Only the SharkCopier can overcome the dramatic heat waves affecting the climates around the world


We have been hearing constant stories over the summer from duplication houses around the world that have suffered greater than usual disc failures during the duplication process when using duplicators in the traditional metal cases. While at the same time, we have been told that our SharkCopier duplicators in our unique patented aluminum cases have not suffered any abnormal failure rates and have performed consistently regardless of the heat.

The reason for this is because as writer drives are burning media, they generate large amounts of heat. When that internal heat is added to the external heat, especially when the duplication is performed in non-air-conditioned warehouses in a steel case that traps the hot air internally, then the drives begin to overheat which causes greater failures. The SharkCopier uses an aluminum case which helps dissipate the heat through the entire case and not just through a couple of small vent fans in the back of the duplicator. Additionally, it has large side air vents located near the hottest part of the writer drives for fresh air to constantly be pulled in to replace the hot air generated internally. These key elements in addition to other advances help maintain an optimal operating temperature for the writer drives so that they can burn continuously without creating high failure rates.

So if you want to be assured that your project will burn correctly without high failure rates regardless of the weather or external conditions, then you need to purchase a duplicator in a Shark case! Contact Vinpower to learn more about our Shark Casing as well as all the market leading products we carry.

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