What does the future hold…?

Being in an industry that is centered on physical media, you constantly hear about the death of the CD or how streaming is going to make physical media a thing of the past. But in reality, physical media is the most secure and cheapest method of storing data and content. If you take into account the price of media these days in comparison to flash or the recurring monthly expenses paid for the opportunity to get online content from one’s hard drive, there’s a huge discrepancy. Physical media like optical discs (CD’s, DVD’s, and Blu-ray) cost just a few cents on average, while the alternatives cost considerably more. So why spend the extra money when it’s so easy to produce your own copies of nearly any material on these discs. So, in my opinion, the future is not bleak for optical media, but I see it as being just as in demand as any other storage option!

Vinpower sponsors Car Race

Jack Nicholson had an iconic line in the movie The Shinning where in his altered state he declared, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Well even though Vinpower and our staff have not gone insane, (which, I guess is up for debate), we are looking for something less dangerous than traipsing around an abandoned haunted hotel but every bit as exhilarating. What we found was a hobby outside of duplicators to throw in our collective excitement, car racing.

The below video shows some of the utter exhilaration from a recent “drifting” car race staged in Taiwan. Vinpower helped sponsor this event in collaboration with Torco Oil, a popular high end racing brand of motor oil. Check out for yourself why Vinpower is so excited about this latest venture and how what looks like insanity behind the wheel, can put us in a more relaxed frame of mind.


Multi-File CopyConnect

Since the introduction of the CopyConnect feature a few years ago, customers have been clamoring for an enhanced version of this feature. Vinpower Digital listens and last year, with the release of our new 3-series controllers, we introduced Multi-File CopyConnect.

With the standard CopyConnect feature, customers can drag and drop an ISO data file from the hard drive of a computer to the hard drive of the duplicator and begin making copies, all without having to make a master disc. This is an extremely useful feature but somewhat limiting, in that the only recognized file type is an ISO 9600+Joliet formatted file. Some customers have requested a version of the CopyConnect feature that is even easier to use. In response to these requests, Vinpower Digital has introduced an enhanced version of CopyConnect, called Multi-File CopyConnect. This allows a user to drag a file folder to the hard drive of the duplicator and use this to burn discs. With the advent of this enhanced feature, users do not need to know how to make an ISO file, sometimes a difficult concept for non-technical users.

The user drags over a file folder, loads the duplicator with discs of the appropriate size, and begins making copies. If a user copies a file folder with more than 700 MB of data and attempts to burn this data to CD, they will be informed that there is a size mismatch. This is true because they need to copy this much data to a DVD. So with Multi-File CopyConnect enabled on a 3-series controller, the only thing a user needs concern themselves with is whether or not they have inserted blank media of the appropriate size in the duplicator to make copies.