Even if you already ripped your audio CD’s to mp3 files, better to rip them again as .WAV or FLAC files for a true music experience


The ability to rip audio music files from a CD onto your computer has been available for around 20 years now. If fact, many like myself, used iTunes to transfer content from their CD collection to their iTunes library years ago. However, the problem is that iTunes and many other ripping software often compressed the files tremendously to make them smaller and easier to store. That compression may make it easier to store a lot of music onto a hard drive without using much space, but to do so, you inevitably will give us significant sound quality at the same time. Sure, the song will sound fine, but when you compare it to the original uncompressed CD, the original audio CD sound quality is much richer and fuller.

As hard drive capacities became bigger and bigger and the price dropped lower and lower, capacity was no longer a luxury. Now with multi-Terabyte hard drives available for very little money, everyone can afford to upgrade their music collection to the true lossless audio files with .WAC or flac files. Then you can hear the music the way the artist intended and get the full auditory experience!

With Vinpower’s low cost RipBox or high capacity Cronus, you can rip your CD’s again with virtually no hassle! You wouldn’t watch a movie with chunks of background scenery missing, so why listen to partial music? Upgrade your music library today!

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After a year of being isolated at home watching TV, we’re finally seeing an opportunity to get out and create your own content!


If you’re like me, after a year of sheltering at home, you’ve watched so many scripted TV shows and movies, that you feel like you truly are living in the Matrix! Now that we are seeing multiple COVID vaccines available and restrictions easing, I’m taking the opportunity to safely travel and do more activities outside the house with my family. Of course I want to capture these happy times as we have a whole new appreciation for life outside our bubbles. Afterwards, I will copy those videos and photos onto discs so that I can keep archival copies that can be passed on and enjoyed for years to come.

Optical discs are the best method to store your digital content, especially photos, videos, movies and music. Be it CD’s, DVD’s, or Blu-ray, optical discs are more reliable than flash, have a longer shelf life than a hard drive and easy for virtually anyone to play. In general, you simply insert the disc in the player and most often it starts automatically. No searching for files, accidentally deleting them, or negotiating whether you should delete other files to make room for whatever new item you want to store.

Make new happy memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Vinpower can help provide you all the tools you need to burn discs quickly, reliably, and with a long archival life to ensure maximum enjoyment now and well into the future.

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Using an iXflash is easier and cheaper than transferring content stored on the cloud


Recently Verizon introduced a new Verizon cloud service for Verizon Wireless and Verizon Fios subscribers, with unlimited storage for $19.99 a month. As we take and store more and more pictures and videos with our cell phones, that may sound like a good deal so that you don’t have to worry about running out of storage. Of course, there are plenty of other cloud storage services available for varying amounts of data quotas provided by companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and many many others. But there lies the problem, once you start using one of these services, you tend to get trapped into continuing to use them and paying a perpetual monthly fee. With iXflash, you can control where you store all the hundreds or maybe thousands of pictures and videos you’ve taken and you won’t have continuous reoccurring fees.

Often times cloud services will pull you in with great offers or even with free cloud storage, that is until you exceed their data caps or they change their minds and implement a pay scale for what you were led to believe was free. Take Google for instance. They offered a free unlimited service to store all of your photos and videos (given some compression for files that were too large), but free nonetheless. Now, they say that is changing this year and they will switch to a new pay scale model. Even if $10 or $20 a month doesn’t seem like a lot of money, it all adds up. Think about the fact you’re paying $120 to $240 a year, which pricing will certainly increase over time with inflation. Add on top of that, once you’ve loaded your extensive content of images, they know the likelihood that you’ll stop using their service is minimal because it’s not easy to transfer files to another cloud service and you don’t want to lose access to the content you already stored with them.

Why commit to a reoccurring monthly fee for possibly the rest of your life, when you can merely purchase an inexpensive iXflash, that can be shared with multiple users, and 1 or 2 large capacity HDD or SSD, for your own personal archival system? Keep all your content in the security of your own environment, free from hackers, and it doesn’t come with a reoccurring expense every month. Don’t be chained to a cloud service, free yourself to control your own content and save your money for more important things in life…

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March 31st is World Backup Day, to make sure you have the right archival media and hardware, Vinpower has your solution.


The importance of backing up your data onto a 2nd and even a 3rd source is so important that there’s a day dedicated to it every year. March 31st is known as World Backup Day, just to bring awareness and encourage everyone to back up their digital content. Vinpower has been an advocate of multiple backups from our inception, not just because it’s part of our business structure, but because we’ve been a victim of data loss and if we hadn’t had adequate backups, we would have been in deep…let’s say we would have had big problems.

At Vinpower, we offer multiple backup solutions, from optical discs, SSD, flash (USB & SD), including our incredible iXflash iOS mobile flash storage, to name a few. But we’ve always touted optical discs as the best and most cost effective method of archival/backup. Optical Disc backups can easily be created, stored, retrieved, takes up minimal space with no power consumption, and the content cannot be altered or deleted, making them the ideal storage medium. Plus, when you compare the cost of optical discs to other digital storage mediums on a cost per KB basis, they are the most cost effective storage platform on the market today.

With World Backup Day quickly approaching, this is the perfect opportunity to back up all the digital content you’ve been putting off for so long. Vinpower can make it easy and cost effective to do so.

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The future of digital storage, like Vinpower, remains focused on optical discs

700TB focused-nanodisc

The future of digital storage, like Vinpower, remains focused on optical discs

I have continued to propagate that optical discs are not only going to remain a viable method of digital storage, but continue to grow as a larger and more effective method of large data storage. Recently, an article about studies to drastically increase the storage capacity of optical discs was published online, which you can find here: https://www.shine.cn/news/metro/2102255107/. Typically I would paraphrase the articles in my own words, but in this case, it is short enough that I posted the entire article below for your enlightenment and enjoyment:

Local scientists have found a new approach to high-capacity data storage, making a portable big data center possible.

The amount of data we produce every day is beyond imagination in this era of information explosion.

Estimates show that global data will amount up to 175 ZB (Zettabytes; 1 ZB equals 1 billion Terabytes or 1 trillion Gigabytes) in 2025. If 175 ZB were stored on Blu-ray disks, the disk stack would be 23 times the distance to the Moon.

Scientists from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) have offered a new approach for next-generation nanoscale optical data storage, which can greatly increase storage capacity while decreasing energy consumption.

They conjugated graphene oxide and lanthanide-doped upconversion nanoparticles, which are synthesized by adding lanthanides, the rare-earth elements, into nanoparticles and are able to convert infrared light into UV-visible light.

Using the nanocomposites as storage media combined with a sub-diffraction optical writing method, it is possible to develop a 12-centimeter-in-diameter optical disk that can store 700 TB, equal to the capacity of 28,000 Blu-ray discs.

This finding provides a new approach to develop new optical disks which demand lower energy consumption and have a long lifespan.

Professor Zhang Qiming said it has great potential to be used in the big data centers.

“Maybe in the future a standard football field-sized big data center can be replaced by a portable disk,” he said.

Simone Lamon, a postdoctoral research fellow of USST, said the new optical storage technology is likely to greatly support the development of artificial intelligence technology. He believed it will usher in an information revolution.

The research was conducted by University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, RMIT University and National University of Singapore. It has been published in scientific journal “Science Advances.”

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Independent film has blossomed in the absence of Hollywood blockbusters, It’s your content, you should protect it!


After living through a year of quarantining and isolation due to COVID restrictions, thanks to new vaccines, the world is starting to open up. However, that prolonged time with little to do and few places to go, gave light to innovation. There’s only so many old shows you can binge watch on streaming services until people begin thirsting for new interesting content. Thankfully, there are lots of creative people with lots of time and ideas happy to fill the gap.

Today’s technology makes it so that everyone with a cell phone, a vision, and editing software can make their own movies these days. Picture for a moment that you created digital video content that you want to sell or control who you share with, what are your limitations? One issue could be that those that view your content, decide to make copies or upload online without your permission or consent. If you were hoping to sell that content, then you no longer have the opportunity because someone took that decision from you and made it available for free to anyone. If you had hoped to keep the content private, now it’s been released onto the web or passed from person to person for all to share and see without your ability to selectively decide who can view the content and who can’t. Protecting content is not just a problem for large enterprise or movie studios, it can be an everyone’s problem.

Vinpower has been developing hardware and software tools that enable companies and individuals to keep their content safe through our line of DVD and Blu-ray video copy protection capability. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg just to protect what’s rightfully yours. Don’t take any chances with your digital video content, add Vinpower’s copy protection and rest easier knowing that you don’t have to be a victim.

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Vinpower’s new Pioneer BDR-212V ROBOT PLUS drive is available for use in automated duplicators


Vinpower Digital announced the release of the new Vinpower exclusive Pioneer BDR-212V 16x internal BD/DVD/CD Half Height Optical Disc Drive (ODD), in collaboration with Pioneer Corporation, last month. It’s been a great benefit for those in the duplication world with manual tower duplicators. However, autoloaders require more optimization, including extended trays with more give and flexibility while continuously offering consistent tray extension.

That’s why we are announcing the introduction of the Pioneer BDR-212V ROBOT PLUS version, which is available with an extended tray and enhanced mechanisms that allow it to work with robotic automated duplicators. Vinpower’s Pioneer BDR-212V ROBOT PLUS drive is enhanced to allow thousands of in and out operation without failure. We physically modify each drive to handle the rigors of the duplication environment, especially for robotic autoloader duplicators.

Because of the BDR-212V’s added DVD±R enhancements, it makes the ROBOT PLUS version perfect for both CD/DVD and Blu-ray duplication. Plus, it’s compatible with virtually every automated duplicator or publishing system on the market or in your production line.

To learn more about the BDR-212V drive, contact Vinpower Digital directly, or visit
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You can take extended video and perform on the fly editing with the iXflash.


Last week, I shared an interview that took place during CES 2021 related to our upcoming iXflash Cube with Carl McLarty or McLarty Films. While conducting that interview, we also discussed the values of the original iXflash and how useful it can be for the everyday user, especially someone that likes to take a lot of videos. The interviewer, Carl was quite impressed and recounted a time when he lost all the videos he had on his iPhone while traveling abroad. Because he didn’t have internet access and therefore no access to the cloud, he couldn’t upload his videos to his cloud storage at that time. Later, while at the beach, his iPhone became waterlogged and he lost all the content, including all the photos and videos he took. He mentioned, if he had the iXflash, he could have backed up his content beforehand and wouldn’t have lost everything.

As a thank you for the interview and because we enjoyed the conversation, we sent him an iXflash for his personal use. Upon receiving the iXflash and completely unprompted, Carl made a short video focusing on another of the virtues the iXflash offers, being able to record video directly to the iXflash without using any of the memory on the iPhone. As an added bonus for this feature, you can even pause the video and restart it, in essence editing on the fly, for an even better and more useful experience.

See Carl’s short video about the iXflash from the below link:

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Vinpower’s C.E.O. Calvin Chang interviewed during CES 2021 for our upcoming iXflash Cube product


Even though the 2021 CES was all virtual, Vinpower was fortunate to still be able to catch the attention of a number of interested parties as well as press. In one such interview, Vinpower’s C.E.O. Calvin Chang was interviewed by Carl McLarty of McLarty Films regarding an upcoming product we promoted at CES, the iXflash Cube.

The iXflash Cube is a brilliant device that, when teamed with our iOS App, can backup all of your photos and videos stored on your iPhone or iPad, (“iDevice”), all while your “iDevice” is charging. Additionally, when your “iDevice” is connected to the internet, it can also backup photos and videos stored on your iCloud account. In essence, the iXflash Cube is performing two critical functions at once; backing up your critical content and charging your “iDevice” simultaneously. You never have to worry about losing previous memories or draining your iPhone/iPad while backing them up. The iXflash Cube will be available late Q1 or early Q2 this year and will be offered at a very attractive price point.

The interview is very informative and we welcome you to view it for yourself. See the YouTube video of the interview from the below link:

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As Vinpower prepares to Celebrate The Year Of The Ox In 2021, we want to make sure we can assist you before and after the holiday


Friday, February 12th, 2021 is the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Ox. Whether or not you celebrate the Chinese New Year, everyone at Vinpower wishes you much prosperity and good health throughout the New Year. Coming off a very challenging 2020, we look forward to a much brighter, healthier, and far more prosperous 2021.

Please be aware that the Taiwan and China offices will be closed Wednesday, February 10 through Tuesday, February 16, in observance of the Chinese New Year. If you have any requirements that need attention from one of these offices, please contact us prior to the offices shutting down for the holiday. Otherwise, any issues or if you need to reach a representative during the time the offices are closed, please contact a member of the US Vinpower office or EU sales office and we will be happy to assist you.

For any assistance while the Taiwan office is on holiday for the Chinese New Year, please email [email protected]
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