Using an iXflash to film video through your iPhone/iPad means you can directly upload the video to a video editing software without the extra steps.

cut out middleman direct film video edit

Video content is everywhere and we’re all creating it through our phones and tablets. Whether you’re creating video content for social media, online retail listings, entertainment, home videos, etc., if you’re creating the content to post, then frequently that content has to be transferred to a 3rd party video editing software to create the final cut. To do so, more often than not, means the user has to then find a way to download the raw video footage onto the device with the video editing software and that could be a full production in itself! Why go through the hassle when the iXflash makes it so easy?

For example, I often make videos of our products that we sell through various online retail sites, such as Amazon. In the past, I would use my iPhone to film the content, then I would need to either upload that video to the cloud and then download the file from the cloud to the computer I was using to edit with, or I would need to connect my iPhone to the computer, download the file through iTunes or another software and then upload that file again to the editing software. It’s time consuming and a hassle.

With the iXflash, I simply connect the iXflash to my iPhone, open the iXflash App and select the “CAMERA” function, and film whatever project I was working on as I ordinarily would with my iPhone camera function. When I’m done, all the content I filmed is stored directly on the iXflash drive, which I can then connect to any PC or Mac with the iXflash’s USB connection and open the video file(s) directly from whatever video editing software I want to use. There’s no waiting or concern about file compatibility. It streamlines the process and I go from shooting the video to editing right away.

If you use an iPhone or iPad to film content as a function of your job, the iXflash is the ideal time and money saver that you don’t want to be without!

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Vinpower invites you to visit us at booth location J0310 during Computex in TW, Jun 4 – 7, 2024

Visit Vin at Computex 2024

This will be a very big Computex for us as Vinpower is pulling out all the stops to highlight our existing and upcoming product launches, including live demonstrations of multiple new upcoming products, such as the highly anticipated iXCharger series and our never before seen PSSD line. We will have multiple iXCharger configurations, from the soon to release 65W model to the 110W and 140W versions as well. Plus, Vinpower will unveil a new product, which has never been seen or displayed anywhere else before in the world, our Portable SSD (PSSD) offering 10Gbps mobile SSD that is compatible with Apple iOS products, like an iPhone or iPad, which we collaborated with JMicron to develop.

We welcome all visitors to join us at our booth by making an appointment to meet with us at TWTC Nangang, J0310 between June 04, 2024 – June 07, 2024. We already have a number of appointment slots filled, so please contact us right away to schedule time while you are attending the show.

During the show, we will offer live demonstrations of our full smart mobile flash line, including the full updated lines of iXflash and iXflash Cube series, including the updated App features and Android compatibility. Plus, the one of a kind revolutionary iXCharger and PSSD will have live demonstrations for all to witness.

To get up close and personal with any of these devices as well as our outstanding legacy optical disc and flash duplication hardware, media, and accessories, contact us today to schedule a time for a private meeting with our knowledgeable staff.

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Give the mother’s in your life the gift that keeps on giving, an iXflash or iXflash Cube

iXflash happy mother's day

Mother’s Day is a special day as it allows all of us to appreciate all of the mothers that are in our lives. Whether that’s your own mother, grandmother, a spouse, or another family member or friend that is special to you. Being a mother is often a thankless job, so it’s important that we can reward them whenever we can, especially on such a special day, like Mother’s Day.

Of course, you can give them a traditional gift like chocolate or flowers. However, chocolates melt, flowers wilt, but what means the most are the memories everyone shared together. Make sure those memories don’t fade or get lost, protect them so they can live on forever by backing up the photos and videos onto an iXflash or an iXflash Cube.

As the children grow, the mom in your life will be happy being able to look back at all those wonderful moments captured over time. Never Miss a Memory by using the iXflash or iXflash Cube to backup and transfer those wonderful life moments, so everyone can enjoy them time and time again, now and into the future.

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