Vinpower has released the recently revamped and improved series of daisy chain duplicators

daisy chain

The old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, Vinpower doesn’t always subscribe to that notion as we’ve found that most everything can be improved upon. Take for instance our line of daisy chain duplicators, in which the user can connect a near unlimited number of towers to operate copying a single master simultaneously across all towers, for the ultimate in productions. Customers of our previous systems have been very happy with the units, but we noticed there were some ways we could improve the systems, such as increase the duplication speed on the Blu-ray models, greater burning stability across all towers to greatly reduce the risk of failed burns, and easier to connect the towers and operate as a daisy chain system.

The original Vinpower Daisy Chain models could only burn Blu-ray discs at a maximum 2X speed. The new Daisy Chain models have tripled the speed up to 6X. Due to the large capacity of Blu-ray discs, the increased maximum speed would reduce the total burn time by almost 50%, which means you can complete your job in nearly half the time.
The new Daisy Chain towers boasts an upgraded controller and connections between systems, which enables the individual towers to not only burn faster, but also smoother and easier than the original models. In creating a smoother burning process creates a more stable duplication environment dramatically reducing the risks of failed burns across the towers. Even if there is one or two failed burns, the new daisy chain duplicators will not allow those failed burns to negatively impact the rest of the drives across the other towers in the chain, maintain a much higher success rate.

With the new daisy chain connections across each tower, it’s easier to connect and initiate each round of copies across the new daisy chain systems, increasing efficiency and time management.

So if you’re looking to swap out your older systems or need new systems to increase your production capacity and increase your ROI, the NEW Vinpower Daisy Chain Duplicators are the way to go.

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Vinpower Digital would like to thank everyone that visited our booth at the 2018 NAB trade show

2018 NAB

Vinpower would like to thank everyone that visited our booth during the 2018 NAB trade show. We look forward to further discussions with those of you that visited our booth about the product offerings we discussed. We had many positive discussions about our product lines while at the NAB trade show. This was especially true for our large scale 128 port USB duplicator, the iXflash iPhone and iPad flash storage and back-up drive, USB and Optical Disc media offerings, Half Height Recorder Drives, publishing systems, as well as our more traditional duplication hardware.

The iXflash Aplle OTG flash drives were a particular hit as they allow individuals to back up all of their photos and videos from their iPhones and iPads and well as play back stored content like movies and music without using their iPhone’s or iPad’s internal memory. The ability to charge your iPhone or iPad while the iXflash is installed was a big advantage. In addition, there was a lot of attention for our enhanced USB and SD/Micro SD flash duplicators. These larger systems allow users to copy even more devices asynchronously or simultaneously than any of our previous systems. Additionally, we showed the Cronus publishing series offering our exclusive BCP Blu-ray and 4K UHD copy protection. This series of publishing systems offers the ability to embed true copy protection on DVD, standard Blu-ray, and the 4K UltraHD Blu-ray copy protection through a standalone duplicator. These were just a few of the many useful Vinpower hardware and media offerings we showcased.

For those who unfortunately could not visit us at NAB, you are always welcome to visit our website at, or contact us directly at one of our branch offices in the USA, Europe, Taiwan, or China. You can also visit us at the Computex trade show in Taiwan June 4-9, 2018. We thank all of our loyal and happy customers, partners, and friends and look forward to continued advancements and success throughout this year and beyond!

Vinpower offers FREE 4K UHD & standard Blu-ray Copy protection using OPTODISC BD-R media

Free UHD and BD copy protection

Vinpower’s line of Blu-ray Copy Protection (BCP) duplicators adds a strong level of protection against copying or ripping both 4K UHD and standard Blu-ray video content protected by the BCP. However, those units do require a dongle with stored licenses for the BCP protection to be embedded onto the duplicated discs. What if you wanted to reduce your costs and you require a copy protection as secure as the BCP, but still want to add protection as a good deterrent against a majority of people from copying or ripping the content from your 4K UHD and standard Blu-ray video content? That’s why Vinpower created the EZ BD Copy Protection!

Using our specialized Blu-ray duplicators with the EZ Copy Protection enabled, as long as you use any brand of OPTODISC 25GB Blu-ray media, the system will be able to embed the EZ BD Copy Protection without requiring a dongle or any special licenses or fees. So you can create as many copy protected discs as you’d like without any added costs. The only requirements are that you use a Vinpower Blu-ray duplicator with the EZ BD Copy Protection feature enabled along with OPTODISC produced BD media. If you’re not paying extra for the EZ BD Copy Protection and you’re making Blu-ray duplications anyway, there’s no reason not to add the protection. There are no issues in playback with any UHD or BD player that accepts BD-R media, so your customers will be able to play your BD content without concerns.

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The 4K and pending 8K UHD format is proving to be a strong support for the evolving Blu-ray format

4k buffer for BD

The 4K UHD Blu-ray format is not only proving to be very popular with the consumer, it’s also a new tent pole for the long term survival of optical discs and the Blu-ray format. With the incredible vibrance and clarity of both the picture and sound quality, consumers are flocking to pick up the latest movie titles in 4K UHD. The movie studios are all too happy to push new and old titles alike in this new format due to the limitations of bandwidth for streaming.

As stated in a recent report: Research Report: 4K UHD to Buttress Blu-ray

“The intense bandwidth requirements of 4K content formats are unable to replicate the smooth and seamless playback of 4K UHD titles,” the report found. “Therefore, physical Blu-ray discs are still considered one of the best options for enjoying HD content that also supports HDR and Dolby surround sound. The majority of consumers, especially in the developed markets, are increasingly turning to UHD Blu-ray players to access movie and TV show content. To meet this demand, over 250 UHD titles were released in 2017 alone.”

Given that cameras and smart phones are both capable of recording 4K UHD content, it’s not only the major Hollywood studios that can utilize the incredible impact of the 4K UHD format, but so can nearly anyone with a camera and a vision. Vinpower can help facilitate that vision with the ability to duplicate the 4K content and implement 4K UHD copy protection through our duplicator hardware offerings.

Check out Vinpower’s 4K UHD duplication and copy protection offerings and much more at the NAB trade show April 9th – 12th, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Lower Level, booth # SL8908.

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Western Digital unveiled a prototype SD card that could achieve read/write speeds of 888/430 MB/s respectively

fast SD

The SD card is not as popular as USB for common storage needs, yet it’s the main go to media for compact storage in devices like cameras, phones, tablets, navigation, and similar devices. The obvious benefits of SD cards and MicroSD cards are their minute sizes, which they can hold massive amounts of memory and fit in very small devices. Currently, the typical read speed widely ranges between 2MB/s (used for basic files and standard definition video recording) up to 90MB/s (which is critical for true 8K video recording).

However, WD is blowing the doors off the current notion of read/write speeds for SD cards and the ability to use them for a wider variety of applications in video content. By demonstrating writing speeds nearly 5 times faster than the fastest offering now, means we are just scratching the surface of the capability for SD cards. The higher the capacity and the faster the read/write speeds we can achieve, means the more devices that can possibly replace their current storage method with SD cards.

Since all flash memory, including SD cards can only transfer content via duplication, as opposed to optical discs which can use replication as well as duplication, means that devices like Vinpower’s 127 slot SD duplicators will be in greater demand. The benefit of a dedicated SD duplicator is the cost savings from not having to purchase SD to USB adaptors to run on a USB duplicator. Plus with Vinpower’s dedicated standard SD and separate MicroSD card slots, there’s no need for MicroSD adapters either.

Check out Vinpower’s SD duplicator offerings and much more at the NAB trade show April 9th – 12th, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Lower Level, booth # SL8908.
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