Vinpower Digital duplicators provide top quality CD-R duplication using the special Sony Duplication drives.

Although many may think that CD duplication is dead or a dying business sector, our findings show that there’s still a very healthy market that is becoming more and more ignored. Cd duplication, in particular audio CD duplication can be tricky and is the media or the drives are not of certain quality, the recorded discs could come out with audible distortions or other issues that make the CD recordings pointless and discouraging those still working to support the customer base.

We at Vinpower care about every segment of duplication from CD to BDXL and we don’t feel that customers should compromise in their efforts to burn CD audio material.

That’s why Vinpower teamed up with Sony to source a unique DVD-RW writer drive that was made especially for the duplication market and offers exquisite CD duplication as well as DVD. Vinpower has been building these manual tower and automated duplication equipment installed with the Sony Optiarc brand of burners for many years ensuring high quality and reliability.