The optical disc tray mechanism is a critical factor to the longevity of all Optical Disc Drives

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When most people think about the most critical part of an Optical Disc Drive (ODD), they typically think of the lazer diode that reads the discs. Of course that is a critical element and without it the drive cannot function. However, there is another critical element that is often overlooked and not given much consideration, the disc tray mechanism. That includes not just the tray itself, but also the gears, pulleys, and sliding mechanisms that allow it to extend and recoil smoothly and consistently.

Often, because it’s not seen as critical as other components, because production drives are designed for single drive PC use, many manufactures don’t put much thought behind how to enhance it. The problem is that while a typical computer owner with an internal disc recorder drive may open and close the drive infrequently, a duplication equipment user will depend on those drives opening and closing potentially hundreds or even thousands times a day.

That’s why Vinpower’s line of duplication focused ODD’s ensure the drive tray is suitable for the real world duplication environment. Vinpower’s PLUS and ROBOT PLUS drives are enhanced to allow thousands of in and out operation without failure. We physically modify each drive to handle the rigors of the duplication environment, especially for robotic autoloader duplicators.

Autoloaders require extended trays with more give and flexibility while continuously offering consistent tray extension. Since Vinpower produces its own line of autoloaders, we are uniquely qualified to understand the complications and the abuse these drive trays endure day in and day out, so we are most qualified to design a drive tray mechanism to function under these specific conditions.

So if you are a duplicator or manufacture duplication equipment, be it manual towers or robotic autoloaders, contact Vinpower through our website,, or through a member of our sales and support staff to get more details about which of our many ODD’s would be the right fit for you.

Where will your flash media come from and can you trust it?

Flash - who can you trust

Have you tried to purchase flash memory recently? You may have found that the high end flash is harder and harder to come by. The primary reason is that Apple is the largest consumer of the latest 3D Nand flash, leaving less and less for everyone else. As more people demand newer and faster Apple iPhones, iPads, and laptops, means that Apple, who eats first when it comes to flash production, takes the lion’s share of the top quality flash on the market. 3D NAND makes up half of all flash memory production for total flash media and 3D NAND flash availability will remain tight as Apple devours more of it for their iPhone production.

What does that mean? It means that many of the USB and SD flash drives on the market today are forced to use either substandard flash memory or outright downgraded defective flash to fulfill orders and keep up with demand. Since it’s very difficult to identify what brand, type, and grade of flash are used in each flash device, manufactures are playing fast and loose with their production for the consumers. That leaves us with two choices: expensive 1st tier flash in limited quantities or take your chances with low cost unregulated, inconsistent 2nd and 3rd tier flash that’s flooding the market and causing more and more aggravation and headaches for suppliers and users alike.

Vinpower is changing that outlook by working with both flash manufacturers and suppliers as well as flash controller chip manufacturers to offer high grade flash media for a low cost. We are able to mitigate the problem flash by using our flash hardware that can identify and weed out the low grade or inconsistent flash so those are not passed on to our customers. Through close relations and onsite product testing and evaluation, Vinpower can navigate the tricky flash market and support even the most discerning clientele with pricing that will entice everyone.

For more details about Vinpower’s offerings, please visit our website,, or contact a Vinpower representative near you.

How will we receive and store content 10 years from now?

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Technology moved at what we would think to be a snail’s pace until the early 1900’s when there was an explosion of innovation. From electricity to cars to air travel, each decade looked to eclipse the one before in terms of innovation and technology. Since 2000, it seems like the innovations are moving even faster, but more focused on how we can compute, store, and transmit data and content easier, faster, and from anywhere. Today, depending on where you live and your economic status, most of us store and receive our content from 3 primary means:

1) Physical media: We will store and watch content through optical discs, flash, and/or hard drives

2) Cloud/Streaming: Through an online provider or App that will store or provide content through a digital medium from large server farms

3) Paper: Written content contained in books, journals, ledgers, etc.

In each of these cases, there was a period when they didn’t exist and someone had the foresight to invent them, while others took those inventions, improved upon them or offered new ways in which to enjoy them. So when you think about how will you enjoy movies or where will you store your pictures and videos 10 years from now, what comes to mind?

Government Budgets are in the use it or lose it stage, don’t lose it!


Often those with GSA accounts or other means to sell to government agencies, find the time frame from August 1st to September 30th, as their version of the black Friday holiday buying spree. Agencies spend a large portion of their budgets in the fourth quarter but the month of September carries with it the use it or lose it deadline. Many large federal contracts have been penned during the waning hours of the month of September and in some instances being at the right place at the right time can be your best ally.

If you have government clients or have access to government bids, this is the best time to work on those contract requisites and prepare your offers to win those bids. Vinpower has received requests from a number of resellers looking for product we offer to secure those bids and there will be more in the come until the September 30th deadline. So if you work with any government agencies that utilize duplication hardware, accessories, or media, Vinpower is your one stop solution.

For more details about Vinpower’s offerings, please visit our website,, or contact a Vinpower representative near you.