Storage comes in many fashions and Vinpower offers many ways to backup, reproduce, and disseminate digital content.

all types of storage

When Vinpower exhibited at CES we focused on all of the ways we offer to backup, reproduce, and disseminate all types of digital content. Of course we are well known for our line of optical disc, flash (USB & SD), as well as hard drive (HDD & SSD) duplicators and media offerings. But we are also evolving and focusing on ways to support the growing mobile device market and offering backup solutions for cell phones and tablets. With our line of iXflash and the upcoming iXflash Cube series, we are revolutionizing the way people think about storing and backing up their mobile phones and tablets.

Check out this video on Vinpower’s YouTube page highlighting the many facets of storage solutions Vinpower offers:

Considering only 20% of people perform any type of backup for their digital content, a majority of the population does not have an protective measures in place should something happen to whatever they store their digital content on. It’s even more dangerous when it comes to mobile devices as they are so much easier to lose or get damaged. Data has shown that 70 million cell phones worldwide are lost every year. If we use the same researched calculation that only 20% of mobile phone users backed up their devices, that means potentially over 50 million people lost all the content stored on their lost or damaged device. Imagine, what would you do if you lost all your precious photos and videos? You don’t have to take that chance, when the iXflash and the upcoming iXflash Cube make it so incredibly easy to back up the content from your mobile device and transfer that content onto another mobile device or computer hard drive for safe keeping. Don’t lose a lifetime of memories when you can backup it up in no time!

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The reliability of the drive parts is the difference between a long life and frequently paying for replacement drives!

better drive parts

When most people think about the most critical part(s) of an Optical Disc Drive (ODD), they typically think of the laser diode that reads the discs. Of course, that is a critical element and without it the drive cannot function. However, there is another critical element that is often overlooked and not given much consideration, the disc tray mechanism. That includes not just the tray itself, but also the gears, pulleys, and sliding mechanisms that allow it to extend and recoil smoothly and consistently.

Often, because it’s not seen as critical as other components, because production drives are designed for single drive PC use, many manufactures don’t put much thought behind how to enhance it. The problem is that while a typical computer owner with an internal disc recorder drive may open and close the drive infrequently, a duplication equipment user will depend on those drives opening and closing potentially hundreds or even thousands of times a day.

That’s why Vinpower’s line of duplication focused ODD’s ensure the drive tray is suitable for the real-world duplication environment. Vinpower’s PLUS and ROBOT PLUS drives are enhanced to allow thousands of in and out operation without failure. We physically modify each drive to handle the rigors of the duplication environment, especially for robotic autoloader duplicators.

Autoloaders require extended trays with more give and flexibility while continuously offering consistent tray extension. Since Vinpower produces its own line of autoloaders, we are uniquely qualified to understand the complications and the abuse these drive trays endure day in and day out, so we are most qualified to design a drive tray mechanism to function under these specific conditions.

If you are a duplicator or manufacture duplication equipment, be it manual towers or robotic autoloaders, contact Vinpower through our website,, or through a member of our sales and support staff to get more details about which of our many ODD’s would be the right fit for you.

Vinpower’s Liquid Defense Plus has been proven to work as well if not better than all other water resistant media at a fraction of the price!

LDP better and cheaper

When it comes to total water resistant glossy media, there aren’t a lot of options in the market today. Previously, Taiyo Yuden was the de facto choice, but with their exit from the media business in 2016, most customers accepted whatever their supplier offered as the replacement. What you may or may not be aware of is that Vinpower’s line of Plexdisc Liquid Defense Plus, manufactured under the OPTODISC umbrella, has been proven over many years in the marketplace, to provide one of, if not the best water resistance and print quality, bar none. In fact, Vinpower’s line of Liquid Defense Plus, water and scratch resistant glossy media, is the only line that includes the entire range of optical disc formats; including CD-R, DVD±R, DVD+R DL, 25GB BD-R, and 50GB BD-R DL versions. Even better is that the cost of Liquid Defense Plus is the lowest on the market. In fact, the Liquid Defense Plus media has a lower total cost per print than printed color thermal discs when you account for the cost of the media and the ink/ribbon.

Around the world, Inkjet printing is still the primary print method for labeling optical discs. Even though the printers can apply photo quality artwork, if the discs are just standard inkjet printable media, the actual printed image is not protected and can easily smear, fade, or bleed. The best way to prevent that is by using the Vinpower line of Liquid Defense Plus media, which uses special nano-particle molecular technology to seal in the ink and prevent moisture or other factors to disrupt the image. The nano-particle molecular technology prevents the ink from separating and holds it in place, regardless of the amount of water or moisture that comes in contact with it. If you really care about the look and longevity of your printed media, Vinpower’s Liquid Defense Plus is the best solution for you!

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Vinpower’s Ryan Swerdloff was interviewed by the world renowned Dave Graveline “As Featured on … Into Tomorrow” at the 2020 CES exhibition

CES Into Tomorrow interview

Continuing the press coverage of Vinpower during the 2020 CES tradeshow, we were fortunate to be interviewed by the host of the international radio broadcast and Tech Newsletter, “Into Tomorrow” with Dave Graveline. We discussed the various products Vinpower offers, focusing on our mobile phone flash drive and App, iXflash and introduced the upcoming iXflash Cube.

Listen to the full interview from this link:

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Vinpower is proud to be an official global supplier of the Sony archival grade 128GB BD-R XL recordable media.

Sony 128GB

Stored digital content and the exceptionally Ultra Hi-Def 4K video are pushing the boundaries of storage capacities and our computer hard drives. Even small businesses are forced to increase their server capacities to accommodate the exponentially increasing digital content. However, not all that content needs to be accessed on demand all the time. To reduce costs and ensure proper safety of all content, it’s important to offload the cold storage data onto a safe and easily recallable digital source, like optical discs. The problem is that standard optical disc capacity is too limited to meet the demands of this increased digital content, even using single or double layer Blu-ray media. Which is why Vinpower is proud to offer the exceptional quad layer Sony BD-R XL 128GB recordable media. With the greater capacity, the Sony 128GB BD-R XL discs allow users to hold more than 5 times extra content than a standard Blu-ray disc and over 25 times more than a standard recordable DVD±R disc. Plus with the exceptional long life archival capability, these discs are the perfect solution for archiving all your digital content for long term safe storage.

In addition to archival benefits, those that make movies in the latest UHD 4K format recognize the incredible amount of storage needed for such high definition quality. Filming in 4K often means that a typical 2 hour movie could have a digital capacity exceeding the storage space of a typical recordable Blu-ray media. Through in the extras and you’re way over the capacity of most single discs storage capacity. Take it a step further and maybe you want to record an entire series of a program onto 1 disc, not generally possible without the extra capacity provided with the 128GB BD-R XL media. Whether you are looking to archive data or film in Ultra Hi-Def 4K, the Sony 128GB BD-R XL recordable media is the perfect solution for your needs.

The 128GB BD-R XL discs are not readily available outside Japan, which is why Vinpower decided to partner with Sony to make these discs more widely available globally.

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During the 2020 CES exhibition, Vinpower was featured in the popular Taiwan electronics publication, PCDIY!


During the 2020 CES exhibition, Vinpower was featured in the popular Taiwan electronics publication, PCDIY!

Since Vinpower is a global entity and we ship products to nearly every continent, it’s only fitting that we would receive press from publications in various countries. Last week, while we were exhibiting at the 2020 CES tradeshow, Vinpower was interviewed and featured in a popular Taiwan electronics publication, PCDIY! I’ve provided a link to the full article below. However, since the article is in Chinese, for those that don’t speak Chinese, I’ll provide a brief synopsis of the article:

Link to the full article:

A brief recap of the article shows the reporter talks about the many facets of the storage market that Vinpower offers for our customers. He focuses on our latest consumer product range of iXflash and the upcoming iXflash Cube devices. The writer demonstrates the easy to use iXflash App from his own iPhone and showcases the informative PowerPoint presentations related to the iXflash and iXflash Cube, which are in English and he translates to Chinese. Then the author discusses the many other storage and duplication hardware and media that Vinpower offers and discusses the benefits of the products Vinpower supplies, which is due to the higher standards Vinpower implements for its production of all the products Vinpower sells.

It’s quite an in-depth article and we are pleased to have been highlighted in such an extensive and positive review.

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Vinpower Digital announces newly enhanced functionality for the BDR-212DBK drive in cooperation with Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer 212 DVD improve

Vinpower partnered with Pioneer, to enhance the DVD±R writing functionality for the BDR-212DBK line, providing increased quality output, especially for the popular single layer DVD5 (4.7GB) media recording and was exhibited at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

View the press release about the enhancement for the DVD recording strategy created by Pioneer in cooperation with Vinpower for the BDR-212DBK drive:

The Pioneer BDR-212DBK drive has already offered many advantages to the standard half height burner drives as it is built using true Japanese design and parts for a stronger and more reliable drive. With Vinpower’s support, Pioneer is able to improve the drive’s burning performance by providing consistent and reliable burning of any file type for the duration of the duplication progress. This ensures the recordable DVD media will have a greater success rate when copying and greater reliability of playback. In addition, the enhanced BDR-212DBK will ensure even and uniform burning appearance across the full circumference of the disc every time, even if just burning 1 disc or during heavy use.

Contact Vinpower for more details, or visit, to learn more about the benefits and capabilities of this drive.

Vinpower will unveil a brand new product line at CES next week, come to our booth to witness it firsthand!

CES 2020 next week

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) is only a few days away and Vinpower is excited for the opportunity to share our full product line plus a brand new product with all those that attend. Starting next week on Tuesday, January 7th, CES will open its doors at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Vinpower will once again be exhibiting. We look forward to meeting with all those who attend at our booth on the 1st floor of the South Hall, Booth # 20439.

Vinpower will showcase its line of digital duplication and media for optical discs (including the popular global OPTODISC line), flash, HDD/SSD, and more. Plus, we will highlight the many advances made to our line of iXflash mobile phone and tablet accessory. To top it off, we will unveil the prototypes for a brand new line of products sure to revolutionize the storage market. Can’t wait to see everyone at CES next week.

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Vinpower would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

HNY 2020

Regardless of which holiday(s) you celebrate, or possibly none at all, in the spirit of good will, Vinpower hopes everyone had or is having a very Happy Holiday and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Vinpower would like to thank everyone that helped contribute to our success in 2019 and those who have and continue to support us throughout the 20 years we’ve been in business. Without the support of our customers, vendors, and friends, we would never have achieved the good fortunes we’ve experienced up to this point. Thank you for everything and here’s to an even greater 2020!

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Vinpower offers the first ever Duplicator offering True Audio Copy and Compare Capability

true audio copy and compare

When the CD was introduced in the early 1980’s, it took the world by storm. The ability to hear music in such pristine clarity and an entire album could be contained on 1 side, meant the listener didn’t have to stop the music to turn the record or cassette to side B. At that time, there was only replicated CD’s as the recordable CD-R wasn’t invented or probably thought of at that time. By the early 90’s, the 1st recordable CD-R’s were introduced and even though the early versions were very expensive and slow, it didn’t take long for the CD-R to take off either. As the prices dropped and accessibility of recordable drives and CD-R’s increased, CD duplication towers began popping up all over.

The problem with CD duplication towers were there was no way to perform a proper compare after the content was duplicated onto recordable CD-R discs. That’s because CD-R’s had no Error-correcting code (ECC) built into the design and there was no way to perform an accurate parity check through the duplicators. Which meant there was no way to make an exact 100% recreation of CD audio content. That was true until now. Vinpower created their exclusive line of TrueAudio duplication equipment that can perform the 1st ever True Copy and Compare feature for audio CD-R’s. This option will allow operators performing audio CD duplication the assurance that the copied discs will be an exact reproduction of the master content.

As I mentioned many times in the past, CD duplication, particularly audio CD, is still extremely strong in many territories, showing there’s still a need for a better and more reliable CD duplicator. Just because the overall optical disc market has decreased, it doesn’t mean the market has disappeared. In fact, the businesses that have stayed the course, are finding it’s worthwhile to continue investing in CD duplication hardware as they are picking up more clients that no longer find replication a viable option.

Of course these towers can copy DVD as well, but the true advantage is the CD audio Copy and Compare functionality. If you’re looking to improve your reliability and confidence with your CD audio duplication jobs, contact Vinpower to learn more about our TrueAudio Duplicators.

For more details about this product or any product in the Vinpower offering, please visit our website at, or contact a representative near you.