Even if you already ripped your audio CD’s to mp3 files, better to rip them again as .WAV or FLAC files for a true music experience


The ability to rip audio music files from a CD onto your computer has been available for around 20 years now. If fact, many like myself, used iTunes to transfer content from their CD collection to their iTunes library years ago. However, the problem is that iTunes and many other ripping software often compressed the files tremendously to make them smaller and easier to store. That compression may make it easier to store a lot of music onto a hard drive without using much space, but to do so, you inevitably will give us significant sound quality at the same time. Sure, the song will sound fine, but when you compare it to the original uncompressed CD, the original audio CD sound quality is much richer and fuller.

As hard drive capacities became bigger and bigger and the price dropped lower and lower, capacity was no longer a luxury. Now with multi-Terabyte hard drives available for very little money, everyone can afford to upgrade their music collection to the true lossless audio files with .WAC or flac files. Then you can hear the music the way the artist intended and get the full auditory experience!

With Vinpower’s low cost RipBox or high capacity Cronus, you can rip your CD’s again with virtually no hassle! You wouldn’t watch a movie with chunks of background scenery missing, so why listen to partial music? Upgrade your music library today!

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Vinpower’s line of RipBox and Cronus systems now offer complete audio CD ripping capabilities


If you’re like me, you have shelves or possibly boxes full of CD’s you’ve collected over time and now they just sit there collecting dust. It’s not because you don’t enjoy the music any longer, but it’s just not as convenient anymore. What if I told you there is an easy and automated way you can rip your entire CD’s collection onto your computer or a portable hard drive quickly and accurately? It’s true, using the low cost Vinpower RipBox or the high production Cronus systems, you can set the discs into the input bins, walk away and let the systems do the work. Come back and find all the discs you loaded ripped needing to babysit or monotonously loading each disc 1 at a time into your computer drive, if you even still have one.

In fact, all the content will retain all the crucial metadata, like the artist name, song title, album title, and so much more. On top of that, you can save the files onto any type of format you’d like, including the more common .mp3 or for true audio files, onto lossless audio files like flac or .wav, to retain that authentic uncompressed sound as it was meant to be heard.

Maybe you already ripped all your CD’s a long time ago into iTunes or similar software, where they were all ripped as the extremely compressed files, losing a lot of the original sound quality the artist and producers worked so hard to create. Now you can easily and cheaply rip all the discs again into a high quality lossless audio file, like flac or .wav. Now you can once again listen to the music in its original uncompressed state for a more dynamic listening experience.

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Vinpower’s VDX-1 and Ripbox will have a new offering that will be unveiled next week, stay tuned…

Ripbox surprise

Under the current COVID-19 conditions, it seems everyday is becoming routine with few positive surprises to look forward to. Even the TV shows we watch can be binged, so there’s no longer the buildup of waiting a week to see the conclusion of whatever cliffhanger they left you with. We wanted to add a little suspense and hopefully excitement to your week by teasing a surprise announcement planned to be revealed the following week.

In the meantime, Vinpower has a wide variety or digital duplication and storage hardware and media available and we welcome everyone to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Vinpower’s line of Optiarc, Plextor, and PioData optical disc drives work with Windows 10


Recently, our tech support has received a number of requests for help with older drives that aren’t working with Windows 10. I don’t know if this is a wide spread issue or not, but there have been enough emails that make me feel it’s more than a coincidence. Most of these drives are older models, but it doesn’t explain why they are not being recognized by Windows 10.

Fortunately, Vinpower offers a ranges of CD/DVD writer drives that works with all OS versions on the market, including Windows 10. So if you or a customer is having issues with the half height internal burner, then replace it with a new model from Vinpower and leave those troubles behind.

The Vinpower offerings include the following models:

Optiarc Drives:
AD-5290S ROBOT PLUS (for autoloaders)

Plextor Drives:
PX-891SAF ROBOT PLUS (for autoloaders)

PioData Drives:

All of these models are available through multiple online retails including Amazon.

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