World Backup Day started in 2011, but the meaning is just as important today – Back-up your content!


So much of our lives revolve around digital content. Many people now keep a majority of their pictures, movies, music, games, finances, work files, and so much more stored as digital files, typically all in a single location like a computer or in cloud storage. The problem with that is, if anything ever happened to that item or cloud service where all these items are stored, then you could have your entire inventory of content wiped out in the blink of an eye. I’m not here to promote doom and gloom, and the odds may be low, but it’s incredibly easy to make a simple backup of all these files that would give you piece of mind and the security to protect your most important digital content. It could be as simple and keep 2 external hard drives that are synced frequently and kept in two completely different locations.

By implementing a secure redundancy of all your important digital files, it provides a safe guard that could mean the difference between losing everything and having piece of mind. Just by merely storing those important files on multiple external hard drives or optical discs and keeping the backups in a different location would drastically decrease the chances you will have a catastrophic loss.

Vinpower provides all the tools needed to easily and successfully backup all your digital content on to physical media and keep them safe and secure for decades to come.

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An estimated 1.5 trillion pictures will be taken in 2022, where will they store them all?


A recent article I read, “How Many Photos Will be Taken in 2022?”, By Susan Enfield discussed our obsession with taking pictures and the trajectory of how those pictures are taken, stored, and what it means. Everyone that has a smartphone knows that its primary function is to take pictures. At least that’s been my experience. The problem is, people take tons of pictures, with higher resolutions and therefore larger file sizes, and never take them off their smartphones. Sure, some people use some form of cloud service to back them up, but even that’s a small minority of the overall population. In reality, the images typically sit on the phone until someone either deletes them or you buy a phone with more memory and transfer the images there. Most of those people would love to have an easy hassle free method to transfer those images to keep them safe outside their phones, but aren’t aware of a method how.

Well, Vinpower has the answer. The iXflash Cube is the simple way to backup all the photos and videos from an iPhone or iPad without pushing a single button. The iXflash Cube connects to an iPhone/iPad’s existing charging cube and cable and from there, after downloading the iXflash Cube App and the initial setup, every time you connect your iPhone or iPad to that charger, the iXflash Cube will automatically begin the backup process. All the images stored on that iPhone will be backed up onto the drive in its original state with its existing file name, format, date stamp, location, etc. Additionally, the iXflash Cube can also backup the images and videos stored in your iCloud for additional protection.

Not sure you need the iXflash Cube, here are some interesting anticipated stats for 2022 from the above mentioned article:
• More than 90% of all pictures/videos taken will be through a smartphone
• Nearly 9 trillion unique digital photos will be taken
• That equates to about 188 pictures per year for every man, woman, and child in the world

Those numbers are sobering, but I know I take probably 188 pictures a month. That’s why I’m glad I have an iXflash Cube to backup and store those images on an external hard drive for safe keeping. Plus, I don’t have to pay monthly fees or contribute to global warming keeping my images on a server farm that uses huge magnitudes of electricity. So if you want to save money and the planet, and you take a fair amount of pictures or videos with an iPhone or iPad, the iXflash Cube is the perfect solution for you too.

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The iXflash Cube is the perfect backup companion and this new video shows its key benefits


Unless you’re not reading my weekly email blasts, you are probably familiar with me touting our latest product, the iXflash Cube. Of course, hearing (or reading) me go on and on about how easy it is to use and the benefits of backing up your iPhone or iPad doesn’t carry the same weight as watching a video showing how easy it is to use and why it’s so useful. That’s why we created this quick video that you can watch from the below YouTube link:

The iXflash Cube is available on Amazon through the below links: Type A version:

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Vinpower had a strong response for optical discs during CES 2022 tradeshow


Even though there’s a false narrative that the optical disc market is dead, we still had a lot of interest at the 2022 CES for optical discs. We acknowledge that the market has decreased from its heyday in the mid 2000’s, but there is still a market and with fewer manufacturers offering quality optical discs, we seeing an uptick in demand. Because Vinpower is one of the few companies still focused and offering high quality optical discs, there was increased interest from attendees all over the globe in the media offering we showed at the CES tradeshow.

If you’re looking for new media solutions that provide the ultimate quality at the best pricing, contact Vinpower to see what product offerings we can assist you with.

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