Only the Optiarc 5280S-CB PLUS drive can overburn DVD+R DL up to 8.7GB, here’s a video that shows it


The below video link shows how the Sony Optiarc 5280S-CB-PLUS can effectively overburn many commonly available 8.5GB DVD+R DL media up to 8.7GB. The fact that the 5280S-CB-PLUS drive is the only model on the market that can offer this overburn feature showcases just 1 of the many benefits over alternative CD/DVD writer drives. Perhaps you don’t require this feature every day, but when you do, isn’t it better to know that it’s available rather than having no option at all. For those that frequently have projects that expand beyond the 8.5GB threshold, there is no other option on the market upon which you can rely.

For more details on the Sony Optiarc 5280S-CB-PLUS drive and for locations where you can purchase it from, visit our website; Optiarc 5280S-CB-PLUS or contact a Vinpower rep today.

All of Vinpower’s signature series DVD duplication products include enhanced burning capabilities, especially DVD+R DL Overburn 8.7GB functionality.


The duplication market is constantly in flux. We have seen once dominant companies in the industry going out of business or changing their focus, which makes it harder for those who rely on duplication for their livelihood or simply need reliable methods for making occasional copies, to get the right products for their needs. Surely, one can find duplication equipment online easily, but many of those selling such equipment are settling for inferior equipment in order to minimize costs or their previous suppliers are no longer in business.

Fortunately, Vinpower remains strong and committed to the duplication market by ensuring that all of our duplication products meet our high standards. That includes maintaining leading edge features such as the ability to overburn DVD+R DL media beyond the standard spec of 8.5GB, up to 8.7GB.

The reason for this enhanced feature is that many who use DVD+R DL discs often find that the content they intend to copy is often just slightly larger than 8.5GB’s. This will make the duplication process fail in most other equipment; however, using a Vinpower DVD SharkCopier, TITAN, Aero, Cronus, or any of the Xerox Duplication line, allows the user to push past the listed 8.5GB media capacity limitation up to a more than adequate 8.7GB. Even though 200MB may not seem like a significant difference, for those that have a project they need to copy that is even just 5MB larger than 8.5GB, it makes all the difference in the world.

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