More evidence that physical media still has plenty of life.

Even though researchers generally agree that older generations (30+) have become accustomed to physical media and are more likely continue using it. It’s also a common belief that the younger generations, especially children will become accustomed to maintaining content in a digital realm. But current research has shown that not to be the case.

New research from The NPD Group found that 79 cents of every entertainment dollar spent by kids aged 2 to 14 was used on CDs, movie discs and video games, compared with 21 cents on content downloaded from the Internet. This shows that even when given the option of purchasing and storing digital content, young children are still more interested and comfortable with owning tangible items.

So when people want to pronounce the end of physical media, you’ll know that the evidence says differently.

How do you protect your content when the Cloud has a problem?

Apple had a press conference today to announce the release of their latest generation of iPhone – the 4S. But during that conference, they took the opportunity to discuss all of the Apple products with a great deal of emphasis on their “Cloud” computing. Of course this is a great instrument to be able to store any amount or type of digital content that can be accessed from anywhere in the world one has internet access.

But I ask, what happens when the “Cloud” encounters a major storm! Say for instance, there is a glitch that causes information to be accidentally deleted or relocated into someone else’s cloud? That brings up the point of security, what if a hacker breaks into the cloud and releases personal or confidential material to the public. Think it can’t happen, what about all the cell phones of celebrities that have been hacked and photos leaked to the public? Will there’s a will there’s way.

The only secure way to store important or sensitive content is on an optical disc. Flash devices like USB can be altered or erased, only optical discs cannot be altered and with the latest archival grade discs on the market now, they can be stored safely for in some cases hundreds of years. So, do you really want to trust your precious memories, confidential information, critical research files, or anything that matters to you, to a cloud or on a disc that gives greater protection and assurance?