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Copy Protection isn’t just for the major studios, but for anyone that has content they don’t want others to copy and share.

copy protection

Picture for a moment that you have digital video content that you want to sell or control who you share with others, what are your limitations? One issue could be that those that view your content, decide to make copies or upload online without your permission or consent. If you were hoping to sell that content, then you no longer have the opportunity because someone took that decision from you and made it available for free to anyone. If you had hoped to keep the content private, now it’s been released onto the web or passed from person to person for all to share and see without your ability to selectively decide who can view the content and who can’t. Protecting content is not just a problem for large enterprise or movie studio, it can be an everybody problem.

Vinpower has been developing hardware and software tools that enable companies and individuals to keep their content safe for many years now and we continue to improve the process and decrease the costs to do so. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg just to protect what’s rightfully yours. So, don’t take any chances with your digital video content, add Vinpower’s copy protection to rest easier knowing that you don’t have to be a victim.

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The iXflash can double as your traveling media library, storing tons of music, movies, work files and more for instant access anywhere.

iXflash traveling library

Even though the storage capacity for iPhones and iPads are increasing, because of 4K UHD resolution, the size of the photos, videos, movies, etc. that you store on your phone are also increasing significantly. So, no matter what size iPhone or iPad you get, it’s easy to run out of space quickly.

Instead of storing all those huge files directly on your iPhone or iPad, you can store a tremendous amount of music, movies, videos, photos, ebooks, work files, and much more directly on the iXflash portable mini storage device. That way you can play back, view, edit, or review all of your content through any iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a lightning connection*, or even directly through any computer with a USB connection, regardless of whether you have cellular service or wi-fi connection.

For example, many airlines are charging for inflight entertainment these days. Instead of wasting your money paying the airline for a movie you’ll probably fall asleep on, you can bring your iXflash, which is loaded with your favorite programs and watch for free at your convenience.

Perhaps you want to get some work done while on a flight, but don’t want to pull down a bulky laptop which you have to balance on the tiny tray from the seat in front of you. Instead, transfer your work files from your computer onto the iXflash through the USB3.0 connection, then you can review and work on all of your documents through your iPhone or iPad without needing extra space or internet access.

There are so many possibilities with the iXflash beyond simply backing up photos and videos quickly. The iXflash can be your traveling media library or de facto external HDD, without using up your allotted data minutes or paying exorbitant fees for wi-fi, making the iXflash as essential to you as your iPhone itself.
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*The Piodata iXflash APP is required for use with an iPhone or iPad and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store.

The iXflash, which allows you to back up and add storage capacity for your Apple iPhone and iPad, is now available!

iXflash available

Have you ever gotten a gift for someone and you knew it is something they would love and could really use? Do you remember how difficult it was to hold onto it and wait to give it to them on the actual date the present was intended for? That’s how I’ve felt the last year or so as we’ve perfected our latest offering with the iXflash, Apple Lighting Flash drive. We completely redesigned and improved upon both the actual drive and the App used with the drive to make it the most ideal companion for anyone that has an Apple iPhone or iPad, regardless of the storage capacity.

With the iXflash, you’ll no longer live in fear of missing the perfect picture/video or be forced to delete important images or Apps because your iPhone or iPad is running out of memory. The iXflash provides extended memory for iPhones, iPads, and iPods with a Lightning connection. It allows you to take pictures and videos with confidence, watch HD quality feature length movies, and listen to music without sacrifice or requiring a connection to a computer or the internet. The iXflash frees you from the limitations of your storage capacity and opens up a world of possibilities!

Key Features:
• Small device – HUGE CAPACITY: With added storage capacity of 32GB, 64GB, 128Gb, up to 256GB, you should never worry about running out of storage capacity on your iPhone or iPad. Never again will you be frustrated by messages that say, “Cannot Take Photo,” because there’s no more space for new photo’s or videos.
• Direct Photo/Video Capture: The iXflash allows you to take real time photos and videos that transfer directly to the iXflash’s internal memory, without using the memory on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
• TRANSFER BETWEEN ALL YOUR DEVICES: The iXflash can quickly and easily transfer content between multiple iPhones or iPads, allowing you to share all or select photos and videos with friends and family quickly and securely. Plus, with the USB 3.1 connection, you can back up all your content onto a computer or transfer content from a computer to view or listen to on your iPhone or iPad.
• Saves Battery Life: The iXflash saves on battery life by going into low power mode when backing up your photos and videos, preserving your battery and not disrupting your iPhone or iPad’s primary functionality.
• Photo/Video PROTECTION: The iXflash supports the Apple Touch ID feature to safeguard your photos and videos by locking access through fingerprint identification. This feature will protect any file stored on the iXflash from being viewed through an Apple mobile device or through a computer to ensure complete privacy.
• APPLE MFi CERTIFIED: The iXflash devices are engineered to meet Apple’s stringent design specifications and are MFI (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) Certified.

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Vinpower Digital would like to thank everyone that visited our booth at the 2018 Computex trade show in Taiwan.

computex 2018 booth

Vinpower Digital once again exhibited at the popular 2018 Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan and we are thoroughly appreciative of everyone that visited our booth. Vinpower exhibited numerous new and upcoming product lines and received a very positive reception from all those that visited with us. Items of particular interests were the new line of:

• Pearl White DVD±R media,
• Advanced Optical Disc Drives from the Optiarc, Plexdisc, and Piodata lines;
• USB Duplicators (offering the ability to create and duplicate write protection, password protection, and offer an external log file(s) of the system’s operation through a PC);
• USB flash drives (offering the ability to add write protection and password protection on the fly)
• The iXflash series, our latest offering in our Apple iPhone/iPad extended memory;
• Our increasingly popular OPTODISC line of recordable media;
• The upcoming line of SSD drives;
• and many other offerings.
For those who unfortunately could not visit us at Computex, you are always welcome to contact us directly at one of our branch offices in the USA, Taiwan, China, or Europe. We thank all of our loyal and happy customers, partners, and friends and look forward to continued advancements and success throughout this year and beyond!

For more details about Vinpower and our expansive product line, please visit our website at, or contact a representative near you.

Vinpower’s new Pearl White DVD±R Media offers better compatibility and helps prevent “Donut Rings” on the burning side of the disc.

Pearl White DVD

Vinpower introduced our new line of Pearl White DVD±R Media at the 2018 Computex Trade Show in Taiwan this week. Patterned after the success of the original Princo white DVD±R Media formula, Vinpower acquired key engineers from Princo to develop our improved line of Pearl White DVD±R. Princo was famous for their oddly white colored discs, which were able to burn effectively even under less than favorable conditions of the drives. The drawback of the Princo DVD line was the fact that since they didn’t adhere to the official DVD specifications, the discs had a shorter lifespan in terms of maintaining the data integrity.

When Vinpower developed the Pearl White DVD±R media line, we improved the reliability and longevity of the media and incorporated the official DVD specifications and disc geometries. Because of these advancements, Vinpower’s Pearl White DVD±R Media has demonstrated an ability to successfully record content even when using older legacy drives or drives that have a lot of wear and tear causing other types of media to have high failure rates. On top of that, the new Pearl White DVD±R media uses a specialized Recording Dye that minimizes the uneven appearance of the recording surface of the disc, which is often referred to as “Donut Rings”.

To recap, highlights of Vinpower’s Pearl White DVD±R Media line are:

• Special formula derived from PRINCO (White Disc)
• Maintain the basic disc geometries and improved long term data integrity
• Easy to burn for all models or conditions of ODDs, preventing high failure rates
• Easy to read for all kinds of ODDs and players (both old and new)
• No speed drop during burning and playback
• No “Donut Ring”

For more details about the Pearl White media or any product in the Vinpower offering, please visit our website at, or contact a representative near you.

Investors are betting that optical discs have a bright future after major disc manufacturers in Taiwan have record returns in May

TW stockmarket

The stock market has often been an early indicator as to the health of a company, industry, or even the general economy. When you see companies stock prices rise, especially when they rise quickly, it’s generally a symbol of stability and optimistic growth for that company on the part of the investors. So even if the good fortunes are not realized immediately, they look to be headed in a positive direction. That is certainly the case for the two key optical disc media manufacturers in Taiwan. Both of them had record setting growth in terms of their increased stock valuation in May. The increase is due to multiple opportunities for increased optical disc sales and profits currently and in the future, such as long term archival of cold storage, security, evidence, entertainment, and more.

So why would I be talking about the good fortunes of others? As the saying goes, high tide lifts all boats. When the industry as a whole is seeing growth, all those serious suppliers involved in the optical disc market will also experience growth. Optodisc has also benefited from this new market trend through greater opportunities from new and existing ventures. Our focus on providing high quality selective media at competitive pricing has shown dividend from those tired of receiving media with inconsistencies and high failure rates. Plus, with Vinpower’s vast expertise in duplication hardware and Optical Disc Drives (ODD), it puts us in a class of our own. So we celebrate the accomplishment of others in our industry because we too are reaping the benefits from the shift in outlook on the optical disc market.

For more details about Optodisc media or any product in the Vinpower offering, please visit our website at, or contact a representative near you.

Vinpower exhibiting our new line of Optiarc SSD drives at the Computex Tradeshow in Taiwan

Computex SSD 2018

Vinpower has successfully launched our own line of optical discs, flash media (including USB), and will now launch a new line of Optiarc SSD drives. By performing strict and intensive quality control standards to weed out any defective or substandard media, Vinpower can ensure 100% reliability with 0 defects. When you’re dealing with hard drives like SSD that store critical and irreplaceable content, you can’t afford to take any changes.

To get a first look at the new Optiarc SSD drives, please make an appointment today to visit Vinpower’s booth, June 5th – 9th, 2018, located at TWTC Nangang, 1F J1017a.

For more details about archival storage or any product in the Vinpower offering, please visit our website at, or contact a representative near you.

Archival discs are the best option for cold storage as digital content providers look for the most effective way to reduce volume on their server farms.

Archival Disc business

Every time you send an email, post a picture on social media (like Facebook), or send a snarky message through Twitter, and so on, you leave a digital footprint that is kept and stored by the platform you’re using. That means that companies like Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, etc. need to maintain adequate server farms to hold not just recent data storage, but also years of previous data. That old content is referred to as “cold data” because it’s rarely retrieved and essentially on ice until it’s needed again. Since cold data is not accessed frequently, to free up space for current and future content, the cold data is often offloaded onto another digital platform that can be easily stored, retrieved, and doesn’t take a lot of space, both physically and electronically. That makes optical discs the ideal storage medium for Cold Data as it fulfills all of the requirements.

In 2016, the thinktank IDC concluded that the world’s data storage stood at 16ZB, (that’s Zettabytes, with a “Z”, which is 1 trillion Gigabytes, that’s trillion with a “T”). Based on current and expected future internet usage, the IDC anticipates that number to increase to 163ZB’s by 2020. That means in 4 short years, we would have all contributed nearly 150 more Zettabytes or 150 trillion GB’s of digital content held in electronic storage. Based on these numbers, it’s expected that even if only 10% of that content needs to be offloaded onto Archival Discs (AD), which currently hold 300GB each, it would take roughly 800 million AD’s to hold that content resulting in a windfall of approx. USD $3 billion in revenue for the company(ies) that can tap into this growing market. That is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential for the AD market. So, this is the perfect time to get in and take advantage of the future of the optical evolution.
That is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential for the AD market. So this is the perfect time to get in and take advantage of the future of the optical evolution.

For more details about archival storage or any product in the Vinpower offering, please visit our website at, or contact a representative near you.

Is the CD going extinct like the cassette tape or will it have a resurgence like vinyl albums?

CD not dead

Often when I mention to people that my company sells CD duplicators or when I’m exhibiting our products at a trade show, it’s not uncommon for the people to ask, “who buys CD’s anymore?” My typical response is to mention that music CD sales are still a billion-dollar business, and that sales of recordable CD-R are well over +500 million pieces a year in the U.S. alone. That doesn’t mean that the market share isn’t decreasing, it’s just that it’s nowhere close to becoming extinct or a novelty item like the cassette tape.

Could CD’s eventually disappear? It’s hard to say for certain, but my bet would be no. In fact, I think CD’s will continue to hold a special place in the hearts of music enthusiast around the world for its unequalled clarity and sound quality. Take for instance, vinyl albums. It was widely believed vinyl albums were headed for extinction, like the Woolly Mammoth. But yet, they have been resurrected, like an audiophile Jurassic Park. In fact, sales of vinyl albums increased to 14.3 million in 2017, up from just 1 million in 2007, according to Nielsen Music. The same music can be found digitally, but the consumers that bought these vinyl albums did so because they specifically wanted to own the physical media in a format they have a special affinity for.

I believe the same will be true for the CD. Not only is the CD the most versatile format for content storage, in that it is commonly used to hold music, videos, photos, X-rays, documents, etc., but it’s also the most affordable storage format as well. There still is and will continue to be a large segment of the population that realize it’s important to own tangible products like CD’s that they can store and reliably play anytime they choose.

When you are looking for recordable media, especially CD-R, that will consistently and reliably burn without flaws and playback without errors, Vinpower should be your preferred supplier.

For more details about this product or any product in the Vinpower offering, please visit our website at, or contact a representative near you.

Contact Vinpower to schedule a meeting time during the 2018 Computex Jun 5th – 9th

Computex 2018

If you’re planning to attend the 2018 Computex trade show in Taiwan, taking place June 5th through 9th at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, we invite you to schedule an appointment to meet with us during the show. Vinpower’s booth will be located at TWTC Nangang, 1F J1017a, where we will be showcasing our Duplication grade media, hardware and the latest advances in duplication writer drives, professional line of flash and HDD/SSD duplicators and introduce a new series of flash drives and related products, including the iXflash. To fully appreciate all the new and improved products Vinpower will showcase, you’ll certainly have to visit and see for yourselves.

Computex is one of the largest CE and ICT expos today, and attracts visitors from all over the world looking for technology products and partners. Vinpower has exhibited at Computex for over 10 years and has seen first-hand how much it’s grown. If you plan to attend Computex, this is a great opportunity to schedule an appointment to visit our booth to see our latest product offerings and how we can help your business grow within the duplication and memory market. We will be located at Booth # 1F J1017a inside the NangGang Exhibition Hall of TWTC.
The new Daisy Chain towers boasts an upgraded controller and connections between systems, which enables the individual towers to not only burn faster, but also smoother and easier than the original models. In creating a smoother burning process creates a more stable duplication environment dramatically reducing the risks of failed burns across the towers. Even if there is one or two failed burns, the new daisy chain duplicators will not allow those failed burns to negatively impact the rest of the drives across the other towers in the chain, maintain a much higher success rate.

To schedule an appointment for a meeting during Computex, or for more details about the many product offerings available and upcoming, visit, or contact a Vinpower representative today.