Duplicate Moments


One of the first duplicators known to man would be the camera that we use to duplicate moments in time for eternity. Take a moment to look back at all the pictures you have ever posed for, or better yet think of the last picture you saw of yourself that you didn’t remember posing for; this is what this duplicator was created to do. Capturing a moment in your life and making it timeless. Therefore, if you’re the person taking the pictures turn that thing around and have a picture of you taken to add with the ones you took. Time is a precious gift often never appreciated until it’s too late. So along with duplicating precious moments for eternity, take the time given to you to appreciate the moment while you’re in the moment.    


SEPTEMBER!?!? This is that time of year when the working classes just realize that the year is almost over. There are no more paid holidays to look forward to until November, and you are quickly approaching the 4th quarter. Too late, to look back now, hope you were productive. Your 1099 or W-2 will clearly answer that one for you. I say all this to say my favorite cliché of all… Carpe Diem – Seize the day. Get up, get out, and get something. Be productive to the best of your ability and then when you look up and it is September 2011 your not wondering where the year went because you would know where it went, and have something to show for it. Then you can get with Doc Brown (Back to the Future) and figure out how to use a Vinpower Digital Duplicator to duplicate the year repeatedly.