Vinpower invites you to visit us at booth location 8E35 during Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show in HK, April 18th – 21st

2024 Global Source Mobile show

Vinpower Digital will exhibit our latest PIODATA iX series of mobile storage and charging products at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show taking place at the AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong SAR, Booth Number: 8E35, from 18-April-24 to 21-April-24. We are pulling out all the stops to highlight our existing and upcoming product launch, including live demonstrations of the highly anticipated iXCharger. We welcome all visitors to join us at our booth by making an appointment to meet with us at our booth. We already have a number of appointment slots filled, so please contact us right away to schedule time while you are attending the show.

During the show, we will offer live demonstrations of our full smart mobile flash line, the iXflash and iXflash Cube series, including the updated App features and Android compatibility. Plus, the one of a kind revolutionary iXCharger will have live demonstrations of both the charging and storage capabilities preparing for its upcoming release this summer. We’ll also showcase the upcomgin 100W and 140W iXCharger with 2 USB-C connections.

To get up close and personal with any of these devices contact us or stop by our booth to schedule a time for a private meeting with our knowledgeable staff.

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From tinfoil to optical discs, the history of recorded sound is music to my ears

History of recorded sound

Every once in a while, we like to take the opportunity to redirect these weekly email blasts from promotional to educational. As we explore and pick up interesting tidbits, we like to share them with you all. In this case, a co-worker went to a museum offering an exhibit on sound and snapped an interesting picture on the history of recorded sound. Having grown up in a time where there was always amplified sound coming from virtually everything we interacted with, radio, TV, movies, records, tapes, even video games, I never knew a life without it. But the advent of a medium to record and rebroadcast sounds was only invented in the late 1800’s. Imagine never being able to hear music unless you went to a live performance or the only way you could receive information was through writings or telegraph. I don’t know about you, but sound permeates our house constantly, from listening to podcasts or music while getting ready in the morning to my kids glued to their screens watching the latest videos on YouTube or TikTok.

This brings me to the point that audio recordings are a staple in the lives or those that can hear them, and even to those that can’t through the soundwaves vibrations. Because these audio recordings can stir up a magnitude of emotions, understandings, and teachings, it’s important to know that whichever medium you store these recordings on, they will be available for you whenever you want them. That’s why Vinpower offers a bevvy or devices that allow you to capture and save those recordings for many many years into the future. Whether it’s a classic CD, flash and SSD memory, or through some type of digital audio player, like an iPhone or laptop, Vinpower has a high quality hi-fidelity method to help you record, store, and enjoy that content for years to come.

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Due to the incredible response for the 65W iXCharger, Vinpower greenlit the next evolution in the 100W iXCharger

intro 100W iXCharger

There’s been so much positive buzz around the 65W iXCharger, we are already looking at its next evolution. How can we improve on a device that will revolutionize the portable charging and storage industry? Make it more powerful, with more memory, and allow it to charge two devices at the same time! The next version of the iXCharger will be a 100W model that offers two USB-C connections and up to 2TB of data storage memory. The iXCharger 100W will be able to either allocate up to 100W of power to a single device or charge 2 separate devices at the same time. Yet, it will still provide access to its internal storage memory, up to an incredible 2TB, across virtually any portable computing platform, including laptop computers (PC, Mac, and Chromebook), as well as smartphones and tablets (Apple iOS iPhone/iPad and Android) for the ultimate combination of power and storage.

We anticipate the 100W 2 USB-C port iXCharger will be available in Q3 or Q4 2024 and is actively being created at this time. Start out with the iXCharger 65W and then move up to the 100W 2 USB-C model if needed or you just want more power, memory, and charging capabilities.

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Vinpower’s iXflash dual USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type C and A flash drive, is the first in the world to receive Apple’s MFi certification for an iOS device without a Lightning connection.

Worlds 1st iXflash A and C

The iXflash USB 3.2 Gen 1 dual Type C & A drive, with capacities from 32GB up to 2TB, recently, became the first in the world to receive an Apple MFi certification when not incorporating a Lightning connection. Until this point, only flash storage devices that contained a Lightning connection could receive the coveted MFi certification from Apple. Yet, with Apple switching to the Universal USB Type C connection, Vinpower felt it was important to develop a dual head USB Type C and Type A flash drive that can work with USB-C connected Apple devices as well as virtually all other mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

With Vinpower securing a MFi certification from Apple for its Piodata iXflash USB C and A drive, that allows it to have full access to creating an Apple App that can be utilized across all iPhones and iPads that have a USB C connection. Utilizing the App allows the iXflash to backup critical content, like photos and videos, contacts, and more. The iXflash App can open and modify files stored on the iXflash drive, through an iPhone or iPad, as well as take photos and videos with an iPhone or iPad that feed directly to the iXflash memory storage, without being limited to only the Apple Pro Res format.

Even though the latest Apple iPhone 15 series comes with a USB Type C connection, it’s extremely limited in the actions a standard USB Type C drive can access without the MFi certification. In fact, users can only access the Files App and allow direct recording to a USB C connected flash or SSD drive through the Pro Res video recording operation. Other than that, a non-MFi certified USB C drive cannot access the Photos App, or any other application that would be extremely useful and necessary for backups and sharing content.

With the iXflash USB C and A drive, it allows Vinpower to become the first truly universal flash drive that can fully integrate with the latest iPhone and iPad as well as work with virtually every computing platform on the market today and in the future. With the explosion of content being stored on all of our computing platforms, it’s critical to have a device that can fully interact with all of them to access that content anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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Disney stopped making DVD’s, but not stopping DVD distribution of their titles

Disney DVD moving to Sony

It’s being reported that Disney is in the process of transitioning its physical home entertainment business to a licensing model. The studio will start with a licensing agreement with Sony, which will see Sony handle marketing, selling, and distributing physical media (4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, etc.) of any new Disney releases and older catalog titles to consumers via retailers and distributors in the U.S. and Canada1. That sounds scary for those of us still dedicated to physical media, like another death nail in the coffin of optical discs. But in reality, it’s simply a financial decision to outsource the licensing rights for production of the Disney titles to a 3rd party. Ultimately, everyone will still be able to buy the Disney movie titles they want, it will just be made and distributed by another company. Ultimately, we’ll all still be able to purchase the Blu-ray version of Toy Story, or Monsters, Inc., and as a consumer, we won’t notice any difference.

But, there’s still a caveat that as production of content becomes consolidated, the determination as to what content is produced will now be a numbers game and not because the content creator wants to continue the brand. Especially when one company is paying a licensing fee for the rights to produce that content. That means if you have a favorite movie or movies that are not mainstream enough, and you don’t already own a DVD or Blu-ray copy, there may come a time where that title will be very difficult or expensive to obtain and view, if at all. So, it’s important to always get a copy of those favorite movies to keep on hand, so you’ll always have it available when you want it.

Don’t leave it to the discretion of big corporations, get your own copies of the movies you want. Otherwise, it may no longer be an option.

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Thank you for visiting the Vinpower booth during the 2024 APEC Trade Show

2024 APEC

For those of you that visited Vinpower’s booth during the 2024 APEC tradeshow in Long Beach, CA, we thank you and look forward to following up on our discussions. The multiple award winning iXCharger, which is the first of its kind 65W 1.5TB charging storage cube, created tremendous buzz, even among a crown dedicated to power. We anticipate the iXCharger 65W will be available for sales in late March or early April 2024. which we look forward to the larger 100W and 140W versions, which will come with 2 USB C connections, will follow suit in the near future. For those that would like more details about the iXCharger, please reply to this email and we will be happy to get follow up with you.

Those that were able to view the full line of upcoming iXCharger versions were quite impressed that such a novel concept of combining a power charger and a hard drive hadn’t entered the market sooner, but agreed this is a necessary product now and going forward. Given the accolades and praise we are receiving for the iXCharger concept, this will be a very hot item when it’s released for sale and we encourage those looking to adopt a similar functionality to their product line to contact us for more details.

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In this upcoming Chinese New Year of the Dragon, Vinpower wishes you much prosperity and good health!

2024 Chinese New Year

Saturday, February 10, 2024 is the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dragon. Everyone at Vinpower wishes you much prosperity and good health throughout the New Year, for a brighter, healthier, and prosperous 2024.

Please be aware that the Taiwan and China offices will be closed Thursday, February 8 through Wednesday, February 14, in observance of the Chinese New Year. If you have any requirements that need attention from one of these offices, please contact us prior to the offices shutting down for the holiday. Otherwise, if you have any issues, or if you need to reach a representative during the time the offices are closed, please contact a member of the US Vinpower office or EU sales office and we will be happy to assist you.

For any assistance while the Taiwan office is on holiday for the Chinese New Year, please email [email protected]

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The iXflash extends the storage capacity of your iPhone/iPad by allowing the user to take photos and videos that go directly to the iXflash

No Space No Worries - iXflash

It finally happened to me. I was at an event taking lots of photos and videos and low and behold, I got the dreaded “iPhone Storage Full” notification. Generally when something like that happens, you have 2 options, of which neither is preferable: stop taking pictures or frantically find items you can delete to give you more storage space. However, in my case, I was fortunate that I had my iXflash with me. I simply plugged it in, opened the iXflash App, selected the photo feature, and kept on taking pictures and videos with no worries because they all went directly to the iXflash drive and didn’t use any memory from my full storage iPhone. I didn’t have to miss any moments that I wanted to capture and I didn’t have to sacrifice any stored content on my iPhone to get it.

This is just one of the great advantages the iXflash offers. Take into account the iPhone photo/video backup and restore options; ability to transfer content between an iPhone/iPad and any type of computer; movie and music playback, read only, and much more. Don’t miss out, get an iXflash today!

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Crowds showed up to see the latest innovations with the iXCharger.

Crowd for iXCharger at CES2024

Vinpower showcased many of our latest innovations at CES and attendees were very interested to see and learn more about all the items on display. As the show wraps up today, we look forward to continuing the momentum from the start of the New Year and CES and carry it through to the upcoming launch of the iXCharger series and additional tradeshows around the world where we will showcase our full product lines. We are still available to meet during CES before the show wraps and happy to carrying on the conversations over the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned for more details and updates.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us directly for details about these products or any product in the Vinpower offering. Please visit our website, or contact a representative near you.

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We hope you can visit Vinpower’s booth at CES to see our latest advancements and the CES2024 Innovation Award winning product!

Innovation award winner iXCharger at CES 2024

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) is only a few days away and Vinpower is excited for the opportunity to share our full product line plus our CES2024 Innovation Award winning iXCharger. In addition, we will showcase for the first time anywhere the future iterations of the iXCharger with all those that attend. CES will start next week on Tuesday, January 9th, 2024, when CES will open its doors at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The CES 2024 Innovation Awards honorees, including product descriptions and photos, can be found at The honored iXCharger will be shown in the Innovation Awards Showcase at CES 2024, as well as at Vinpower’s booth located in Central Hall, booth # 16646.

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