The USB Promoter Group is working on a new USB connection that will allow users to plug in their USB device easier


Ever try to plug in your USB cable, (be it a flash drive, charging cable, device connector, etc.) and get frustrated because you can’t get the connection to fit? Often we’ll try to plug it in backwards or we need to carefully play around by turning the object back and forth until it finally slides in your device is connected. The USB consortium, known as the USP Promoter Group, have heard your pain and are working to eliminate this hassle, as detailed in the following article link:

USB connectors fitting both sides up in production – charges laptops too

How does that apply to Vinpower? When you make a 63 target USB duplicator, making sure the user plugs the USB Flash drives or USB connected external HDD’s, will make the difference between a device with a long life span and one that gets damaged through user error. Plus think about the time it would save if you didn’t have to constantly check the direction of your USB connection before you plugged in your device. This is another example of Vinpower staying ahead of the curve and looking into new and future technology so that it can be applied to Vinpower’s products before anyone else. So if you’re looking for digital duplication equipment, Vinpower is your source for the most advanced and reliable systems on the market.

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