Vinpower’s method of adding write protection to its USB drives prevents Viruses or Malware from spreading

USB write protect

It’s a common occurrence nowadays when someone has contracted a virus on their computer or it was infected by malware, perhaps you’ve even personally been affected. These infestations can range from the mundane to totally catastrophic. Most often these harmful programs infect our computers through phishing emails or clicking on the wrong websites. People can often protect themselves by being aware and diligent as to what links they click on or through antivirus software. Though there is another threat that many people don’t pay close attention to, the potential risk of sharing USB flash drives. If someone using a USB flash drive has viruses or malware on their computer, they can inadvertently transfer those pests from their computer to that USB flash drive. Those viruses will lay dormant where they will wait to pounce on an unsuspecting victim who also plugs what they think to be an innocuous USB flash drive into their computer. Similar to sharing a hat with a person who has head lice, as the lice crawls from the hat of the afflicted person onto the unsuspecting victim who puts the hat on, the computer viruses will transfer onto the unsuspecting computer, infecting it and any other computers that USB drive is plugged in and opened.

Vinpower has a way to prevent the spread of viruses and malware from computer to computer through USB flash drives. Using our USBShark or USBDupeBox USB duplicators along with write protect capable USB drives from Vinpower, the user can add write protection to every USB copy they make. In doing so, the write protected USB flash drives are impervious to anything infecting it or those infections passing from one device to another. The key is, once you convert the USB flash drive to a write protected / read only drive, the USB flash drive will not allow any new data to enter or transfer to another device, preventing any potential viruses or malware from infecting the USB flash drive.

If your company needs to create content onto USB flash drives for your employees, customers, or for any reason, you can rest assured that those drives will not spread harmful viruses by using Vinpower’s Write Protection / Read Only feature. Then when you want to allow user(s) to be able to alter and/or add new content on the USB flash drive(s), simply place the protected drive(s) into the Vinpower USB duplicator and turn off the write protect / read only feature. Within seconds the drive is back to its original state.

Don’t take any chances with your infrastructure, make sure you take as many precautions as you can to combat the rampant expansion of viruses and malware constantly attacking our personal and work-related computer content.

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The ACARD controller is the world’s only Authentic Native SATA controller for duplicators


With Vinpower’s acquisition of ACARD’s duplication product line, it allows Vinpower to continue to offer ACARD authentic line of optical disc and hard drive controllers. The benefit of this is that ACARD was the 1st and only duplication controller manufacturer to offer true Native SATA controllers. The benefit of the native SATA is that it provides the best solution in terms of compatibility with SATA components. Since all other controllers require a bridge adaptor to interface with a SATA connected device, this adds another component into the mix. Adding the bridge board increases the number of devices needed to interface with the SATA device as well as the overall cost.

By using the ACARD native SATA controllers, it provides a true SATA to SATA connection and reduces the overall cost of the controller hardware, making the ACARD controller an attractive offering, especially in emerging markets where costs are a bigger concern. So if you’ve used ACARD in the past or you’re looking for an alternative to your current controller option, Vinpower can supply you with an authentic ACARD controller with true Native SATA interface.

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Vinpower’s Pearl White DVD-R is the best replacement for the previous Princo media

pearl white princo

If you used to buy Princo media in the past, you are probably disappointed that the company is no longer selling recordable DVD’s. Princo was unique in the industry as they stood out from traditional DVD-R media by having a white non-printable surface. This white surface was a calling card for Princo and for those that used the media. The popularity wasn’t just for the white surface, but something about Princo made it possible to burn the Princo media even when the recording drive’s laser was dying and not as strong as before. When many other DVD-R would not burn correctly and fail, the Princo DVD-R would be able to successfully burn the full content. Many attributed the ability to still be copied even though other discs failed to the “special” white coating on the disc surface.

Now that Princo DVD-R media is no longer available, Vinpower has stepped in to offer a Princo like DVD-R, in our Pearl White DVD-R. The Vinpower Pearl White DVD-R has all the benefits of the Princo DVD-R, but is more reliable and currently available around the globe. If you liked the Princo DVD-R performance, you’ll love the Pearl White DVD-R, as it raises the bar on the quality, reliability, and playback in comparison to the Princo DVD-R.

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The iXflash supports the FLAC audio format through its iPhone / iPad APP, even though Apple and iTunes do not.

iXflash flac support

If you are an audiophile that only wants to listen to the best audio quality digital music files, then you are probably already familiar with the FLAC format. If you are not familiar, here’s a short explanation. According to the official website, “FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. This is similar to how Zip works, except with FLAC you will get much better compression because it is designed specifically for audio,…”

So, the FLAC format is better than MP3, great, everyone should just download all their songs as FLAC files, what’s the big deal? The key is, if you like listening to music through your iPhone/iPad, you’re out of luck because Apple doesn’t support the format through their Music / iTunes player, including your iPhone or iPad. That’s where Vinpower’s iXflash comes in to save the day. Even though Apple doesn’t support FLAC, you can listen to all of your songs saved in the FLAC format through an iPhone or iPad by using the iXflash APP. Whether you’re storing your FLAC music files on the iXflash drive itself or directly inside the iXflash App on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily hear every Lossless note of your flawless audio files.

The reason why you can listen to the FLAC audio files through the iXflash APP is because Vinpower implemented a special iPhone / iPad friendly software that allows our APP to store and playback files that are typically not recognized by Apple’s iOS. This gives the user many more options in the types of content they can store and fully playback through the iXflash App on any supported iPhone and iPad. If you don’t like being restricted and want to maximize your listening pleasure, select the iXflash so you too can have a true lossless quality of life, I mean audio…

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