When the power goes out, your data is still safe on optical discs

Discs - power out data safe

Recently, there was yet another article on how the cloud is vulnerable and that we shouldn’t rely on it solely. In the below article, it mentions how a cloud service had a major power outage in one of their US data centers that “…impacted all power supply sources, including the backup generators, which in turn caused a cascading issue and resulted in degraded performance.” Because of this incident, their customers were unable to access their content for quite some time and it’s not certain if any of the content was permanently lost.

That’s why optical discs should be an integral part of any company or person’s archival storage to guard against unexpected issues like these that can take a cloud service offline and prevent thousands or even millions of people from accessing their data. Keeping content on archival discs allows those to both retain data and be able to access it when needed anywhere they are.

Read the article for yourself:

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