Vinpower invites you to visit us at booth location J0509a during Computex in TW, May 30th – Jun 2nd

Computex 2023

This will be the first full Computex where visitors are fully welcomed since 2019. After a 3 year absence, Vinpower is pulling out all the stops to highlight our existing and upcoming product launch, including live demonstrations of the highly anticipated iXCharger. We welcome all visitors to join us at our booth by making an appointment to meet with us at our booth location J0509a between May 30th – June 2nd, 2023. We already have a number of appointment slots filled, so please contact us right away to schedule time while you are attending the show.

During the show, we will offer live demonstrations of our full smart mobile flash line, the iXflash and iXflash Cube series, including the updated App features and Android compatibility. Plus, the one of a kind revolutionary iXCharger will have live demonstrations of both the charging and storage capabilities preparing for its upcoming release this summer.

To get up close and personal with any of these devices as well as our outstanding legacy optical disc and flash duplication hardware, media, and accessories, contact us today to schedule a time for a private meeting with our knowledgeable staff.

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This Mother’s Day, also think about Mother Earth by moving Cold Storage to Optical Discs

Cold data on 128GB

For much of the world, the second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. At Vinpower, we wish to honor all mother’s for the amazing and selfless job they do or did raising their children. Additionally, we want to honor Mother Earth and in doing so, we are sharing a way that corporations and SMB’s can also help the planet, by offloading their cold data onto optical discs. By offloading the massive troves of cold data stored on the servers of larger corporations, small and medium businesses, and laying waste in cloud farms, we could reduce a tremendous amount of energy, therefore reducing carbon emissions, emitted heat, and any ancillary harmful effects.

Cold data is defined as data storage that is rarely accessed, therefore considered “cold”. Hence, there is no reason to maintain cold data in the same manner as frequently used Hot Data. That’s why cold data can be stored on less expensive storage media, like optical discs. To optimize storage costs and reduce waste, in terms of financial cost as well as the toll it takes on Mother Earth, offloading cold data onto optical discs is the ideal solution. The content on optical discs can be recalled easily and only requires slightly more time than hot data that’s frequently accessed. In using optical discs for cold data, then you’re not only honoring our Mother Earth, but you’re also ensuring you have a far more reliable and cost effective option for backup and storage compared to other more volatile storage methods.

Vinpower offers the perfect cold data solution with our 128GB BDXL Blu-ray media. With the ability to hold a massive amount of content, more than 5 times that of standard Blu-ray discs, and an archival life of up to 100 years, it’s the ideal backup solution.

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Pioneer recently announced a new optical drive and disc combo that achieves 100-year archival preservation

Pioneer BD drive and Disc 100 yr archive

All over the world, it’s increasingly necessary and in some cases mandated to keep accurate archived records that can be accessible and available for a specific amount of time. That timeframe is often longer than many standard methods of data storage can manage, such as hard drives, flash, tape, even many forms of optical discs cannot be trusted to last long enough to meet certain government archival standards.

That’s why Pioneer created a new combination Blu-ray drive and 25GB BD-R disc combo package that is guaranteed to last 100+ years under proper storage conditions. They are able to achieve this by fine tuning both the drive and disc to burn the content onto the disc in such a manner that it will not decay or fade for at least 100 years.

Optical discs are naturally better solutions for archiving due to having the lowest cost per byte of data, strong resilience to elements, drops, and magnetic or static forces, plus it can be stored in a manner that doesn’t require energy or special accommodations. All of this plus more make optical discs the ideal storage solution, and with new advances pushing the archival capabilities to 100+ years, makes them the de-facto king of storage.

Vinpower is also on the cutting edge of data storage and archival capabilities. If your company needs storage solutions that won’t break the bank, contact us today.

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Vinpower strives to do its part to minimize our impact on the environment and the iXCharger is a giant step in that direction

Earth Day iXCharger

This Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day, but for Vinpower, we are focused everyday on how we can lower our carbon footprint and develop products that follow the ESG directives many forward thinking companies have put in place. That is one of the key reasons Vinpower developed the multi-purpose compact iXCharger. As we are all aware, every electronic mobile phone, tablet, or computer requires two critical components; a method to power the device and a way to store digital content to be used on that device. Often the memory installed on the device is not sufficient, so we have to purchase additional memory in the form of an external hard drive/SSD, USB drive, SD Card, etc., and we will carry multiple power cube chargers so that we have a specialize one for each device.

That’s a lot of extra products and plastic that could end up in our landfills, oceans, neighborhoods, creating an environmental, social, and governance nightmare. With the iXCharger, you have a single charger and extra memory storage that can replace all the charging cubes and external memory devices for all your portable mobile devices. The iXCharger works across all platforms, from Apple iOS and MacBooks to Android, as well as Windows and other mobile PC based operating systems. Plus, the iXCharger’s enhanced GaN charging technology and extremely compact design means it produces less heat and uses far less plastic than traditional higher capacity charging cubes and external memory devices.

Vinpower has always cared about the planet and the legacy we leave to those that come after us and the iXCharger is a testament to that vision.

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At the 2023 Mobile World Congress, Huawei announced a Blu-ray storage solution that will reduce TCO by 70%.

Huawei BD storage

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is an annual trade show organized by GSMA, which is a global organization of mobile technology operators and associate members, dedicated primarily to the mobile communications industry. At this event held annually in late February to early March, members discuss all aspects of business and upcoming trends. Much like most trade shows, it’s where participants like to introduce their latest offerings.

At this recent MWC, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., announced their proposed method for tackling one of the biggest challenges for traditional IT/CT services as it relates to data storages for Video, Big Data, and Cloud. Their solution was one that Vinpower has been touting for years, but I digress. Huawei said the future of cold storage is Blu-ray optical discs!

Their research shows that the proportion of cold data exceeds 70% of all stored data. Given the nature of cold data means it’s rarely if ever recalled by the owners, the companies holding that data require a low-cost archiving solution. In response, Huawei launched a Blu-ray storage initiative, which has a longer service life and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 70%. That means the ability to offload 70% of data from servers by storing it on Blu-ray optical discs, means the Cloud operators can saves 70% of costs related to electricity, hardware, and maintenance, let alone the tremendous reduction of environmental impact. Plus, optical discs provide an inherent protection against data breaches due to the content being kept offline with multifactor data protection against hackers and other data breaches.

All of this isn’t new, Vinpower has been proclaiming the benefits of cold storage on optical discs for years now, but what is new is the major investment and measured launch that large corporations are now taking this method seriously. So if you want to be ahead of the curve but aren’t a billion dollar corporation, contact Vinpower on ways we can help set you up with a cold storage solution on optical discs. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones.

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For World Backup Day, the iXflash series are the perfect backup solution for your iPhone and iPad

World Backup Day 2023

So much of our lives revolve around digital content, particularly on our smartphones. Our smartphones have become our go to for virtually everything, from our camera to our personal pocket computer. The problem is, all that important content typically just stays on that device, and if anything ever happened to it, then you could lose everything in a blink of an eye. This is especially true for iPhone and iPad users where it’s more complicated to remove content from an iPhone/iPad to store onto another device. Perhaps you could use iCloud, but it has a monthly recurring cost that increases as you need more storage space. I’m not here to promote doom and gloom, and the odds may be low, but it’s incredibly easy to make a simple backup of all these files that would give you piece of mind and the security to protect your most important digital content. Simply use an iXflash or iXflash Cube to back up all your photos, videos, and contacts from your iPhone or iPad.

Backing up using an iXflash device, provides a safe guard that could mean the difference between losing everything and having piece of mind. From the iXflash or iXflash Cube, you can transfer those files onto 1 or multiple hard drives, optical discs, onto any cloud service (instead of being restricted to iCloud), or even onto another smartphone. This simple backup would drastically decrease the chances you will have a catastrophic loss.

On this World Backup Day, Vinpower provides all the tools needed to easily and successfully backup all your digital content on to physical media and keep them safe and secure for decades to come.

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iXCharger was on display at the APEC show and garnered a tremendous response from the press and attendees

iXCharger at APEC

The iXCharger was spotlighted at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) this week and garnered a tremendous response from the press and attendees alike. In fact, a member of the press that interviewed us about the device said it was “Shocking”! Ordinarily you wouldn’t want to associate something as “Shocking” at a Power Electronics Conference, but in this case it was a very positive attribute from a journalist that has seen it all in the power world but never seen or considered a product like the iXCharger. In fact, several journalist were so excited by this new innovation in the power world, they asked us to participate in their podcasts when the product is available for consumers this summer.

Overall, it was an incredible reception for the iXCharger from those that are entrenched in the development of components related to power products for electronic devices, from resisters to electric car batteries. The consensus opinion was that no one had ever considered creating a power cube with storage memory, but now that they are aware of it, they instantly recognized how useful and necessary it will be.

Vinpower wishes to thank our partner, Silanna Semiconductor, for their invaluable contribution to the development of the iXCharger and inviting us to exhibit our new product with their latest power charger products at APEC. The iXCharger will be making the rounds at various tradeshows and events this year, so stay tuned for your opportunity to see it in person at our next stop on this power storage train.

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The iXCharger will be on display at the APEC conference in Orlando, FL March 20 – 23, 2023

iXCharger backup and charge for all

Even though the iXCharger is still a few months from being revealed for the consumer, it’s making the rounds on the conference circuit. This month, it will be on display at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) taking place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL March 20th through 23rd in Silanna’s charging station located at the main entrance. Members of Vinpower’s staff will be on hand to answer any questions attendees may have.

If you plan to attend APEC and want to get more details about the iXCharger, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with us during the show. If you’re a company that produces power or storage related products and interested to partner with Vinpower in OEMing your own power storage product, contact us as well. Vinpower at heart is an OEM manufacture and always happy to partner with forward thinking companies.

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With the costs of entertainment through the roof, it’s cheaper and more enjoyable to watch movies at home

Cost to go out

Even before inflation made everything more expensive and the price of eggs worth more than gold, taking your family to dinner and a movie almost required a personal loan. Today, that cost is nearly double. I was going to take my family to see the latest Marvel extravaganza this past weekend, but the tickets alone was going to cost over $100, then you add the cost of food and drinks on top of that, and it becomes a huge expense. Plus, that same movie, will most likely be available for home viewing on DVD and Blu-ray within a matter of a few months. I could understand the need in the past to see the movie in the theater, when you would wait a year or more before it was released on home video. Now, there’s so much entertainment everywhere fighting for your hard earned money, best to save where you can and instead, spend a tenth of the cost watching a movie at home.

Nowadays, our TV’s are nearly as big as a movie screen and the sound and visual quality with 4K Blu-ray is also on par, but you don’t have to put up with listening to other people’s commentary or missing the best parts of the movie because you needed to use the bathroom halfway through. Instead, you can use this time to bond as a family or one on one time with that special person and make the night even more entertaining.

You may think, why not just stream a movie instead of buying it on disc? Think about it this way, the cost to rent a digital stream is as much if not more than buying the movie outright, so why not own the movie instead of paying more to watch it just once?

If the high price of going out is leaving you sad, turn that frown upside down and have a good ole fashion staycation in your living room. Let the movies transport you to new places or revisit the places you’ve loved in the past. Vinpower offers plenty of products from optical discs to drives, USB, SSD, and iPhone flash that will allow you to live your best life and not break the bank.

To learn more about this item, or any of Vinpower’s line of products, visit or speak with a Vinpower representative in your area.

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With the iXCharger, you’ll be able to keep all your content across multiple platforms in one place!

iXCharger backup for all

Have you ever needed to search for content, like an image or a data file, that you couldn’t remember where you stored it? Was in on your iPhone, on your computer’s internal hard drive, or in one of your cloud storage accounts? Then you have to search each separate platform individually looking for that content, wasting time and energy. What if you have one device that works across all platforms where you can create a backup of all your important content? That way, you only have to look in one place for all your digital files.

With the iXCharger, not only can it be used to charge nearly all your mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, (including iPhone’s and iPad’s), as well as most laptop computers, but it will also come with up to 1 TB of storage which can work with any device, including Apple iOS platforms as an external hard drive. That means that you can easily transfer content onto the compact iXCharger from any platform you’re using. So, you can keep all your important content on 1 portable device for easy recall and use anytime, anywhere, on any platform!

At a time where access to digital content is critical, the iXCharger makes it easier then ever to store and access that content from any device it’s connected to.

The iXCharger will be available soon and will revolutionize the mobile charging and storage market. Be on the lookout for future announcements for release dates and updated specifications that will make the iXCharger even more indispensable in your everyday life.

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