Welcome to the world of Vinpower Digital

Welcome to my blog. To begin, I have to admit this is my first blog so I’m a bit of a novice in this arena. I decided to create this blog to chronicle my experiences in the duplication field and how the company I work for, Vinpower Digital, is navigating the sea of technology and competition in the optical drive duplication market. It’s only fair to make the disclaimer that I am not an engineer or technician, but in marketing and sales. Even though I have a strong grasp of the duplicator field and capabilities, I may not always be able to explain how or why a duplicator can or cannot do something. Working at a manufacturing company, I’m surrounded by engineers and techie people, so I can’t help but pick up some of it. Even that bit of knowledge I can only use to educate others as to the functionality and performance of our duplicators.

My intention with this blog is to hopefully enlighten those looking to gain more information about duplication products as well as showcase some of the trade show and events I participate in throughout the year. I hope everyone will enjoy and become enlightened by my contributions and I look forward to getting any related feedback