Samsung Blu-ray players reportedly have stopped working


It has been reported in numerous publications and online forums that Samsung is having an issue with hundreds if not thousands of their Blu-ray players around the world. All of a sudden, the players get stuck in an endless bootup loop, makes a strange noise, shut down as soon as they are turned on, or are just unresponsive. These malfunctions were reported as starting on Friday, June 19th with no explanation or link to any particular model or firmware version. At the time this email blast was written, there was no update or cause given for these malfunctions, nor has there been a solution provided to resolve these issues with the players.

This is certainly important for the optical disc, especially the Blu-ray optical disc industry and we will continue to monitor the situation. If you current sell blank or recorded Blu-ray discs, it’s critical that you are aware of this happening in case a customer contacts you about this problem, or thinks that it was caused by the disc(s) you sold to them. Customers looking for solutions will often cast blame on the media for defects when it could many other factors, so it’s important to be diligent about other factors in the market that could be the true root cause.

Vinpower is diligent about staying on top of advances and issues that affect the digital storage market and making sure the products we manufacture or distribute meet the highest possible quality standards.

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Don’t limit yourself, the iXflash extends the memory on an iPhone / iPad for longer videos and more pictures.

ixflash live record plus added memory

Most of us have experienced the dreaded storage full warning, letting us know we don’t have enough memory on our iPhone or iPad to take any more photos or videos. No matter what size device you get, there’s no way to add any additional storage. So you either give up on taking the photo or video, or you frantically try to delete and unload stored pictures, videos, and Apps to free up space. With the iXflash, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

With the iXflash, you can take pictures & videos that are stored directly on the iXflash drive without using any of the iPhone or iPad’s internal memory. So you can film as much as you want without fear of running out of storage. Plus, you can perform simple editing as the video can be paused and restarted to create 1 continuous video instead of multiple shorter videos. No longer are you restricted in what you can film due to lack of storage capacity on your iPhone or iPad, the iXflash gives you more flexibility and capability to capture those memories you would have otherwise missed.

The iXflash comes in multiple capacity sizes, from 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and even 512GB, to match the needs of all users, from the occasional picture taker, to the professional influencer on the go. You can find the iXflash in a variety of online retailers around the world.

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Vinpower offers special media packaging for hassle free shipment for online orders

Hassle Free

Even though retail locations are starting to open up more and more during the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers are still more comfortable ordering products online. The problem with online orders for items with more fragile packaging, like individual spindles of optical discs, is decision between cheaper packaging that could cause the product to break and therefore incur returns or the added cost of safer packaging, possibly increasing your costs too high for the market. It’s a very delicate balance between ensuring the safety of your product during shipping and managing your costs to make your product price competitive.

Vinpower has the solution! We are offering new individual and multipack hassle free media packaging offerings of our top quality A grade OPTODISC media. Not only are you able to offer your customers a top tier media offering, but you can also rest assured that you won’t get returns due to faulty packaging that breaks during transit. All this at an incredible price. Contact Vinpower to learn more about our different media offerings, including special packaging.

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iXflash can store and play Hi-Res Lossless audio files like flac for the ultimate music listening experience

iXflash audio

High fidelity and lossless audio quality is becoming more popular with those that truly enjoy music or other forms of audio content. You don’t have to be an audiophile to truly appreciate the value of high quality audio. The problem is, the uncompressed lossless audio files are very large files and take up a lot of capacity on our players, which today are most typically your phone. Of course CD’s have near perfect sound quality, but it’s not always convenient to listed to CD’s. So what do you do when you want the digital quality of a CD but don’t want to lug around your entire CD collection and you don’t have the storage capacity on your phone for the full sound of lossless audio files? The solution is easy, store those files on an iXflash drive!
iXflash audio benefits:
1. Added Storage: Provides 32GB up to 512GB of added storage for all types of digital music files, including Hi-Res lossless audio files
2. Supports Many Formats: Plays all popular audio files through the iXflash App, such as FLAC, APE, AAC, AIF, M4A, MP3, WAV files. Some of these are not supported on an iPhone / iPad alone
3. No Disruption: Music will continue to play without disruption, even when the iPhone / iPad goes dark to conserve battery life
4. Transfer Between Devices: Transfer audio files from a computer to an iPhone / iPad or vice versa or keep thousands of music files stored on the iXflash drive.
5. Plus much more…

With the iXflash drive, available in sizes from 32GB up to 512GB, you can store a huge array of music files, including lossless audio files, that can be played directly through your iPhone or iPad from the iXflash App. Even lossless audio files like the hi-res flac format, which aren’t supported by iPhones but can still be played on an iPhone through the iXflash App, can be stored and played anytime you want. Plus, the music does stop when the iPhone or iPad minimizes and the screen goes dark to conserve battery life or you open other App’s while listening to music. The iXflash gives you the freedom to play all your music while the iXflash is connected to your iPhone / iPad, or you can temporarily load select songs or a playlist onto your iPhone / iPad and when you’re done listening to them, remove them from the iPhone / iPad to free up more space. Yet, they remain on the iXflash for the next time you want to listen to those songs or programing.

We’ve all been there, no matter what capacity storage you buy with your iPhone, you seem to always battle running out of space. Between the hi-res pictures and videos, the never ending number of Apps and its stored data, and the confounding “other” content, there never seems to be enough storage when you need it. Since smart phones are less frequently used as a phone and more often used as our everyday camera, for social media, internet search engine, TV, and radio source, the items that are often the odd man out are the music files. Don’t sacrifice your audio files, get an iXflash and get the full concert experience whenever and wherever you are!

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