Piodata was created specifically for the duplication market to fill the void left by the top Japanese ODD manufacturers


Piodata is an offshoot of a major optical disc drive (ODD) manufacturer catering to the duplication market. With the numbers of manufacturers for the common ODD used in optical disc duplicators decreasing, Piodata has remained. Piodata filled the gap as the key tier 1 Japanese ODD factory decided to exit the market. The Piodata DVS-S21DBK and the DVS-S21DBK PLUS are readily available and remain focused on the important global duplication market.

Advantages of Piodata:

1. Maintain quality and reliability by establishing a fixed BOM design, ensuring the main ODD components will not use downgraded parts.
2. Fine-tuned to maintain superior burning quality and speed, preventing “Donut Rings” on the recording layer for more stable payback.
3. Supports 4X DVD burn speed, providing the best burning quality.
4. The Piodata* drive uses enhanced components for the drive tray belt, enabling the tray to operate up to 6 times longer than a standard ODD drive tray under similar conditions.
5. The Piodata* is outfitted with a top quality OPU as well as an enhanced heat sink kit. This increases the burning stability (better quality), as well as prolongs the drives sustainability and reliability.
6. The Piodata* is able to continuously operate 24/7 by transferring heat faster through higher grade IC heat sink kit.

*Available on the DVR-S21DBK-PLUS model only.

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Be the first to see a wide range of new products from Vinpower at the Computex tradeshow in Taiwan.

Computex 2017

Vinpower is pulling out all the stops at the 2017 Computex trade show in Taiwan, taking place May 30th – June 3rd at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Vinpower’s booth will be located at TWTC Nangang, J1212, where we will be showcasing our Duplication grade media, hardware and the latest advances in duplication writer drives, including the upcoming Optiarc and Piodata series. In addition, we will highlight our professional line of flash and HDD/SSD duplicators and introduce a new series of flash drives and related products, including the iXflash. To fully appreciate all the new and improved products Vinpower will showcase, you’ll certainly have to visit and see for yourselves.

Computex is one of the largest CE and ICT expos today, and attracts visitors from all over the world looking for technology products and partners. Vinpower has exhibited at Computex for over 10 years and has seen first-hand how much it’s grown. If you plan to attend Computex, this is a great opportunity to schedule an appointment to visit our booth to see our latest product offerings and how we can help your business grow within the duplication and memory market. We will be located at Booth # J1212 inside the NangGang Exhibition Hall of TWTC.

To schedule an appointment for a meeting during Computex, or for more details about the many product offerings available and upcoming, visit www.vinpowerdigital.com, or contact a Vinpower representative today.

Vinpower will release the latest in the prestigious line of enhanced duplication writer drives, with the upcoming Optiarc 5290 model

Optiarc is back

For years, the Optiarc series of CD/DVD internal writer drives were the gold standard in the duplication market. When Sony decided to stop production of these drives, it left a hole in the market for a top quality affordable writer drive that can work in both manual towers and robotic autoloaders. Recognizing the void in the market, Vinpower worked with the original designers for the Optiarc drive to create the current model, the Optiarc AD5290S series. This drive will take the duplication market by storm as it did when it first hit the market nearly 15 years ago.

The new Optiarc series will have the same functionality of the last model but with improved performance and functionality. We will release more details of the drive’s features and availability closer to the release date, which is expecting to be late May or early June.

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Vinpower Digital would like to thank everyone that visited our booth at the NAB trade show

NAB 2017 after show

Vinpower would like to thank everyone that visited our booth during the 2017 NAB trade show. We look forward to further discussions about our product offerings. Each year the turnout is tremendous and the customer feedback has been very positive and encouraging that we are on the right track.

The NAB attendees were very pleased to view our expanded product offering, especially our large scale 128 port USB duplicator, latest line of iPhone and iPad flash storage and security devices, media offerings, publishing systems. The “iDevice” flash drives allow individuals to back up all of their photos and videos from their iPhones and iPads and well as play back stored content like movies and music without using their iPhone’s or iPad’s internal memory. In addition, there was a lot of attention for our enhanced USB and SD/Micro SD flash duplicators. These larger systems allow users to copy even more devices asynchronously or simultaneously than any of our previous systems. Additionally, we showed the Cronus publishing series offering our exclusive BCP Blu-ray copy protection. This series of publishing systems offers the ability to embed true copy protection on DVD and Blu-ray and soon to offer the world’s only AACS copy protection through a standalone duplicator. We showcased many other useful Vinpower hardware and media offerings.

For those who unfortunately could not visit us at NAB, you are always welcome to visit our website at www.vinpowerdigital.com, or contact us directly at one of our branch offices in the USA, Europe, Taiwan, or China. We thank all of our loyal and happy customers, partners, and friends and look forward to continued advancements and success throughout this year and beyond!