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Data shows that 70% of global recordable optical disc media are recorded using dedicated optical disc duplicators

70 percent dupe use

I’ve written a lot about the premature demise of the recordable optical disc. The fact that there are still billions of recordable CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs produced and sold globally every year, shows that optical discs are not going away anytime soon. The volume may be significantly reduced from its hay day, but it’s still a sizeable volume nonetheless. With that many discs circulating around the world every year, how are those consumers utilizing the media? Given the reality that most PC’s no longer come installed with internal optical disc writer drives, how are most people utilizing this blank media that they paid hard earned money on?

The answer is, approximately 70% of all recordable optical disc media are copied using an array of duplication towers and/or autoloaders. That means that duplication hardware, such as the controller, recording drives, etc., are still major factors in the handling and therefore production of recordable optical media. The whole product line is like an ecosystem, where each item is dependent on the other for purpose and a reason for being.

That means that if there were no more duplication controllers, then the ability to burn the optical discs would become that much harder and would have a direct correlation to the decrease in optical disc production. That’s why Vinpower stands apart in the duplication market as we have a hand in every element within the duplication ecosystem and we work hard to make that ecosystem as available and reliable as can be. Vinpower has their own manufactured line of duplication controllers, specialty optical disc drives that are enhanced to our specifications, as well as optical disc media that offers greater compatibility and longevity that other competing products on the market.

For more details about our optical disc duplication products or any of Vinpower Digital’s range of hardware, software, and media offerings, visit our website,, or speak with an authorized Vinpower representative near you.

Vinpower makes it easy to implement true Blu-ray Copy Protection that helps keep your content safe and ensures reliable playback.

copy protection II

Picture for a moment that you have digital video content that you want to sell or control what you share with others, what are your limitations? One issue could be that those that view your content, decide to make copies or upload online without your permission or consent. If you were hoping to sell that content, then you no longer have the opportunity because someone took that decision from you and made it available for free to anyone. If you had hoped to keep the content private, now it’s been released onto the web or passed from person to person for all to share and see without your ability to moderate who has access based on who legally obtained the content. Protecting content is not just a problem for large enterprise or movie studios, it can affect everyone.

Vinpower has been developing hardware and software tools that enable companies and individuals to keep their content safe for many years now and we continue to improve the process and decrease the costs to do so. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg just to protect what’s rightfully yours. So, don’t take any chances with your digital video content, add Vinpower’s copy protection to rest easier knowing that you don’t have to be a victim.

For more details on Copy Protection or any of the Vinpower Digital product line, please visit our website,, or contact a Vinpower representative near you.

Keep all of your content safe with Vinpower’s DVD and Blu-ray CopyLock copy protection for FREE!

free copy protect2

In a time when most companies want to give you less and charge more for it, Vinpower is doing the opposite and providing more for less. Previously, the Copylock software and capability to support Vinpower’s market leading DVD & Blu-ray* copy protected image files were optional add-ons, but now Vinpower will make it available for free on all new eligible duplicators. So if you purchase any Vinpower branded DVD or Blu-ray duplicator, the Copylock copy protection software and capabilities will be included for free*!

In today’s savvy hi-tech world, consumers are often purchasing a single video and making copies for their friends which limit the overall sales. If you worked hard and put in a lot of effort and expense into creating your video project, you shouldn’t be restricted in the number of units you can sell because you can’t afford the high price of replicated copy protection. Instead, by using Vinpower Digital’s Copylock (CPS) technology, you can feel secure by adding FREE Copy Protection* with the OCP or EZ BD format** and OptoDisc manufactured media in less time and with no minimum or maximum quantities required.

Why should it cost you extra to protect what’s rightfully yours? Keep the savings in your pocket and increase your revenue by adding Vinpower’s free Copy Protection along with the superior OptoDisc manufactured media.

For more details about this product or any of Vinpower Digital’s range of hardware, software, and media offerings, visit our website, or speak with an authorized Vinpower representative near you.

*In order to utilize the free copy protection, the user must use DVD or BD media with the OptoDisc MID code, contact Vinpower for a list of such media options.

**For Blu-ray copy protection, the duplicator must be enabled to produce BD copy protected discs, check with your sales associate to make certain before purchasing.

Make an appointment to meet with Vinpower at CES 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Visit Vin at CES 2019

The CES trade show is quickly approaching and is just over 1 month away. Taking place in Las Vegas, NV from Tuesday, January 8 through Friday, January 11, 2019, this is the perfect time to contact Vinpower and secure a meeting during the event. The start of a new calendar year symbolizes a fresh start and new opportunities, especially for the electronics Industry highlighting their latest advances and models at CES (Consumer Electronic Show).

Once again, Vinpower will be exhibiting at CES in the South Hall 1, booth # 20255. We will be exhibiting some exciting new product lines that we have recently finalized. However, in order to be among the first to witness these incredible new products, you’ll have to visit us at CES and see them for yourself. Vinpower is very excited about these new offerings and think they will be very popular. Therefore, if you plan to attend the show, please contact us to make an appointment to visit our booth. If you cannot make it, stay tuned for future announcements from Vinpower!

For more details about any products Vinpower Digital manufactures or distributes, please visit our website,, or contact a Vinpower representative in your area.

Vinpower is now offering our single DVD or BD external USB3.0 PC connected drive with copy protection and burning encryption software.

Ext Disc burner w copy protect

Vinpower has offered DVD and Blu-ray video content copy protections for a number of years now through our range of manual towers and autoloaders. For the 1st time, we are offering a one off single source external DVD or BD/DVD writer drive connected to a computer by USB3.0 with the ability to perform the same DVD or Blu-ray copy protection. You no longer have to purchase a full tower when you just need a single drive to make a few copies or to add copy protection to a few burned discs.

The novel idea also allows the user to add copy protection to single layer (4.7GB) DVD and (25GB) BD-R at absolutely no cost if you’re burning onto any variety of Optodisc media. This means that you get all the benefits of our industrial copy protection features, at no cost and from anywhere you have access to a computer and the specialty external USB3.0 drive.

For more details about these products or any product Vinpower carries, visit our website,, or speak with a Vinpower representative near you.

Sony will Release the World’s First 4-layer 128GB BD-R XL Disc, which Vinpower’s BDXL Blu-ray duplicators support

128GB BDXL disc

The awareness of quad layer BDXL discs that can copy up to 128GB has been prevalent for years now, so much so that everyone thought the media was already available. In actuality, only the specification for the 4-layer 128GB optical disc existed. No one had actually produced the media for the open market until Sony recently announced their first release scheduled for November 2018. Only the tri-layer 100GB BDXL was readily available to this point. Sony surged ahead and will be the first to commercially offer the true quad-layer 128GB BDXL writable discs.

The positive is that Vinpower’s BDXL Blu-ray duplicators (SharkBlu XL models), will be able to write onto those discs without an issue. If you want to be an early adoptor and use the 128GB BDXL discs, then make sure you use the duplicators that have proven themselves time and again to be the most reliable duplicators on the market.

For more details about these products or any product Vinpower carries, visit our website,, or speak with a Vinpower representative near you.

Vinpower’s Lightning flash drive for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, the iXflash, is now available on Amazon

iXflash on Amazon

The iXflash Lightning flash drive for your iPhone/iPad has proven to be invaluable for anyone that owns an iPhone or iPad. Not only does it make backing up all of your photos and videos extremely easy, but it is an excellent travel companion for those that are constantly on the go and can’t always take out their laptop. The iXflash can carry all the content in virtually any format, like a mini-hard drive for your iPhone/iPad that works for both business and pleasure.

Now it’s even easier to purchase the iXflash as they are readily available through Amazon. Click on the below link and you can order the iXflash in the capacity that best fits your needs:

Key Features:
• Small device – HUGE CAPACITY: With added storage capacity of 32GB, 64GB, 128Gb, up to 256GB, you should never worry about running out of storage capacity on your iPhone or iPad. Never again will you be frustrated by messages that say, “Cannot Take Photo,” because there’s no more space for new photo’s or videos.

• Direct Photo/Video Capture: The iXflash allows you to take real time photos and videos that transfer directly to the iXflash’s internal memory, without using the memory on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

• Read Only Protection: Protect all the photos, videos, and documents stored on the iXflash from being deleted, altered, or infected with a virus by setting it to READ ONLY mode, allowing content to be viewed and copied only.

• TRANSFER BETWEEN ALL YOUR DEVICES: The iXflash can quickly and easily transfer content between multiple iPhones or iPads, allowing you to share all or select photos and videos with friends and family quickly and securely. Plus, with the USB 3.1 connection, you can back up all your content onto a computer or transfer content from a computer to view or listen to on your iPhone or iPad.

• Saves Battery Life: The iXflash saves on battery life by going into low power mode when backing up your photos and videos, preserving your battery and not disrupting your iPhone or iPad’s primary functionality.

• APPLE MFi CERTIFIED: The iXflash devices are engineered to meet Apple’s stringent design specifications and are MFI (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) Certified.

For more details about the iXflash, please visit our website at or contact a Vinpower representative near you.

The iXflash allows user to make the drive “Read Only” to prevent losing any data

iXflash read only

Imagine this scenario, you load pictures, videos, or work documents onto a flash drive that you hand to a friend, co-worker, etc. in order to copy those files. Then picture this, that person accidentally deletes those files or even worse reformats the flash drive, losing all the content stored on the drive. Maybe you have a back-up somewhere else, so you’re not too worried. Chances are, you don’t have another back-up and you just lost all the data you had stored on that drive, all because the person you loaned it to in order to make a simple copy, could have pressed the wrong buttons.

There’s a very simple solution and the iXflash is the only USB3.0 flash drive with a Lightning connection, (allowing it to connect to an iPhone or iPad), that offers it. The iXflash, when connected to the App through an iPhone or iPad can be converted in less than a second to a READ ONLY drive. What that means is that the entire drive can be protected in a manner where others can review and copy the files, but they cannot delete, alter, or affect the files in any manner. So your content is always safe and you never have to be concerned in sharing again.

Know that all your content is safe, it makes the iXflash the perfect device when you want to share pictures or videos with friends, give important business documents to coworkers or clients, or share any kids of digital content with anyone else. You can rest assured that all the content on the device will remain intact, safe and sound.

For more details about the iXflash or any of Vinpower’s product lines, contact, or speak with a sales associate in your area.

The optical disc tray mechanism is a critical factor to the longevity of all Optical Disc Drives

drive tray II

When most people think about the most critical part(s) of an Optical Disc Drive (ODD), they typically think of the laser diode that reads the discs. Of course, that is a critical element and without it the drive cannot function. However, there is another critical element that is often overlooked and not given much consideration, the disc tray mechanism. That includes not just the tray itself, but also the gears, pulleys, and sliding mechanisms that allow it to extend and recoil smoothly and consistently.

Often, because it’s not seen as critical as other components, because production drives are designed for single drive PC use, many manufactures don’t put much thought behind how to enhance it. The problem is that while a typical computer owner with an internal disc recorder drive may open and close the drive infrequently, a duplication equipment user will depend on those drives opening and closing potentially hundreds or even thousands of times a day.

That’s why Vinpower’s line of duplication focused ODD’s ensure the drive tray is suitable for the real-world duplication environment. Vinpower’s PLUS and ROBOT PLUS drives are enhanced to allow thousands of in and out operation without failure. We physically modify each drive to handle the rigors of the duplication environment, especially for robotic autoloader duplicators.

Autoloaders require extended trays with more give and flexibility while continuously offering consistent tray extension. Since Vinpower produces its own line of autoloaders, we are uniquely qualified to understand the complications and the abuse these drive trays endure day in and day out, so we are most qualified to design a drive tray mechanism to function under these specific conditions.

If you are a duplicator or manufacture duplication equipment, be it manual towers or robotic autoloaders, contact Vinpower through our website,, or through a member of our sales and support staff to get more details about which of our many ODD’s would be the right fit for you.

Vinpower’s USB duplicators work perfectly with USB3.0 drives, providing exceptionally quick copy speeds

USB3.0 duplicator speeds

A common myth is that you need to use a USB3.0 duplicator in order to achieve the high-speed duplication writing capability offered by USB3.0 flash drives. In reality, the actual write speed of a USB3.0 drive is much lower than the theoretical write speed listed by the drive manufacturers. Because of this, Vinpower Digital USBShark or USBDupe Box Duplicator, can still copy USB3.0 drives at their real world true write speeds. That means Vinpower’s USB duplicators will copy existing USB3.0 drives up to their real-world maximum write speeds, so there’s no need to pay 3 times the cost for a USB duplicator with USB3.0 socket connections. This may seem farfetched, but I’ll explain why this is true.

The key lies in the actual read/write speed of the USB drives themselves. The below chart shows the typical read/write speeds when reading or writing sequentially on the drive:

USB 2.0:
• Sequential write speed range = 3~10 MB/s
• Sequential read speed range = 10~25 MB/s

USB 3.0:
• Sequential write speed range = 10~45 MB/s
• Sequential read speed range = 60~150 MB/s

To begin with, none of these numbers reflect the true read/write speed found in real world use, largely because the drives themselves do not read/write in a sequential order. In reality, USB2.0 and USB3.0 drives read/write onto random memory within the drive. This is done in order to not overburden memory cells by constantly reading and writing to the same cells over and over again. To spread out the usage of the memory cells, the controller on a flash drive will select random cells to store segments of data across all the memory available. Since most people typically store multiple small files rather than a few large ones, writing lots of small files takes notably longer than writing a few large ones. Placing data in random memory cells and needing to write multiple small files greatly slows down the USB3.0 write speed to a more reasonable 10 ~ 20MB/s.

Even though Vinpower’s USB duplicators use USB2.0 connections, the max rating for USB 2.0 is up to 480Mbps (60MB/s), which the USBShark and USBDupe Box duplicators both support Read/Write speeds of:

• Maximum Read Speed33 MB/Sec?2GB/Min
• Maximum Write Speed31 MB/Sec?2GB/Min

So, based on the math of the max read/write ratings for Vinpower’s USB duplicators and the real world max speed of a USB3.0 drive, (10 ~ 20 MB/s), it clearly shows that Vinpower’s USB duplicators can adequately handle USB3.0 read/write speeds without any slowdowns or drop off in time or performance. So when you’re looking for a USB duplicator and think you need to purchase a USB3.0 duplicator because you plan to copy USB3.0 drives, save your money and the headache by using a Vinpower USBShark or USBDupe Box duplicator instead.

For more details about these products or any of Vinpower’s full product line, visit our website at, or contact a Vinpower representative in your area.