Vinpower’s Liquid Defense Plus Glossy Water & Scratch Resistant Media is available in Blu-ray 25GB & 50GB


When you’re producing digital material onto discs, whether as a service or for yourself, having a nice printed image will always make the presentation a 100 times better. For those that use an inkjet printer, the benefits are that it’s less expensive, quick, and easy to use. However, the drawbacks are that the printed image is generally flat and not resistant to moisture or scratches, which could ruin your work of art.

The solution is using a special glossy water and scratch resistant disc, like the Liquid Defense Plus, from Vinpower Digital. If you’re using CD or DVD’s, then you have a small handful of choices, but when you want a disc with more capacity, like Blu-ray, then the Liquid Defense Plus is the only solution. So don’t limit your opportunities by producing only DVD content when you could be getting a higher premium for Blu-ray.

The competition for CD and DVD production is so tight, that the ROI is a lot less, whereas Blu-ray is the next frontier and there’s a lot more margin and opportunity. So if you really want to make an impression, start with the inkjet printable media that will not let you down, Liquid Defense Plus from Vinpower Digital, available in CD, DVD, and Blu-ray!

Contact your Vinpower representative for more details about the Liquid Defense Plus line of Glossy, Water & Scratch Resistant Media.

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