Sony to continue using optical discs for PLayStation

From a report in the Wall Street Journal:
Sony won’t use download-only model for the next PlayStation
“An optical disc drive will be included in the next-generation PlayStation console being introduced next year, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing people familiar with the matter. Sony reportedly looked at making the next console a download-only machine but decided that Internet connections around the world are still too inconsistent to justify a move away from consoles that accept game discs.”

As we have continued to mention, the global and even national internet infrastructure is not ready to accommodate the interest of those looking to convert fully to an online model. Optical Discs will still have a significant future facilitating the dissemination of digital content, albeit video, games, data, etc.

Vinpower’s Aero VI Autoloader Reviewed by Videomaker Magazine

Vinpower first released its own standalone autoloader line with the TITAN PRO series back in 2004. Nearly 8 years later, Vinpower has established itself as one of the preeminent manufacturers of robotic disc autoloaders worldwide with a broad selection of automated optical disc duplication series including the TITAN Supreme, Cube, Cronus and more. Recently, the latest in the productive line of Vinpower automated duplicators, The Aero series, was reviewed by Videomaker magazine (to be released in the June 2012 issue). Vinpower has a sneak peak at the overwhelmingly positive article that we would like to share by clicking on the below link:

Vinpower, 1st to offer CopyConnect Feature for the Mac

Vinpower’s famed CopyConnect feature, which allows users to transfer files directly from a computer to a Vinpower duplicator, initially was only available for PC’s. Now Vinpower has created an interface that allows this feature to work with Apple’s line of Mac computers as well. This is a huge advancement in the duplication field as Vinpower is the first to offer this useful feature for both the PC and Mac platforms.

This application is particularly important in the creative world as most graphic designers and creative professionals prefer to use a Mac for its greater graphics and programing in this field. The biggest problem is that either most Macs come with no optical drives, or they only offer a DVD writer, leaving those needing to burn content on Blu-ray discs out in the cold. That is why Vinpower’s CopyConnect feature for a Mac is such a useful application. Not only will it save time in the overall duplication process by sending files directly to the duplicator’s HDD, it will also allow the user to burn their large and small files onto any format of discs, especially Blu-ray, which is not even an option on any Mac.

So, if you are a Mac user and you have content that you need to burn onto 1 or multiple discs, Vinpower offers the best solution.