More Evidence of Blu-ray Making a Larger Impact on the Market

I have been touting Blu-ray and the replacement for DVD in the video world for a while and although there’s still a ways to go, it looks like that premonition is quickly turning more into a reality. Based on a recent article from CDRinfo (, studies show that even with increases in the digital distribution of video content, Blu-ray integration continues to make significant headway in the market. In the US alone the sales of Blu-ray content is up 80% and Blu-ray players increased more than 100% compared to sales from the previous year.

The economic crisis which began in 2008, most likely played a big factor in slowing the conversion from DVD to Blu-ray, but recent data seems to point to Blu-ray rising this year with continued substantial growth still to come.


Political Presence in Dubai

As we have for the past 5 years, Vinpower Digital is exhibiting at the Gitex trade show in Dubai, U.A.E. However this year we had some very special visitors and some high ranking government officials from Taiwan personally visited our booth to learn more about our products. It was an honor to host them and we are proud to say they were very impressed with our product line and felt we had very good quality equipment with intelligent designs. Below I have posted photos of our esteemed visitors:

Azmi Chang, (Director General of Commercial Office Of Taiwan to Dubai )

Cindy Chen, (Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufactures Association Vice president)

Tom Tung-chung Tseng, (Director of Taiwan Trade Center, Dubai)

img_1662.jpg img_1664.jpg img_1665.jpg

img_1666.jpg img_1667.jpg img_1668.jpg

Blu-ray Player Sales on the Rise

Recently I read an article online from CDR Info ( which discussed the growth in Blu-ray players (excluding PS3 gaming consoles). This article specifically covered the 3 largest growth markets including the USA, Europe, & Japan which combined look to account for 24 million units sold in 2010.

These are impressive numbers, but in reality it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Blu-ray is undoubtedly the format of the future when it comes to video content. However, going back to the early days of the video tape, this is the first format that required a specific TV format (HDTV) in order to enjoy the picture quality and enhancements that Blu-ray offers. So the transition has not been as smooth or as quick as DVD from VHS, but it is rapidly taking affect.

So when someone is contemplating whether they should produce their video project in HD and begin offering a Blu-ray version, they should really think about whether they want to be stuck in the past or be a part of the future. There is a difference and the consumers are recognizing this and making that change to Hi-Def, and they will demand that their content also be in HD.

Battle Of The Bay!

pirate.jpg     VS     forty-niner.jpg 

   The battle of the Bay has arrived! The Forty Niners of San Francisco will take on the Raiders of Oakland for bragging rights on who is best to represent the Bay Area. Well to this point, it appears that the Niners would not be the best to carry that torch being that they have not won a game in the 5 weeks of the 2010 season. On the other hand, you have the Raiders who have still not quite righted their ship since the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay pillaged their ship in the 2003 season. Therefore, you have the best of the worst battling for bragging rights in an irrelevant war. If you had a Vinpower Digital duplicator, you would be able to duplicate the video footage of prouder days for both of these teams. For now, you have Sunday where these two-hated rivals will go head to head and you’re guaranteed to see a fight!