Vinpower offers a range of thermal printable media that works with all of the major thermal printers, including Rimage and TEAC.


Thermal printable media is one of the trickier types of discs to source. Firstly, the media has to hold up to the rigors of a thermal printer, making sure the artwork adheres to the surface and does not peel or crack. The printed artwork should be able to print across the full face of the disc, including the inner hub. Plus, the thermal media should work with a variety of popular thermal printers, especially:

1) Rimage Everest 400/600
2) Rimage Everest II/III
3) Rimage Prism Plus
4) TEAC P-55 (using the Versamax, Black, and/or Photo ribbons)

There aren’t too many medias on the market that can stack up to that tall order, especially for the larger capacity DVD+R DL and Blu-ray discs.

Vinpower removes the headache looking for those perfect thermal printable discs. We offer nearly every media type, from CD to DVD to Blu-ray, with a thermal printable surface that works across all the major thermal printers at a much more affordable price point. Regardless of the type of printer you’re working with, Vinpower’s thermal printable media provides professional high quality, glossy printed images that last, at an extremely aggressive price.

So whatever your needs, Vinpower has the thermal printable media for you. Contact a Vinpower representative for more details.

Vinpower produces an array of inkjet printable media for all facets of the industry, which one is best for you?


When you’re buying inkjet printable media, what is the criteria you use to select that media? Do you want the type that provides the best print quality with the most longevity? Do you care most about having a bright glossy look and would be willing to pass on the water resistant feature to save on the costs? Or, do you just want an inkjet printable disc that prints good quality and has the best value for the price? Regardless of the type of inkjet printable media you are looking for, Vinpower Digital has the solution. Whether you’re looking for a white flood glossy water and scratch resistant hub printable disc or a simple low cost white inkjet printable with a matte texture, we have you covered. Vinpower offers all of the below options and more:

1. Liquid Defense Plus – White Glossy Water and Scratch Resistant HUB printable
2. Liquid Defense Silver – Silver with a slight matte water resistant HUB printable
3. Glossy – White Glossy HUB printable
4. Standard inkjet – White with a matte texture, to the center ring or HUB printable
5. Silver inkjet – Silver with a matte texture, to the center ring or HUB printable
6. And More

So whatever your needs, Vinpower has the inkjet printable media for you. Contact a Vinpower representative for more details.

The USB Promoter Group is working on a new USB connection that will allow users to plug in their USB device easier


Ever try to plug in your USB cable, (be it a flash drive, charging cable, device connector, etc.) and get frustrated because you can’t get the connection to fit? Often we’ll try to plug it in backwards or we need to carefully play around by turning the object back and forth until it finally slides in your device is connected. The USB consortium, known as the USP Promoter Group, have heard your pain and are working to eliminate this hassle, as detailed in the following article link:

USB connectors fitting both sides up in production – charges laptops too

How does that apply to Vinpower? When you make a 63 target USB duplicator, making sure the user plugs the USB Flash drives or USB connected external HDD’s, will make the difference between a device with a long life span and one that gets damaged through user error. Plus think about the time it would save if you didn’t have to constantly check the direction of your USB connection before you plugged in your device. This is another example of Vinpower staying ahead of the curve and looking into new and future technology so that it can be applied to Vinpower’s products before anyone else. So if you’re looking for digital duplication equipment, Vinpower is your source for the most advanced and reliable systems on the market.

Regardless of the size, shape, or capacity of the USB Pen Drive, Vinpower’s USB Duplicators can copy it.


Unlike optical discs, pen drives come in many shapes, sizes, and capacities. Fortunately, Vinpower takes that into consideration when we designed our USB duplicator. The Vinpower USBShark USB Duplicator series works with virtually any size USB pen drive and can copy asynchronously regardless of the size of the content. So if you need to transfer content from a USB pen drive to multiple other USB pen drives, or any flash device for that matter, Vinpower has the equipment that will make the task incredibly simple, quick, and reliable.

The Consumer Electronics Association is offering an early bird special for complimentary CES 2015 passes.


It’s never too early to start planning your visit to the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Here’s your opportunity to reserve your entry pass to the show for free! But the offer is only good until September 1, 2014, so act now, or you may be forced to pay for the passes later. Simply click on the following link and follow the directions for your free pass:

While you’re planning your visit, make sure you schedule time to stop by Vinpower’s booth located in the South Hall, booth # 20651 to see our latest line of duplicator hardware and media offerings. Until then, feel free to contact one of our regional offices about our current product line and where you can purchase for your location.