World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The World Witnessed a Brilliant Moment in Taiwan History.


For the very first time in Taiwan’s history, we hosted a world sporting event in the World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung hosted by Kaohsiung City. There are nearly 5,000 athletes and coaches from over 103 countries that participated in the World Games 2009.


Although these athletes come from different countries and speak different languages, they all share a common World Games spirits, which are peace, friendship and cooperation.
The Chinese Taipei team grabbed 8 Gold Medals, 9 Silver medals and 7 Bronze Medals in several games such as “BODYBUILDING”, “JU-JITSU”,”ROLLER SPORTS SPEED”, “TUG OF WAR INDOOR” and “KORFBALL”

The host city- Kaohsiung designed a variety of fine arts as gifts. People can buy them as souvenirs at shops, hotel boutiques or at the department stores.

02.jpg 01.jpg

We found one of the gift designs matched almost exactly the gift that Vinpower Digital delivered to our valued customers at Computex 2009. We designed a gift that shows our sincere nature and represents the sprit of Vinpower Digital – Integration. With its elegant feature, we also included the graphic of Vinpower’s unique products like the SharkCopier and The CUBE to make this gift stand out more.

World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung lasted until July 26, and even with the games over, Kaohsiung City welcomes nationwide tourists to visit the site of this splendid and once-in-a-lifetime event!

Vinpower Taiwan Marvels at the Solar Eclipse

The total solar eclipse of July 22, 2009 appeared at approx 9:00~10:00am Taiwan time today. Chinese mythology refers to a solar eclipse as the “celestial dog” which is thought to eat the sun during an eclipse. Since this is not a common event, it was a great opportunity and bonding experience for members of our Taiwan office to marvel in this amazing occurrence.

Contact phase observation taken by our very own professional photographer, Jerry Fu

This is not the best way to take a solar eclipse picture, best to leave it to the professionals!

Another example of what not to do during a solar eclipse. Do not look directly at the sun during an eclipse, even when it looks as though there’s minimum exposure. It is just as dangerous as looking directly at the sun itself during a normal day. Self-made solar filters using floppy disk removed from its case, a Compact Disc, a black color slide film, etc. must be avoided at all costs. Hey girls! That’s incorrect.

All the smiles during the eclipse, a great way to show off a magical day!

Training Session

Recently we held a training seminar over 2 days for a couple of our international distributors at our USA corporate office. This seminar was intended to train the technical support staff from these companies so that they can be better prepared to handle any and all tech support calls they receive in their region. It was an overwhelming success and everyone involved was pleased with the schedule and outcome. Due to the positive feedback we have decided to make the training seminars regular occurrence, so whether a company is foreign or domestic, we will provide training so that everyone can provide top notch technical support.

img_0092.jpg img_0093.jpg img_0097.jpg
The above photos show how involved the training seminar was as the participants participated in building up our equipment from a bare system. That way they will gain more intimate knowledge with the product and how to support them.

img_0143.jpg img_0201.jpg img_0206.jpg
Of course we didn’t want our guests getting bored focusing only on duplicators, so we added in some social events. That way we can balance the body, mind and spirit so that each participant will have a better understanding of our products and of who the people are that support them from our side.