Internet-connected Electronics Are Fueling More Rentals, And Less Buying, In Home Entertainment

Got X-Box, or PS3? Then you may be part of the trend in America that is buying movies less and less and renting more and more.  Research is showing that consumers are going to their rental retailers direct from the conforts of their home.  No more being mad at the lady in front of you for taking the last copy of the lastest release. Sales are down in the area of 11% for this same time last year and that is directly reflecting in the increased numbers for the rental retailers. Sign of the times, or trendy; time will only tell.  

1TB Optical Disc Developed by TDK


YES, I did say 1TB optical disc!  New develpoments by TDK has created such a thing.  TDK created a dielectric material as the reflection film that provides a high light transmittance in order incident light to efficiently reach as far as innermost layer and produce a clear eye pattern (read-out signal).

The result is impressive: While the light transmittance of a single layer is 95.1%, it becomes just 72.6% for the total 16 layers of the disc. The specific material has been already used in the currently available Blu-ray discs, according to TDK. 

Imagin the possibilities!