With the costs of entertainment through the roof, it’s cheaper and more enjoyable to watch movies at home

Cost to go out

Even before inflation made everything more expensive and the price of eggs worth more than gold, taking your family to dinner and a movie almost required a personal loan. Today, that cost is nearly double. I was going to take my family to see the latest Marvel extravaganza this past weekend, but the tickets alone was going to cost over $100, then you add the cost of food and drinks on top of that, and it becomes a huge expense. Plus, that same movie, will most likely be available for home viewing on DVD and Blu-ray within a matter of a few months. I could understand the need in the past to see the movie in the theater, when you would wait a year or more before it was released on home video. Now, there’s so much entertainment everywhere fighting for your hard earned money, best to save where you can and instead, spend a tenth of the cost watching a movie at home.

Nowadays, our TV’s are nearly as big as a movie screen and the sound and visual quality with 4K Blu-ray is also on par, but you don’t have to put up with listening to other people’s commentary or missing the best parts of the movie because you needed to use the bathroom halfway through. Instead, you can use this time to bond as a family or one on one time with that special person and make the night even more entertaining.

You may think, why not just stream a movie instead of buying it on disc? Think about it this way, the cost to rent a digital stream is as much if not more than buying the movie outright, so why not own the movie instead of paying more to watch it just once?

If the high price of going out is leaving you sad, turn that frown upside down and have a good ole fashion staycation in your living room. Let the movies transport you to new places or revisit the places you’ve loved in the past. Vinpower offers plenty of products from optical discs to drives, USB, SSD, and iPhone flash that will allow you to live your best life and not break the bank.

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With the iXCharger, you’ll be able to keep all your content across multiple platforms in one place!

iXCharger backup for all

Have you ever needed to search for content, like an image or a data file, that you couldn’t remember where you stored it? Was in on your iPhone, on your computer’s internal hard drive, or in one of your cloud storage accounts? Then you have to search each separate platform individually looking for that content, wasting time and energy. What if you have one device that works across all platforms where you can create a backup of all your important content? That way, you only have to look in one place for all your digital files.

With the iXCharger, not only can it be used to charge nearly all your mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, (including iPhone’s and iPad’s), as well as most laptop computers, but it will also come with up to 1 TB of storage which can work with any device, including Apple iOS platforms as an external hard drive. That means that you can easily transfer content onto the compact iXCharger from any platform you’re using. So, you can keep all your important content on 1 portable device for easy recall and use anytime, anywhere, on any platform!

At a time where access to digital content is critical, the iXCharger makes it easier then ever to store and access that content from any device it’s connected to.

The iXCharger will be available soon and will revolutionize the mobile charging and storage market. Be on the lookout for future announcements for release dates and updated specifications that will make the iXCharger even more indispensable in your everyday life.

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Popular optical disc brand Prodisc is once again available in the US

Prodisc available in US

The Prodisc optical disc media line was a very popular global brand for over 30 years, then it was gone. Like so many other brands, it was a byproduct of consolidation and circumstances. However, after a brief time off the market, Prodisc has returned! Prodisc first had a resurgence in Japan, where it made waves with superior quality and reliability. Those same popular lines of recordable DVD-R and CD-R sold in Japan are now available on Amazon in North America.

You can find the current available options from the below links:

Because of Prodisc’s longevity in the market and functionality with both legacy and current ODD’s, Prodisc has the broadest compatibility on the market. That means lower risk of failures and higher rate of playback and retention of content. The Prodisc media lines are extensively tested for the highest quality and already have a sizeable following in Japan, which is why it made sense to expand its reach and come across the Pacific to North America. Soon, the Prodisc line will be available globally as it once was.

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This quick informational video about the iXflash Cube helps highlight its benefits

ixflash cube video

Even though CES was nearly a month ago, I’m still fielding inquiries from attendees about how the iXflash Cube works and its benefits. Fortunately, we made a short video highlighting the benefits and advantages of the iXflash Cube that quickly and easily answers all those questions. So, instead of forwarding each inquiry a link to the video one by one, I thought I would send it to everyone so you can all take a quick look. It’s a fun video and very informative, check it out for yourself. But you’re still welcome to contact us directly if you still have questions.

Here’s a YouTube link for the short iXflash Cube video:

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Vinpower is now taking reservations for the iXCharger’s pilot run production

iXCharger reservation

The iXCharger was introduced at the 2023 CES with much fanfare. For those not familiar, it is the first of its kind 1TB storage 65W charging cube that will revolutionize the mobile platform market. The first iteration of the iXCharger will include a 65W charger and up to 1TB of storage that can be used to charge and provide high capacity storage across mobile phones, tablets, and many standard laptop computers, including Mac’s and PC’s. The iXCharger can replace the charging cubes for all these devices and be used as a portable hard drive that can also backup, store, and retrieve content across all three platforms as well. Instead of having to tote around multiple propriety charging cubes and an external hard drive, you’ll only need a single iXCharger!

Plus, there’s no device on the market that can allow the user to save content from all 3 platforms onto a single device. Even an external hard drive only works with computers. They aren’t compatible with mobile phones and tablets, especially Apple iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad. The iXCharger will work as a charger and storage device with the widest range of portable platforms, including Apple iOS devices, (using our free App), as well as Android phones and tablets, and many standard laptops and MacBook’s.

The only issue, the iXCharger is not available yet. We are going into production soon and expect to produce our first pilot run of finished versions in early June. That’s why we are opening up the opportunity to allow a select number of early adopters to reserve and purchase one of the first iXCharger models as they become available. If you are interested to be the first to acquire the iXCharger before the rest of the marketplace, contact me today to get on the list.

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