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The iXflash offers the best solution for extended memory of your iPhone* or iPad*

iXflash release

Don’t miss the perfect picture or be forced to delete important images or Apps because your iPhone or iPad is running out of memory. The iXflash provides extended memory for iPhones, iPads, and iPods with a Lightning connection. The iXflash allows you to take pictures and videos with confidence, watch movies, and listen to music without sacrifice or requiring a connection to a computer or the internet. The iXflash frees you from the limitations of your storage capacity and opens up a world of possibilities!

• small device – HUGE CAPACITY: With added storage capacity of 32GB, 64GB, 128Gb, up to 256GB, you shouldn’t ever worry about running out of storage capacity on your iPhone. Never again will you be frustrated by messages that say, “Cannot Take Photo,” because there’s no more space for new photo’s or videos.
• Direct Photo/Video Capture: The iXflash allows you to take real time photos and videos that transfer directly to the iXflash’s internal memory, without using the memory on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
• Photo/Video PROTECTION: The iXflash supports the Apple Touch ID feature to safeguard your photos and videos by locking access through fingerprint identification. This feature will protect any file stored on the iXflash from being viewed through an Apple mobile device or through a computer to ensure complete privacy.
• TRANSFER BETWEEN ALL YOUR DEVICES: The iXflash can quickly and easily transfer content between multiple iPhones or iPads, allowing you to share all or select photos and videos with friends and family quickly and securely. Plus with the USB 3.1 connection, you can back up all your content onto a computer or transfer content from a computer to view or listen to on your iPhone or iPad.
• APPLE MFi CERTIFIED: The iXflash devices are engineered to meet Apple’s stringent design specifications and are MFI (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) Certified.

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Piodata was created specifically for the duplication market to fill the void left by the top Japanese ODD manufacturers


Piodata is an offshoot of a major optical disc drive (ODD) manufacturer catering to the duplication market. With the numbers of manufacturers for the common ODD used in optical disc duplicators decreasing, Piodata has remained. Piodata filled the gap as the key tier 1 Japanese ODD factory decided to exit the market. The Piodata DVS-S21DBK and the DVS-S21DBK PLUS are readily available and remain focused on the important global duplication market.

Advantages of Piodata:

1. Maintain quality and reliability by establishing a fixed BOM design, ensuring the main ODD components will not use downgraded parts.
2. Fine-tuned to maintain superior burning quality and speed, preventing “Donut Rings” on the recording layer for more stable payback.
3. Supports 4X DVD burn speed, providing the best burning quality.
4. The Piodata* drive uses enhanced components for the drive tray belt, enabling the tray to operate up to 6 times longer than a standard ODD drive tray under similar conditions.
5. The Piodata* is outfitted with a top quality OPU as well as an enhanced heat sink kit. This increases the burning stability (better quality), as well as prolongs the drives sustainability and reliability.
6. The Piodata* is able to continuously operate 24/7 by transferring heat faster through higher grade IC heat sink kit.

*Available on the DVR-S21DBK-PLUS model only.

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Be the first to see a wide range of new products from Vinpower at the Computex tradeshow in Taiwan.

Computex 2017

Vinpower is pulling out all the stops at the 2017 Computex trade show in Taiwan, taking place May 30th – June 3rd at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Vinpower’s booth will be located at TWTC Nangang, J1212, where we will be showcasing our Duplication grade media, hardware and the latest advances in duplication writer drives, including the upcoming Optiarc and Piodata series. In addition, we will highlight our professional line of flash and HDD/SSD duplicators and introduce a new series of flash drives and related products, including the iXflash. To fully appreciate all the new and improved products Vinpower will showcase, you’ll certainly have to visit and see for yourselves.

Computex is one of the largest CE and ICT expos today, and attracts visitors from all over the world looking for technology products and partners. Vinpower has exhibited at Computex for over 10 years and has seen first-hand how much it’s grown. If you plan to attend Computex, this is a great opportunity to schedule an appointment to visit our booth to see our latest product offerings and how we can help your business grow within the duplication and memory market. We will be located at Booth # J1212 inside the NangGang Exhibition Hall of TWTC.

To schedule an appointment for a meeting during Computex, or for more details about the many product offerings available and upcoming, visit, or contact a Vinpower representative today.

Vinpower will release the latest in the prestigious line of enhanced duplication writer drives, with the upcoming Optiarc 5290 model

Optiarc is back

For years, the Optiarc series of CD/DVD internal writer drives were the gold standard in the duplication market. When Sony decided to stop production of these drives, it left a hole in the market for a top quality affordable writer drive that can work in both manual towers and robotic autoloaders. Recognizing the void in the market, Vinpower worked with the original designers for the Optiarc drive to create the current model, the Optiarc AD5290S series. This drive will take the duplication market by storm as it did when it first hit the market nearly 15 years ago.

The new Optiarc series will have the same functionality of the last model but with improved performance and functionality. We will release more details of the drive’s features and availability closer to the release date, which is expecting to be late May or early June.

For more details about the upcoming Optiarc DVD writer drive, please visit our website,, or contact a Vinpower representative today.

Vinpower Digital would like to thank everyone that visited our booth at the NAB trade show

NAB 2017 after show

Vinpower would like to thank everyone that visited our booth during the 2017 NAB trade show. We look forward to further discussions about our product offerings. Each year the turnout is tremendous and the customer feedback has been very positive and encouraging that we are on the right track.

The NAB attendees were very pleased to view our expanded product offering, especially our large scale 128 port USB duplicator, latest line of iPhone and iPad flash storage and security devices, media offerings, publishing systems. The “iDevice” flash drives allow individuals to back up all of their photos and videos from their iPhones and iPads and well as play back stored content like movies and music without using their iPhone’s or iPad’s internal memory. In addition, there was a lot of attention for our enhanced USB and SD/Micro SD flash duplicators. These larger systems allow users to copy even more devices asynchronously or simultaneously than any of our previous systems. Additionally, we showed the Cronus publishing series offering our exclusive BCP Blu-ray copy protection. This series of publishing systems offers the ability to embed true copy protection on DVD and Blu-ray and soon to offer the world’s only AACS copy protection through a standalone duplicator. We showcased many other useful Vinpower hardware and media offerings.

For those who unfortunately could not visit us at NAB, you are always welcome to visit our website at, or contact us directly at one of our branch offices in the USA, Europe, Taiwan, or China. We thank all of our loyal and happy customers, partners, and friends and look forward to continued advancements and success throughout this year and beyond!

OptoDiscs special thermal printable coating and enhanced packaging prevents thermal discs from sticking together so they don’t stop your production.

No stick thermal disc

When operating a thermal printer publishing system, an automated system that copies and thermal prints onto discs, the key is that it can function independently until the job is completed. Even though the hardware is functioning properly, if the media used in the system is sticky, it could kill the entire job, not to mention the potential damage it could do to the drives and the print head because multiple discs stuck together were loaded into the device.

Due to the nature of the thermal printable coating, which is designed to withstand thermal transfer ribbons that is heated and adhered to the disc, the top coating can become sticky due to compression or humidity. When the discs stick together, if the operator doesn’t manually separate them properly, they will cause the system to fail and could become a costly and time consuming headache.

To prevent these issues, OptoDisc developed a special formula for their thermal coating that will allow the discs to have a smoother, less sticky nature, yet still provide an exceptional print quality. Through the proprietary thermal printable surface and the adaptive packaging, the OptoDisc thermal printable media is the best solution to prevent sticky media and make sure your production doesn’t get stuck!

For more details about this product or any of Vinpower Digital’s range of hardware, software, and media offerings, visit our website, or speak with an authorized Vinpower representative near you.

For the most lifelike video imagery, true HDR capability makes all the difference.


What is HDR (High Dynamic Range) and what makes it important? We’ve heard about 4K video and TV’s for a few years now, but in reality we haven’t seen the truest form of what 4K has to offer. That’s because adding true HDR provides the best UDH 4K performance and creates a better home viewing experience for Blu-ray content as detailed in the below article:

Now that the TV and Blu-ray player manufacturers are updating their TV’s and BD players with HDR, it will lead to new content for the enhanced HDR 4K Ultra Hi-Def (UHD) format. Hollywood studios have mastered around 100 titles in UHD HDR for SVOD and Blu-ray, a number predicted to triple in 2017 by Warner Bros. Worldwide Home Entertainment Distribution president Ronald J. Sanders. “There’s a concerted effort to match the growth and install base at home,” he said at the CES. He said Warner Bros. was “aggressively” going into its catalog to refresh titles with an HDR sheen. That means Hollywood studios see the added HDR as a significant improvement over standard Blu-ray 1080 or even the current 4K quality, meaning there’s an opportunity to sell even more content. When there’s money to be made, they are open to investing in converting content from their catalog for this the UHD HDR, meaning they believe there is enough difference and advantage for the consumer to purchase a title again or for the first time because of the added brilliance in picture quality and sound.

That means if you are currently working in video content and deciding whether to start producing Blu-ray content for your clients, this is the perfect time to move into this arena. All aspects of the hardware have lined up so that the consumers will be ready to Segway into the UDH HDR atmosphere and they will be hungry for content. “Growth of the 4K UHD market continues to dwarf the transition to high-definition television,” according to Steve Koenig, Sr. Director of market research. “Just 3 years since introduction, cumulative sales of 4K UHD displays are forecast to hit 15.6 million units, while sales of HDTVs reached 4.2 million units in their first 3 years on the market.”

2017 will see a great deal more HDR activity as the addressable base of 4K UHD TV’s with HDR widens. In North America, the penetration of HDR TVs will be between 10 percent and 14 percent at year-end, Futuresource predicts. So don’t miss this opportunity!

For more details about this product or any of Vinpower Digital’s range of hardware, software, and media offerings, visit our website, or speak with an authorized Vinpower representative near you.

There’s still time to secure a FREE Exhibit pass for the NAB trade show and visit Vinpower’s booth in South Hall – # SL7411

NAB 2017

Here’s another opportunity to see both the incredible hardware and advances Vinpower Digital has in store for 2017 and beyond. If you haven’t already done so, you can register now for a Free Exhibits Pass, Use Code NE26. This is the perfect time to make an appointment and meet with a Vinpower representative to learn about the exciting new products and features Vinpower has and will soon launch. Vinpower has made new strides in their USB and SD duplicators, automated duplicators and publishing systems, and our latest breakthrough the new Secure Flash media line. Those and more will be on display during the NAB tradeshow taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Monday, April 24th through Thursday, April 27th. Even if you visited with us at CES this past January, you’ll still want to visit our booth at NAB as we’ve made even more strides in those months that you are certain to learn about products and opportunities that were not on display or discussed at CES.

Here’s a link to register for the FREE NAB exhibit pass:

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Avoid creating bad copies because the USB master was corrupted and you didn’t know it!

USB compare only slot

Flash media doesn’t use a unified standard like optical discs, so each USB flash drive you get could have slight or significant variations, even when you purchase the same brand. Because flash is meant to be copied over and over again across a number of memory chips, it’s not uncommon for some of the memory to become corrupted during the copy process. What that means is that if you are copying a master USB flash drive to multiple USB flash drives, the master USB flash drive is constantly be read over and over again to make the copies, which has the potential of some of the memory to be altered. That means that if the master is altered, even slightly, it could negatively impact all the copies you’re making. Most experienced duplicators will use the copy and compare function in order to ensure the copies match the master, which should ensure perfect copies. However, if the master is altered during the duplication process and becomes corrupted, then the copies will match that corruption and therefore pass the compare process. This could lead to the operator believing they made all successful copies but in reality they potentially created a sizeable number of bad drives that they could send out to potential customers.

Vinpower created an excellent method to prevent this catastrophy from happening by dedicating a separate USB port as a compare only port. By having a dedicated compare only port, you’ll insert 2 identical master USB flash drives into the source port and the compare only port and then when you make copies and run the compare feature, the source port drive will send the duplicated content to all the waiting USB flash drives and then those copied drives will be compared to the separate compare only drive. That way, if there’s any variation between the two masters it will be picked up immediately and those copied USB flash drives will be failed to prevent the user from using the corrupted drives before they are accidentally given to the customers. This dual copy and compare process does not take any extra time but gives the operator complete piece of mind that the copies they made are 100% authentic identical copies of the original intended master content.

So if you want total piece of mind and assurance that your USB flash duplicated drives contain the content you intended, then you need a Vinpower USB duplicator that offers the dual copy and compare ports.

For more details about this product or any of Vinpower Digital’s range of hardware, software, and media offerings, visit our website, or speak with an authorized Vinpower representative near you.

Don’t take any chances, OptoDisc Blu-ray media is fully licensed by One Blue

One Blue license Opto

Vinpower’s full line of Blu-ray media is fully compliant as an official One Blue licensee. In the past, the patent holders for CD and DVD recordable media were only interested in securing media royalties from the original manufacturers. So even if a product was unlicensed, the buyer/user was not required to pay the license fee. That is no longer the case with Blu-ray. Today, regardless of whether you are the manufacturer or the buyer, either can be responsible for paying the royalty amount for the full quantity of Blu-ray media they sold or purchased. That means that unsuspecting businesses or individuals could be hit with substantial royalty fees that comes as a result of purchasing and using unlicensed Blu-ray media.

So don’t get caught with substantial fees or a potential lawsuit from the One Blue organization by purchasing Blu-ray media from an unlicensed company. Protect yourself and your customers from the burden of potential harassment and/or legal consequences by working with Vinpower and know that you have officially licensed and royalty paid high quality duplication grade media.

For more details about Vinpower’s licensed One Blue products or any of Vinpower’s product line, please visit or speak with a Vinpower representative near you.