Blu-ray for DVD Exchange Underway

Apparently the success of a recent push by Warner Home Video whereby they agreed to exchange previous HD DVD titles for the same title(s) on Blu-ray at a much reduced price was so successful, they decided to extend the offer to standard DVD titles as well.

This is another example of the push toward Blu-ray as the preferred video viewing format. That is why we believe that the increase in Blu-ray duplication will also jump dramatically in 2010. To accommodate this transition, Vinpower Digital is ensuring that our line of Blu-ray duplicators offers the fastest Blu-ray duplication speeds, greatest level of playback compatibility with the widest acceptance of recordable Blu-ray media. We want to make sure when our customers are ready to make that switch from DVD to Blu-ray, it’s as seamless and convenient as possible.

Dubai 2009 Gitex Trade Show – An Unforgettable Experience                                 


Oct 16th, 2009, I’m not sure how many times I’ve traveled on an airplane in the past, but I am sure this is the most exciting time. Because where I am going is the pear of the world: Dubai. I went there for the Gitex IT trade show, one of the biggest and most famous electronic product trade shows in the region.                                              

 090.jpg 156.jpg

Before I ever had the chance to put my foot on Dubai soil, all I’ve known about the area I read in newspapers and magazines.  I read about their culture, whether, religion, and economic situation, but that doesn’t begin to tell a complete story of the area.  When we walked out from terminal 3, seeing the road side skyscrapers, fancy cars, big malls, and everything, it’s hard to believe that this was all dessert before. The whether made me think of Taiwan, because they are very similar, even the street scene is similar.                                       

 134.jpg 139.jpg          

Saturday, one day before the trade show, we prepared all the units for the show.   These units were prepared by the Taiwan team and they did a great job helping us ship all the samples and having the units ready to be exhibited.  Since it’s my first time in Dubai, my Boss let me go on the sightseeing tour held by our travel agent. The tour involves being driven in a 4WD Toyota Jeep, running up and down in the dessert. They would play Middle East style electronic music on the trip, it’s quite a special experience.  After that, we had dinner in the dessert, eating typical local BBQ cuisine.  While we ate, there were Belly dancers and some other traditional dancing, which I can not recall the name of. What a pleasurable night! I give thanks to the team for letting me have this opportunity. Afterwards I am Preparing myself to face the first day of what’s sure to be a busy trade show.     


Dubai is the center of trade throughout the Middle East, Africa, parts of Europe and Asia. After 13:00 pm, customers form all over the world came to our booth. It was so busy, we did not even have time to eat. What I see is that this is a really developing and well educated market. All the customers have basic IT industry knowledge, which is why they can easily tell the difference between us and our competitors. People keep looking for new stuff and better technology, the supplier has to pay more attention with customer’s need, and put more effort on service.      

211.jpg 213.jpg 215.jpg 218.jpg

We had a great show because of the strong presence of our products, and the patient attitude of our staff during this busy time. Believe it or not, we did not have time to eat lunch. It makes me feel like when the farmers get an abundant harvest and they do not have time to rest, the body gets tired, but the heart feels happy and excited. When I saw our competitor’s booth is almost empty, and the customers are making lines waiting to buy our products, I am so proud of myself for working at Vinpower Digital.

Will the SD Card Replace the Optical Disc?

As Flash memory gets cheaper and the capacity increases, the small rewritable format is gaining momentum in the data storage realm. In fact the low cost netbooks do not offer optical disc drives, yet do offer USB & SD card slots. Now, one of the leading video rental companies, Blockbuster, has announced that they will offer new SD card video rental kiosks.



These kiosks will allow those interested in renting movies the opportunity to load a movie onto a SD card and watch it on any medium (TV, computer, cell phone, etc) that accepts an SD card or a SD card adapter. This will greatly enhance the movie viewing options and locations.

Making News in Dubai

Vinpower Digital recently traveled to the U.A.E for a trade show in Dubai and made a strong impact on the local news. Below are scanned images of press clippings from the AL-Jazirah Newspaper dated Thursday, October 22, 2009:

mid-1.jpg mid-2.jpg

newspaper-head.jpg small-1.jpg