Vinpower’s Pearl White DVD-R is the best replacement for the previous Princo media

pearl white princo

If you used to buy Princo media in the past, you are probably disappointed that the company is no longer selling recordable DVD’s. Princo was unique in the industry as they stood out from traditional DVD-R media by having a white non-printable surface. This white surface was a calling card for Princo and for those that used the media. The popularity wasn’t just for the white surface, but something about Princo made it possible to burn the Princo media even when the recording drive’s laser was dying and not as strong as before. When many other DVD-R would not burn correctly and fail, the Princo DVD-R would be able to successfully burn the full content. Many attributed the ability to still be copied even though other discs failed to the “special” white coating on the disc surface.

Now that Princo DVD-R media is no longer available, Vinpower has stepped in to offer a Princo like DVD-R, in our Pearl White DVD-R. The Vinpower Pearl White DVD-R has all the benefits of the Princo DVD-R, but is more reliable and currently available around the globe. If you liked the Princo DVD-R performance, you’ll love the Pearl White DVD-R, as it raises the bar on the quality, reliability, and playback in comparison to the Princo DVD-R.

For more details about this item or any of the products Vinpower Digital manufactures or distributes, please visit our website, or contact a Vinpower representative in your area.

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