How will we receive and store content 10 years from now?

Vin Poll

Technology moved at what we would think to be a snail’s pace until the early 1900’s when there was an explosion of innovation. From electricity to cars to air travel, each decade looked to eclipse the one before in terms of innovation and technology. Since 2000, it seems like the innovations are moving even faster, but more focused on how we can compute, store, and transmit data and content easier, faster, and from anywhere. Today, depending on where you live and your economic status, most of us store and receive our content from 3 primary means:

1) Physical media: We will store and watch content through optical discs, flash, and/or hard drives

2) Cloud/Streaming: Through an online provider or App that will store or provide content through a digital medium from large server farms

3) Paper: Written content contained in books, journals, ledgers, etc.

In each of these cases, there was a period when they didn’t exist and someone had the foresight to invent them, while others took those inventions, improved upon them or offered new ways in which to enjoy them. So when you think about how will you enjoy movies or where will you store your pictures and videos 10 years from now, what comes to mind?

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