CDRLabs states, “…their new (Optiarc) VP series SSD, they’ve delivered a drive that focuses first, and foremost, on data integrity and long term reliability.”

Optiarc SSD CDRLabs

Data retention has become an integral concern in the flash storage industry. As the capacity continues to increase with advanced 3D NAND flash memory technology, currently utilizing 96-layer memory cells, SSD manufacturers are able to increase flash memory storage while decreasing the devices physical footprint. The problem is that 3D NAND cells are built vertically in strings, meaning a defect in a single cell will most likely negatively affect the performance of the entire cell string. This minor contamination could lead to massive failure potentially causing total data loss. Think about losing all your stored photo and video content on your computer’s SSD hard drive because a few cells were corrupted!

It is with that security and vulnerability in mind that Optiarc focuses on maintaining data integrity to prevent potential catastrophic data loss across its series of SSD. Optiarc is able to ensure this high bar of excellence across their full SSD product line by utilizing better components, an intensive QC process, and an enhanced FW to upgrade the Optiarc VP series of SSD’s beyond your standard retail version of SSD’s. You don’t have to take our word for it, click on the below link to read the review from the highly respected and accredited storage review site, CDRLabs:

“When shopping for an SSD, people typically look at things like performance and price. What many don’t realize though is that reliability is just as important, especially when you’re trusting it to store your personal data. Optiarc knows this and, with their new VP series SSD, they’ve delivered a drive that focuses first, and foremost, on data integrity and long term reliability. Along with an enhanced firmware, the VP is equipped with high caliber components like Phison’s PS3111-S11 controller and Toshiba’s 64-layer BiCS3 3D TLC NAND. Furthermore, the company puts their drives through a rigorous testing process to further reduce the chance of failure and data loss.”

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