All of Vinpower’s Optical Disc Duplicators can accommodate the largest available 8TB HDD’s


The fact that an 8TB hard drive exists is quite amazing, given that magnitude of the content that could be stored on that drive. So the fact that all of Vinpower’s optical disc duplicators, manual towers and autoloaders, can utilize the 8TB HDD to store projects/jobs, is also an impressive feat. It’s also fair to think, why would anyone need such a large HDD inside a duplicator.

When you think about the fact that content is getting larger and larger, for instance, UHD/4K content could be over 100GB per disc, then it’s easy to see how a user would need a much greater amount of space to store each project for future duplication jobs. Couple that with Vinpower’s new Blu-ray Copy Protection (BCP) feature, where the protected files would need to reside on the HDD to make additional protected copies without requiring additional licenses, and the amount of space needed could add up quickly.
Regardless of whether you’ll need an 8TB HDD for your duplicator or not, the key is that Vinpower strives to stay ahead of the curve and is constantly expanding the boundaries of what’s possible for our duplication hardware.

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The iConnect Mini is a valuable resource for anyone with an iPhone or iPad

iConnect Mini

The iConnect Mini is an ideal companion for owners of iPhones with a lightning connection as it provides up to 128GB* of added storage, backs-up photos and videos with Apple Touch ID protection, and easily transfers content quickly between your iPhone and a computer or tablet through its high speed USB 3.0 connection.

The iConnect Mini expands your iPhone’s storage capacity, especially on the lower capacity 16GB iPhones. The iConnect Mini allows you to take more high-resolution 12 megapixel photos, live photos, 4K videos, and store them directly in its memory without using up precious storage on the iPhone’s internal memory. The iConnect Mini has an extendable Lightning connector that allows it to stay connected to an iPhone without needing to remove the exterior protective casing.

The iConnect Mini allows the user to backup images and videos with the push of a single button. The iConnect Mini is so fast that it can back-up over 1,000 pictures captured through the iPhone camera and transfer it to the iConnect Mini in just over 4 minutes.

iConnect Mini lets you easily transfer and share files on all your devices without needing to interface through iTunes or iCloud. Share content stored on your iPhone directly to your computer or from your computer on to your iPhone, via the iConnect with dual-interface USB3.0 and Apple-certified Lightning connector. Easily back-up your data from your iPhone to your Mac or PC, or transfer media and other files from your Mac or PC onto your iPhone.

The sleek and modern design of PQI iConnect Mini is made to match your iPhone with matching metallic finish to pair it with your gold, grey and rose gold device. The 360 rotating cap conveniently protects the connector when not in use and can be attached to a keychain or carrier for easier transport and storage.

The PQI iConnect are engineered to meet Apple’s design specifications and are MFI (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) Certified.
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CMC to increase price amid Optical Disc shortage

As media manufacturers like Taiyo Yuden close their doors, the remaining companies, like CMC, are finding a much greater demand then their current production can handle. As shown in the below link to the CDRinfo article, CMC will have to both increase pricing and production will take longer for many customers in the near future. This will affect more than CMC, but is an industry wide problem for the remaining optical disc manufacturers. At this time, it’s critical to make sure you work closely with your source for media to make sure you can secure the quantity and formats you need when you need them.

Vinpower is fortunate to have strong production capabilities and smart forecasting to help navigate these times of scarcity. Contact us for your next media requirements and see how great our quality and reliability will be for your business.

Here’s the article I referenced:

Taiwan’s newly elected President, Tsai Ing-wen, visited Computex to highlight its importance on the global stage.

TW pres at computex

It’s not often that a head of State will visit an electronics tradeshow, but on Tuesday, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, took the opportunity to view for herself the latest in the consumer electronics at the Computex Trade show, taking place in Taipei, Taiwan. President Tsai Ing-wen’s visit showcases the importance of Computex to both Taiwan and the global landscape.