or failed to launch as you had anticipated?

If you’d like to participate in an open dialogue, go to Vinpower’s Facebook page, leave your comments, and read those from others:

I look forward to reading everyone’s comments or questions.

Did you know that Vinpower offers multiple instructional videos on our website?


Often times our tech support fields calls asking questions about how to use this product or feature which can be time consuming and difficult to instruct over the phone. It’s because of this that we have developed a number of instructional videos that provide both video and audio instructions on how to perform certain tasks such as; How to Create a LightScribe Label, How to Operate Vinpower’s TITAN Supreme, How To Use the Multi-File Copy Connect, and more. This has been a tremendous asset to both end users inquiring about the products, as well as our support team, freeing up their time to focus on customers with issues requiring more focused attention.

So, whether you’re using Vinpower products and are wishing to gain a better understanding on how they work or if you sell Vinpower products and want to make certain your customers are aware of how to use the products, we most likely have a video that will benefit you. You can check our website through the below link or find any number of our videos on YouTube.

At Vinpower, we care about the whole customer experience and not just a single sale. So, when you’re looking to purchase products that will last and will continue to be supported, Vinpower Digital is the name you can rely upon.

Vinpower will supply the enhanced Sony Optiarc Duplication CB model writer drive for at least the next 3 years.


Vinpower has worked closely with Sony Optiarc to develop the enhanced duplication CB drive series, which include many exceptional features such as DVD+R DL Overburn, Enhanced Recording Stabilization Control, Tray Extension for autoloaders, Secure Media Speed Stability, and so much more. The CB drive has become the drive of choice for those that need these specialized features, as well as those that want to ensure a superior burned product with fewer failures, and a longer life span compared to other traditional DVD drives.

Recently, it was announced that Sony Optiarc was shutting down and will no longer manufacturer or supply any ODD recording drives after December 31, 2012. This was a devastating blow to the duplication market, which had come to rely on these drives for their platform and duplication needs.

Fortunately, because of the close relationship Vinpower developed with Sony, Vinpower will be able to continue supplying the enhanced duplication version CB drives for at least the next 3 years from January 2013 through 2015.

So if you have been using the Sony drive and felt uncertain about what to use next or if you are looking for a better writer drive option, contact Vinpower today to discuss the opportunities to secure the CB drive.

Only the SharkCopier can overcome the dramatic heat waves affecting the climates around the world


We have been hearing constant stories over the summer from duplication houses around the world that have suffered greater than usual disc failures during the duplication process when using duplicators in the traditional metal cases. While at the same time, we have been told that our SharkCopier duplicators in our unique patented aluminum cases have not suffered any abnormal failure rates and have performed consistently regardless of the heat.

The reason for this is because as writer drives are burning media, they generate large amounts of heat. When that internal heat is added to the external heat, especially when the duplication is performed in non-air-conditioned warehouses in a steel case that traps the hot air internally, then the drives begin to overheat which causes greater failures. The SharkCopier uses an aluminum case which helps dissipate the heat through the entire case and not just through a couple of small vent fans in the back of the duplicator. Additionally, it has large side air vents located near the hottest part of the writer drives for fresh air to constantly be pulled in to replace the hot air generated internally. These key elements in addition to other advances help maintain an optimal operating temperature for the writer drives so that they can burn continuously without creating high failure rates.

So if you want to be assured that your project will burn correctly without high failure rates regardless of the weather or external conditions, then you need to purchase a duplicator in a Shark case! Contact Vinpower to learn more about our Shark Casing as well as all the market leading products we carry.

What makes the Sony –CB drives the preferred writer drive for the duplication market?


Vinpower has been spreading the news that the specially enhanced DVD/CD Sony Optiarc CB writer drives are better than other models for multi-drive duplication. Many of you may wonder, how we can make this claim, as just looking at the specs, all DVD/CD writer drives look the same.

The critical difference lies in both the quality of the components used to manufacture the drive and the proper calibration of these elements specifically for the duplication market. To write to a disc, a drive will use a laser diode that burns digital data onto the reflective side of the disc. Of course, the laser will generate heat and for every degree increase in the temperature, the drive will need to recalibrate the laser diode as to how strong the laser needs to be to write the data onto the disc. The wider the variance in temperature variance, the lower the ultimate burn quality will be.

Now with most end users that burn a discs every once in a while, the drive will not heat up enough to make a noticeable difference. However, when it comes to those that frequently need to duplicate discs in large quantities through multi-drive duplication towers, it will make a huge difference. Most standard drives base their burning principals on typical PC usage, so they can reduce costs by not fine-tuning the laser calibration as stringently. This reduction is the attention to detail is recognizable by duplicating a large number of discs and comparing the disc burned 1st to one of the final discs burned and you’ll find multiple irregularities between the two.

In the case of the Sony CB drives, Vinpower worked with Sony to determine the absolute best calibration timing and variance so that every duplicated disc will identical in quality and appearance. That is why Vinpower uses the Sony CB drive exclusively for their CD/DVD duplicators.

Vinpower is taking part in the social network.

Vinpower has long been an innovator when it comes to duplication hardware, but we’ve always been reserved when it comes to social media. Well that will change. Going forward, Vinpower will be more active in updating and posting onto our facebook page to keep those loyal followers of Vinpower Digital informed and up to date on the latest news and events surrounding the company and the industry at large. If you have a facebook account, please take a moment to “like” Vinpower Digital by clicking on the below link:

Vinpower’s Aero VI Autoloader Reviewed by Videomaker Magazine

Vinpower first released its own standalone autoloader line with the TITAN PRO series back in 2004. Nearly 8 years later, Vinpower has established itself as one of the preeminent manufacturers of robotic disc autoloaders worldwide with a broad selection of automated optical disc duplication series including the TITAN Supreme, Cube, Cronus and more. Recently, the latest in the productive line of Vinpower automated duplicators, The Aero series, was reviewed by Videomaker magazine (to be released in the June 2012 issue). Vinpower has a sneak peak at the overwhelmingly positive article that we would like to share by clicking on the below link:

Vinpower, 1st to offer CopyConnect Feature for the Mac

Vinpower’s famed CopyConnect feature, which allows users to transfer files directly from a computer to a Vinpower duplicator, initially was only available for PC’s. Now Vinpower has created an interface that allows this feature to work with Apple’s line of Mac computers as well. This is a huge advancement in the duplication field as Vinpower is the first to offer this useful feature for both the PC and Mac platforms.

This application is particularly important in the creative world as most graphic designers and creative professionals prefer to use a Mac for its greater graphics and programing in this field. The biggest problem is that either most Macs come with no optical drives, or they only offer a DVD writer, leaving those needing to burn content on Blu-ray discs out in the cold. That is why Vinpower’s CopyConnect feature for a Mac is such a useful application. Not only will it save time in the overall duplication process by sending files directly to the duplicator’s HDD, it will also allow the user to burn their large and small files onto any format of discs, especially Blu-ray, which is not even an option on any Mac.

So, if you are a Mac user and you have content that you need to burn onto 1 or multiple discs, Vinpower offers the best solution.