Last chance to see Vinpower Digital and all the other exhibitors online at CES


Last chance to see Vinpower Digital and all the other exhibitors online at CES

Due to the pandemic, CES was held digitally this week, allowing visitors the opportunity to visit every showroom from the comfort of their own home or office. Today is the last day of the show and your last chance to visit Vinpower’s booth to see what new products we’re exhibiting at the show. It’s not the same as being able to visit the show in person, but it’s a lot safer and more convenient to be able to digitally peruse the digital showrooms in your pajamas.

Vinpower is highlighting our collaboration with Pioneer’s BDR-212V drive. Vinpower worked with Pioneer to improve the DVD burning capability and drive longevity to improve the drive for the higher production duplication market. Hence the V in the model number stands for Vinpower. In addition, we are showcasing our broader line of duplication hardware and media.

We also highlighted our line of Apple iOS mobile iPhone and iPad accessories, in particular the iXflash series. The iXflash is the ultra-portable large capacity iPhone / iPad flash drive that allows users to backup their photos and videos, watch movies, listen to music, view and edit files, including zip files, and so much more.

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The iXflash product review from the Taiwanese influencer 3C Tim is now available with subtitles in multiple difference languages.


When I first emailed everyone about the product review from the renowned Taiwanese influencer, 3C Tim, I have to provide a summary recap for those that don’t speak Mandarin Chinese, because there were no subtitles available. Ultimately, that limited the full scope of the audience we could reach. We’ve rectified that somewhat by adding translated subtitles for a number of different languages, such as English, German, Spanish and Japanese.

We welcome you to either view the video again with the proper sub-titles, or for the first time, so that you can get an unbiased clear review of the iXflash and all the benefits it can bring any user with an iPhone or other iOS device.
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Vinpower would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy Holiday and New Year!


2020 was quite a challenging year. Whether the COVID virus impacted you directly or not, we’ve all had to reevaluate our business practices and personal interactions. Some have prospered while others were not so fortunate. Our hope is that 2021 will bring the new beginnings and good tidings we hope comes with every New Year. So, regardless of which holiday(s) you celebrate, or possibly none at all, in the spirit of good will, Vinpower hopes everyone had or is having a very Happy Holiday and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Even under these challenging conditions, Vinpower would like to thank everyone that helped contribute to our efforts in 2020 and those who have and continue to support us throughout the 20+ years we’ve been in business. Without the support of our customers, vendors, and friends, we would never have achieved the good fortunes we’ve experienced up to this point. Thank you for everything and here’s to a COVID free 2021!

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With Vinpower’s TrueAudio DVD CD Duplicator, be assured to get truly accurate CD audio duplication!


With Vinpower’s TrueAudio DVD CD Duplicator, be assured to get truly accurate CD audio duplication!

When the CD was introduced in the early 1980’s, it took the world by storm. The ability to hear their music in such pristine clarity and an entire album could be contained on 1 side, meant the listener didn’t have to stop the music to turn the record or cassette to side B. At that time, there was only replicated CD’s as the recordable CD-R wasn’t invented or probably thought of at that time. By the early 90’s, the 1st recordable CD-R’s were introduced and even though the early versions were very expensive and slow, it didn’t take long for the CD-R to take off either. As the prices dropped and accessibility of recordable drives and CD-R’s increased, CD duplication towers began popping up all over.

The problem with CD duplication towers were there were no ways to perform a proper compare after the content was duplicated because CD-R’s had no ECC and there was no way to perform an accurate parity check through the duplicators. That meant there was no way to make an exact 100% recreation of CD audio content. That was until now. Vinpower has created their exclusive line of TrueAudio duplication equipment that can perform the 1st ever true Copy and Compare feature for audio CD-R’s. This option will allow operators performing audio CD duplication the assurance that the copied discs will be an exact reproduction of the master content.

CD duplication, particularly audio CD, is still extremely strong in many territories, showing there’s still a need for a better and more reliable CD duplicator. Just because the overall market has decreased, it doesn’t mean the market has disappeared. In fact, the businesses that have stayed the course, are finding it’s worthwhile to continue investing in CD duplication hardware as they are picking up more clients that no longer find replication a viable option.

Of course these towers can copy DVD as well, but the true advantage is the CD audio Copy and Compare functionality. If you’re looking to improve your reliability and confidence with your CD audio duplication jobs, contact Vinpower to learn more about our TrueAudio Duplicators.

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Vinpower Digital announces the release of the exclusive Pioneer BDR-212V drive in cooperation with Pioneer Corporation

good vs bad drive and disc

Vinpower Digital announced the release of the new exclusive BDR-212V 16x internal BD/DVD/CD Half Height Optical Disc Drive (ODD), in collaboration with Pioneer Corporation. Vinpower continues to see strong demand for single layer 4.7GB DVD-R and DVD+R (“DVD5”) recordable media around the globe. However, most of the standard DVD writer drives on the market are not suitable for large scale constant DVD5 recording, as is needed in the duplication market. To overcome this lack of capabilities with DVD5 media, Vinpower joined forces with Pioneer to create the Pioneer BDR-212V drive. The BDR-212V drive is a Blu-ray/DVD/CD writer drive in which the DVD±R writing functionality has been enhanced by greatly decreasing the visibility of uneven symmetrical burn-in marks on the disc’s recording side (often referred to as Donut Rings), specifically for the popular single layer DVD5 media, especially fine tuning the burning strategy for the OPTODISC line of DVD, including 16x DVD-R, 16x DVD+R, 8x DVD-R, and 8x DVD+R.

The Pioneer BDR-212V drive offers many advantages to other standard half height burner drives, as it is built using true Japanese designs for a stronger and more reliable drive. With Vinpower’s support, Pioneer improved the drive’s ability to virtually eliminate the concentric irregular burn marks on the recording layer across all DVD5 media, regardless of the media quality. These visible “Donut Rings” often cause many duplication facilities to declare the media as defective. In removing this impediment, DVD duplication production will have a greater success rate. Through these modifications, the exclusive BDR-212V drive ensures an even and uniform burning appearance across the full circumference of the disc, whether burning just 1 disc or during high volume duplication production.

You can find the original press release through the following link:

To learn more about the BDR-212V drive, contact Vinpower Digital directly, or visit for more insight about the drive’s benefits and specifications.

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Google is shutting down their free unlimited photo upload, good thing iXflash can support your photo backup needs.


Whether you use the service or not, Google’s announcement that they will restrict all free cloud storage to 15GB, which includes email, photos, and Google drive, is a huge blow to the industry. As the only provider of unlimited high quality photo and video cloud storage, Google created a great way to back up all of your photos and videos for literally nothing. After 5 years, they are not ending that service and restricting everyone to only 15GB’s of storage if you want to continue uploading your photos and videos to their free cloud storage. I don’t know about you, but I can exhaust that 15GB’s in no time, then where does that leave those of us that want to back up all our photos and videos, but don’t want to be chained to an expensive monthly service plan.

That’s why the iXlfash is the perfect alternative. With the iXflash, it can backup all of your photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad, while maintain the original meta data and picture formats without condensing the image size. You will be able to backup exact digital files that can be transferred to a hard drive, server, or any number of USB connected storage devices for safe keeping without any added recurring fees. Don’t give up on safely archiving your important photo memories and experiences, instead, take control and get an iXflash so you can backup and maintain your own separate “cloud” storage that remains in your possession and will not be used to target ads or be sold for marketing purposes.

Don’t be left out in the cold without a backup solution, get an iXflash and always have the power to control your own storage.

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In the US, we celebrated Thanksgiving this week, and Vinpower would like to give Thanks to you!


2020 has been a very challenging year in many aspects all over the world. Even those of us who were fortunate enough to remain personally and professionally healthy, were all still affected by restrictions brought on by COVID. This week in the U.S., we celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, which we give thanks for good fortunes, friends, and family who are in our lives. Even though this year Thanksgiving may differ from years past, Vinpower would more than ever like to reach out and give thanks to all of our supportive partners, customers, vendors, and everyone else that we have been fortunate enough to come in contact with over the years. Vinpower is a family and we consider those we work with to be like family as well. For this Thanksgiving, we thank you for your support and being part of our extended family.

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When other companies restrict your ability to purchase from them because of a Minimum Purchase Amount, Vinpower welcomes all customers with open arms.


As a result of COVID or a convenient excuse, some suppliers are setting up stiff requirements if you want to purchase from them directly. Vinpower doesn’t want to restrict access just because you aren’t purchasing at certain levels. Instead, we believe in inclusivity and helping our customers grow to achieve greater sales in the long run. We remember being a startup that faced many obstacles in being able to purchase quality components and media direct from the source, forced to pay marked up prices through extended channels, sacrificing margin just to complete. Eventually, we were able to build up our market enough to have our own manufacturing lines.

We never forgot our humble beginnings and that’s why we support small resellers looking to compete in the larger market as well as remain committed to our long term customers that may fall on down times for a spell. Whatever the case, Vinpower is open and looks forward to working with those that may have been turned away from other suppliers because they can’t meet their MOQ’s. If you’re looking for top quality duplication hardware, media, or accessories, Vinpower is the partner you can rely on now and in the future.

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Most portable electronic devices require SD or MicroSD cards to operate, Vinpower’s SD duplicators ensure all content is accurate!


Secure Digital Cards, more formally known as SD and MicroSD Cards, have practically become the universal memory for all small portable electronic devices. SD or MicroSD cards are used in mobile phones, tablets, TV’s, cameras, game consoles, navigation, and so many other devices that require very small compact stable memory. The reason SD and MicroSD Cards are so popular is because they are made of extremely durable and solid material, which prevents most mechanical damage from occurring. They are based on non-volatile memory to ensure the stability of data and it doesn’t require periodic refreshing or prone to failure due to abrupt power outages. That’s why it’s perfect for portable devices or stored in devices that are prone to the elements and turbulent conditions, including many components that used in cars, planes, boats, etc.

We all recognize the value of SD and MicroSD Cards, but what’s the point of this email blast? The key is, unlike optical discs that can be replicated, there’s only 1 way to transfer information onto SD and MicroSD Cards, duplication through a computer or a standalone SD/MicroSD Card duplicator. Even though cameras and cell phones may require empty SD/MicroSD cards that the owners will fill up with photos, videos, music, movies or what not, many of the devices that use SD/MicroSD Cards have content prestored on them. The manufacturers of those products need a quick and easy way to transfer identical content across hundreds, thousands, even millions, of cards accurately and in the shortest time possible.

Vinpower offers a full range of SD duplicators, in sizes from 1 to 3 up to 1 to 127, in a single console that offer slots for both standard SD Cards and MicroSD Cards. Having a dedicated MicroSD slot means you don’t need an adaptor to fit in the standard SD slot, saving time and costs. Vinpower has worked with a variety of entities, from auto manufacturers, to licensed toy manufacturers providing SD duplicators so they can reproduce the SD and MicroSD Cards that make their devices operate. That is the one thing they all have in common, the items they are producing require hundreds of thousands of identically reproduced SD and/or MicroSD Cards that are to be inserted into every device they plan to sell.

If you are developing a program that needs to be copied onto multiple SD or MicroSD Cards, Vinpower’s line of SD Duplicators is the perfect device to make it happen.

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iCloud outage takes down backups and photos for some users, showing the need for the iXflash!


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, or at least it feels that way. The cloud should not be your only form of backup. So many people believe the cloud is safe and invulnerable, while time after time we hear stories where the cloud is impacted, either through an outage, hacking, a virus, or any number of potential threats. Nothing is foolproof, so don’t put all your storage and archival eggs in one basket. That’s why the iXflash is the ideal tool for any Apple iPhone and/or iPad owner. The iXflash can quickly back up all the photos and videos stored on your various iOS devices as well as those already stored in your iCloud account, as an added form of data protection.

In this case, the iCloud suffered an outage this past weekend, affecting Find My, iCloud Account & Sign In, iCloud Backup, iCloud Bookmarks & Tabs, iCloud Calendar, iCloud Contacts, iCloud Drive, iCloud Keychain, iCloud Mail, iCloud Storage Upgrades, Photos and Screen Time. For those that were affected, issues ranged from frustration of not having access for a period of time to much larger issues. Even though the total number affected may be small in comparison to the total customer base, that doesn’t change the fact that many were impacted.

Why take chances, for less than it costs to purchase an expanded cloud storage option, you can purchase an iXflash and never have to worry about cloud outages again. In fact, more archival solutions the better. So, keep your cloud account, but use the iXflash as further protection against unforeseen catastrophes that can pop up at any time.

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