Blu-ray Movie Sales on the Rise.

Apparently the release of Avatar last year, which became the highest selling DVD and Blu-ray movie of all time, spurred a rash of Blu-ray player purchases. In fact the number of homes with Blu-ray players rose 52 percent from a year ago, to 33.5 million in the United States. Whether this was directly related to the release of Avatar or not, it does show that more households are attracted to the high definition experience and that they are willing to pay more for it, even in tougher economic times.

So this is encouraging to the duplication market as well as sales trends for movie formats tends to also cross into increased demand for duplication equipment and media for the same format. So as long as the number of households with Blu-ray players increases, then the number of options for Blu-ray content will follow suit. Another reason to appreciate James Cameron!