Using an iXflash to film video through your iPhone/iPad means you can directly upload the video to a video editing software without the extra steps.

ixflash easy film edit

Video content is everywhere and we’re all creating it through our phones and tablets. Whether you’re creating video content for social media, online retail listings, entertainment, home videos, etc., if you’re creating the content to post, then frequently that content has to be transferred to a 3rd party video editing software to create the final cut. To do so, more often than not, means the user has to then find a way to download the raw video footage onto the device with the video editing software and that could be a full production in itself! Why go through the hassle when the iXflash makes it so easy?

For example, I often make videos of our products that we sell through various online retail sites, such as Amazon. In the past, I would use my iPhone to film the content, then I would need to either upload that video to the cloud and then download the file from the cloud to the computer I was using to edit with, or I would need to connect my iPhone to the computer, download the file through iTunes or another software and then upload that file again to the editing software. It’s time consuming and a hassle.

With the iXflash, I simply connect the iXflash to my iPhone, open the iXflash App and select the “CAMERA” function, and film whatever project I was working on as I ordinarily would with my iPhone camera function. When I’m done, all the content I filmed is stored directly on the iXflash drive, which I can then connect to any PC or Mac with the iXflash’s USB connection and open the video file(s) directly from whatever video editing software I want to use. There’s no waiting or concern about file compatibility. It streamlines the process and I go from shooting the video to editing right away.

If you use an iPhone or iPad to film content as a function of your job, the iXflash is the ideal time and money saver that you don’t want to be without!

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Optical Disc Drives show Sci-Fi blurs the lines between functional and decorative.

Transformers Drive decor

Recently, I took my family to Universal Studios Hollywood to enjoy the movie magic and some thrilling rides. One of those rides was Transformers: The Ride 3-D. While waiting in line for the ride, low and behold, I see a familiar item. Optical Disc Drives installed in the wall as decoration for a fictional US military base used by the military and the Autobots, for protection against the evil Decepticons. Seems I should explain.

One of the great things about Universal Studios is the exceptional detail they put into creating the environments while waiting in line for all of their rides. The ride itself is only part of the experience, given that you spend 10x longer in line than the ride itself. So, while you’re in line, you’re immersed into the theme of the ride. In this case, the theme is hi-tech mechanical devices, which all of them could be harmless equipment or an actual sentient being that’s in disguise.

Since all the decorations are interactive, it was fun to watch my kids harmlessly push buttons and play with devices, like the optical disc drives, which they wouldn’t interact with at home. The ride shows me that the designers and engineers behind the ride feel optical disc drives will certainly continue to be relevant in the future, and they make awesome hi-tech decorations as well.

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The iXflash Cube provides peace of mind every time you charge your iPhone or iPad!

iXflash Cube peace of mind

The reality is, smart phones and tablets are our default cameras. We always have them with us and we use it to take pictures of everything from life affirming events to the meal we’re about to eat. Now consider that more than 80% of those people never backup that content and those images reside on their smart device indefinitely. The problem is, 70 million smartphones are lost each year, with only 7 percent recovered. That means roughly 80% of those 70 million people will lose all those images forever with no recourse.

The key is that even though those millions of people realize they should have backed up their content, for one reason or another they didn’t. Maybe they didn’t know how? Possibly, they thought the only option was paying for a cloud service and didn’t have the means or just didn’t want to add another monthly expense? Another reason could be they purchased a device, like our iXflash drive, that they could use to backup, but because they have to remember to manually connect the device and perform the backup, they just never got around to it?

All of these reasons are valid, but now they are obsolete! Vinpower has released the iXflash Cube, which connects to the charging cable for an iPhone and/or iPad and will perform a full backup automatically, every time the iPhone / iPad is plugged in to charge. Everyone needs to charge their iPhone / iPad, and it’s generally done at least once per day. The iXflash Cube takes all the hassle out of performing a backup, because it takes place automatically while the device is charging without any added operation or action taking by the device owner. It’s seamless and the backed up content could be easily transferred to a computer or restored onto another mobile device.

No one wants to think about losing their mobile device, but the iXflash Cube lessens the impact of that loss by knowing your important pictures and videos are safe and easily retrievable.

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PlexDisc optical disc media is the only media you need!

Plexdisc media all you need

If you receive an email from me every week and read its contents, then you probably either have a lot of time on your hands or you frequently use or sell optical discs. Given that it’s probably the later, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the incredible quality, reliability, and affordability of the PlexDisc line of optical discs! Available in virtually every format, including CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, BD-R, and BD-R DL, we’re certain to have the media that best meets your needs at a price point that is just as appealing. Plus, we offer the PlexDisc media in a variety of surfaces, including shiny silver top, logo top, white thermal printable, white & silver inkjet printable, and the exclusive Liquid Defense Plus line of glossy water resistant white inkjet printable versions.

Maybe you’re someone that is a visual learner and gain more from seeing the product rather than just hearing me rave about it. Well, here’s a recent YouTube video about our PlexDisc media that emphasizes what I was saying:

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The Pioneer 212V drive shows its versatility, proven to work with 8cm CD-R’s

Pioneer 8cm CD

At one time, small 8cm CD-R’s were a popular novelty disc and all drives had to be able to read and write to them. Overtime, the novelty was over and the small discs were fewer and harder to find. With that, many of the drive manufacturers no longer felt the need to support the niche format. However, there is still a marketplace for these specialty 8cm CD-R’s and the Pioneer 212V drive recognizes the need to support all forms of recordable optical discs. The Pioneer 212V is the perfect write/read drive for nearly all formats of recordable optical discs including BD-R/RE, BD-R DL, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, CD-R (including 8cm).

In addition, the Pioneer BDR-212V ROBOT PLUS version is available with an extended tray and enhanced mechanisms that allow it to work with nearly all robotic automated publishing systems and duplicators. Vinpower’s Pioneer BDR-212V ROBOT PLUS drive is enhanced to allow thousands of in and out operation without failure. We physically modify each drive to handle the rigors of the automated duplication environment, especially for robotic autoloader publishers and duplicators.

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Even if you already ripped your audio CD’s to mp3 files, better to rip them again as .WAV or FLAC files for a true music experience

Loseless audio vs MP3

The ability to rip audio music files from a CD onto your computer has been available for around 20 years now. If fact, many like myself, used iTunes to transfer content from their CD collection to their iTunes library years ago. However, the problem is that iTunes and many other ripping software often compressed the files tremendously to make them smaller and easier to store. That compression may make it easier to store a lot of music onto a hard drive without using much space, but to do so, you inevitably will give us significant sound quality at the same time. Sure, the song will sound fine, but when you compare it to the original uncompressed CD, the original audio CD sound quality is much richer and fuller.

As hard drive capacities became bigger and bigger and the price dropped lower and lower, capacity was no longer a luxury. Now with multi-Terabyte hard drives available for very little money, everyone can afford to upgrade their music collection to the true lossless audio files with .WAC or flac files. Then you can hear the music the way the artist intended and get the full auditory experience!

With Vinpower’s low cost RipBox or high capacity Cronus, you can rip your CD’s again with virtually no hassle! You wouldn’t watch a movie with chunks of background scenery missing, so why listen to partial music? Upgrade your music library today!

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When the power goes out, your data is still safe on optical discs

Discs - power out data safe

Recently, there was yet another article on how the cloud is vulnerable and that we shouldn’t rely on it solely. In the below article, it mentions how a cloud service had a major power outage in one of their US data centers that “…impacted all power supply sources, including the backup generators, which in turn caused a cascading issue and resulted in degraded performance.” Because of this incident, their customers were unable to access their content for quite some time and it’s not certain if any of the content was permanently lost.

That’s why optical discs should be an integral part of any company or person’s archival storage to guard against unexpected issues like these that can take a cloud service offline and prevent thousands or even millions of people from accessing their data. Keeping content on archival discs allows those to both retain data and be able to access it when needed anywhere they are.

Read the article for yourself:

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With the iXflash Cube, you don’t need to buy a new iPhone because your current iPhone’s memory is full.

No need for new iPhone with iXflash

Here’s a personal antidote regarding the benefits of the iXflash Cube taken from a real life story of a relative. While visiting my aunt and uncle recently, my aunt told me that she had to buy the latest iPhone because her previous iPhone, which was only 2 years old, had ran out of storage due to all the pictures she took. She said she kept getting messages that her iCloud storage was full, even after she offloaded a number of images. Instead, she opted to buy a new iPhone with a larger capacity and transfer the content from one iPhone to the other.

I told her I could save her the trouble and the expense by simply using the iXflash Cube to automatically backup her pictures and videos on her iPhone and from her iCloud every time she plugged her iPhone in to charge. I showed her how it does a complete backup of all the pictures and videos and that it won’t duplicate existing images when backing up. Plus, if my uncle uses it to backup his iPhone, all his images will go to a separate identifiable folder, so they will both keep their images separate but easy to identify.

Another important factor to my aunt was the ability to take pictures off her iPhone and put them back on when she wanted to. I showed here that not only could she back up the images and easily use the USB connection to load them onto her computer, but also all the images and videos retained their original names, date/time stamps, locations, format, etc. That way, she could restore any and all images/videos onto her iPhone or any iPhone/iPad easily and quickly.

With this simple inexpensive iXflash Cube, I showed my aunt how she could have saves hundreds of dollars and continue to take and keep as many pictures and videos as she wants with no added effort on her part. She was convinced and bought one immediately, how about you?

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