Especially for Food Lovers

Guter Appetit! 好呷! Bon Appetite! おいしい!

One thing I’ve learned throughout my travels is that every country and culture has a unique relationship with food. Very often food defines who we are and represents distinct differences even between regions within a given country or state. Because Western foods are typically very different from that of Asian dishes, those of us traveling from Asian countries to Western countries like to take pictures of the food we encounter so that we can share them with our friends and family. The below images showcase the many foods and references to food that I encountered on a recent business trip through Europe.

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4.jpg 5.JPG
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CES in Las Vegas, A Look Inside Both

CES kicks off the annual CE trade show circuit and even though it’s heavily attended, there are still a number of people and companies have not been able to attend. For those people, Vinpower Digital posted a 4 video anthology to get a brief insight about CES and Las Vegas in general. For those that have attended, this will hopefully be a pleasant memory. Click on the below links to view the videos:

More Images from CeBIT

Vinpower Digital’s presence at CeBIT was increased as our German distributor Blu-Innovation also exhibited our products for availability within the European market. Below are a few pictures of our products at their booth:

cebit2010-4.jpg cebit2010-9.jpg cebit2010-8.jpg cebit2010-12.jpg

Vinpower digital at CeBIT 2010

CeBIT 2010 is taking place and for the 6th straight year Vinpower Digital is exhibiting at the fair.  The show has been a good opportunity to meet with existing clients and to meet new potential partners from around the world.  Below are some of the common images found when visiting CeBIT:

Entry point sign for the North entrance (which we utilize to reach our booth)


The Front Entrance


Map of the fair grounds


Metro station where the city of Hannover allows all patrons to ride for free during the CeBIT fair.