Data Archiving is the Next Frontier for Optical Media


Pioneer and Memory-Tech are co-working to create a new high capacity 512GB optical disc specifically designed for data archiving. As companies like Facebook have recently publicized, keeping critical data archived on a physical media is crucial for long term storage and data recovery. There are plenty of companies working on larger capacity optical media, even as large as 1TB, but this is the first publicized report of an extremely high capacity optical disc developed specifically with long term archival as the focus. Whether it’s for highly sensitive government or corporate material or your child’s 1st birthday photos, proper archival optical discs are still the safest and most reliable method for archiving.

Even though the 512GB archival discs are not yet available, Vinpower does offer a 25GB archival optical disc solution. Contact Vinpower Digital today for all of your digital media and duplication needs.

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