Best to keep copies of your favorite holiday movies on optical discs, as they are not always available when you want to watch them.


One tradition we have at our house in December is to watch the animated and stop motion Claymation movies from the 70’s. Movies like A Charlie Brown Christmas, the Christmas Claymation movies from Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass, like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”, “Jack Frost”, plus so many other popular holiday classics. These movies were run frequently on regular broadcast over the air TV or “Free TV” throughout the month, however recently, a number of the pay streaming services started acquiring these classics and broadcasting them exclusively for their paid content audience. For instance, Apple TV acquired A Charlie Brown Christmas and now it cannot be shown anywhere except through Apple TV. That means if you don’t subscribe to Apple TV, because it’s too expensive, not enough programming to justify the cost, or you simply have 12 other video streaming platforms you already subscribe to and can’t justify adding another, then you can’t want this animated holiday classic.

Instead of being at the mercy of the video streaming services, instead, get these classics on DVD or Blu-ray so that you can watch them whenever and wherever you want. That’s why keeping and acquiring movies and even music on optical discs is still worthwhile, because you never can tell when something you want to watch or listen to will actually be available on the streaming services you subscribe to when you want to watch them.

CES 2022 is less than a month away, Vinpower is excited to have our biggest showing to date.

2022-CES-online (1)

With more than 15+ years exhibiting at CES, including a slight sabbatical in 2021 when CES put on an all-digital, Vinpower is ready and poised to return to an in person event and present our best showing ever at the 2022 CES tradeshow. After being a staple in the South Hall, we have made a huge jump up to exhibit in the Central Hall, along with the giants of the industry. For this we are shedding our previous exhibition images and will have a fresh new look with new products to best capture the essence of Vinpower and the Consumer Electronics Show.

We hope everyone can join us, but if you can’t, we will provide highlights and updates after the show. For those that plan to attend at least 1 of the days from January 5th – 8th, 2022, Vinpower’s booth will be located in Central Hall, booth # 15544. We look forward to seeing everyone and welcome those of you planning to attend to make an appointment to schedule a meeting with us today.

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The iXflash Cube has added security measures to make sure everyone’s files are protected.


In Taiwan this past week, there’s a huge scandal where a politician and her boyfriend had a huge dispute that led to possible criminal charges and certainly joint lawsuits against each other. The reason for the utter downfall of both their relationship and their sanity was due to infidelity on both sides. The reason any of this came to light was because of a shared mobile backup device that they didn’t realize they shared and discovered intimate secrets held on their phones.

The backup device in question is made by another company and doesn’t have any fail safe systems in place like the iXflash Cube does. So when each person plugged in their iPhone into the charger with this backup device connected, it backed up all their contents indiscriminately. That’s how both parties discovered the indiscretions that they kept on their iPhones.

The iXflash Cube offers the Trust Circle feature which restricts access to only those allowed into the trust circle. That way the iXflash won’t backup random iPhones or iPads that are not part of the Trust Circle and only those with access can use it. It allows people to keep their content private and not have accidental disclosures like other devices do.

So if you care about your content to want to make sure you have a secure backup and make sure others don’t load their content with yours, then the iXflash Cube is the best choice!

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